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Monday, September 29, 2008

Foreign ID Cards

Foreign ID Cards
I see that Jacqui Smith, Nanny's home economics teacher (now Home Secretary), is feeling very pleased with herself about the launch of the ID cards for foreigners.

If I may insert a small factoid here, one of Hitler's first acts as chancellor was to impose compulsory ID cards on every German citizen.

The cards will be compulsory for foreign nationals, who will need one to enter the UK, to work and to claim benefits.

Fine, except that the foreign terrorists, who Nanny claims that these cards will deter, will of course not be entering the UK legally. Additionally, as the London bombings showed, the acts of terrorism will as likely be carried out by British citizens.

Jacqui also believes that UK citizens will volunteer to pay £30 to have one as well. she on drugs?

The scheme is bollocks from start to finish!

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  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Here in Norway everyone has an ID number based on their birthdate and the photocards issued by banks for use as credit/cash/debit cards function as ID cards. Without your ID number you virtually do not exist here, no bank, no doctor, no driving licence, no educational facilities, accommodation etc. etc can be accessed without it. I doubt this system would make a blind bit of difference to anyone who entered the country illegally and lived a cash based existence. Why can't law makers understand that criminals are not impeded by the law (especially stupid, petty fogging restrictions), they simply don't obey it which is what makes them criminals in the first place.


  2. Why is Nanny so interested in all the details of your comings and goings?

    Combatting terrorism? Ermmm . . .

    Fighting crime? Ermmm . . .

    She may have something dearer to her heart in mind. Every once in a while, one of Nanny's dimwitted minions (in the US, anyway) slips up and utters a bit of truth:

    "If I knew what you've made during the year, if I know what your withholding is, if I know what your spending pattern is, I should be able to generate for you a tax return. I am an excellent advocate of return-free filing. We know everything about you that we need to know. Your employer tells us everything about you that we need to know. Your activity records on your credit cards tell us everything about you that we need to know. Through interface with Social Security, with the DMV, with your banking institutions, we really have a lot of information... We could literally file a return for you. This is the future we'd like to go to."
    - US Internal Revenue Service Document Processing System project
    manager, as reported by _Wired_, Dec. 1994, p. 174.

    This poor guy is probably languishing in Guantanamo right now.

  3. Anonymous11:09 AM

    It's all about power and control....The EUSSR desires to control it's population and our so called politicians are letting them.

    It is only a matter of time before these cards will be compulsory for all...Remember, information is power...Every Soviet style state knows this.

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM


    Indeed it is all about control - after all anyone prepared to blow themselves and anyone else around them to pieces on a bus or tube train would most surely think twice about commiting such an act if they have to carry a piece of plastic issued by nanny.

    The EU, once again, is behind this scheme. I make no apologies for saying we must leave it and vote for whatever party will advocate that move as the central plank of their manifesto.

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Number Six:

    I agree.....I feel the cards for the foreigner is only the thin end of the wedge....Banks may start asking for an ID card to open a bank account for example, a doctor or hospital may ask for an ID card before treatment, an employer may ask for an ID card etc etc....You can bet your life that any dealings with Nanny will require the "service user" to produce an ID card....Like so many things about this rotten government, it will be brought in by stealth.....Their mantra will be,
    "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear"....They miss the point, it has nothing to do with having something to hide, it is about privacy,resisting the introduction of a soviet style state, data security, not trusting Nanny in both her national and Euro guises etc etc.

    I cannot believe we as a nation are allowing ourselves to be blindly led into such a situation....No wonder Nanny needs to keep kids at school until they are eighteen in order to fully complete their brainwashing!!!!

  6. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Ken wrote:

    "The cards will be compulsory for foreign nationals, who will need one to enter the UK, to work and to claim benefits."


    "Hi, are you a foreign national wishing to claim benefits?"


    "Can I see you ID card."


    "Hi, are you a foreign national wishing to claim benefits?"


    "OK, go to one of the windows over there where someone just like you will try to hand over as much cash as they can identify you are entitled to. They get a bonus for the number of benefits they issue you know! It's all free, the government pays."


  7. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Tonk, number 6 und all here

    You sound a little bit subversive to me and meiner little leibchuen at zer local council. Ve are empowerd by zer Eu to vet people like you. Now, step forward your ID card please. Vos is das? Nein card upon your person, achtung zer europol offitizer to the front und arrest these people at vonce.

    42 days minimum until you learn your place in zer new order of things.

  8. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Further to Black Sea's comment, Nanny, in the form of the Capital Taxes Office, is rather well informed when she's on the scrounge for eg her inheritance tax. She has a very good idea how much you spend on food, utilities etc and on non-essentials, and woe betide the executor who claims that you lived in a four bedroomed house but had personal possessions to the value of £10,000 (Nanny's valuation would be £40K).

    Perhaps I have an over-active imagination, but I can see the day coming when every purchase can be recorded on the ID card whereupon Nanny will tackle the ongoing obesity/drinking/smoking 'epidemic' by introduction of rationing, with the girl on the Greggs counter disdainfully refusing to sell you two cream buns because you've exhausted your allowance . Are you laughing? Julian Le Grand has already mooted the proposal of a licence to buy fags and I could easily see this being followed by rationing in the interests of 'helping' those who want to give up (cf the story about the team of young people swanning around Ealing inviting smokers to take a carbon monoxide test to 'help' them realise that they should quit). Of course, the 'upside' of a purchase-recording ID card is that we won't have the bother of submitting those tiresome tax returns...

    As others have remarked, the criminals, of course, will be three steps ahead and using fake/stolen IDs.

    Please tell me that no-one is naive enough to believe the crap about 'the war on terror'


  9. Anonymous10:29 PM

    The threat doesn’t come from the card or any personal details stored on the card. The primary threat is the id number.

    Once the citizen and the number become synonymous, the number becomes the key into all those databases that already exist but which can’t easily be synchronised at present (who you ring, what you eat, where you drive, which web pages you read, how much toilet roll you use, what colour ...).

    Were it to happen, each citizen would become an open book and the nanny nightmare would become reality.

  10. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Jay wrote:

    "She has a very good idea how much you spend on food, utilities etc and on non-essentials, and woe betide the executor who claims that you lived in a four bedroomed house but had personal possessions to the value of £10,000 (Nanny's valuation would be £40K)."

    Like all the tax 'offices' they operate using fishing expeditions.

    Had the tax people made such a claim when my mother passed away a few years ago I would gladly have offered them the contents of the house in settlement of the taxation they expected.

    Even better I could have given them the few shares she held so that they could enjoy the 50% reduced values, Nanny instigated, that occurred between the date of death and the release of the shares from probate. One day the values may recover but I'm not sure it will be in my lifetime given the way things are going at the moment. After all, Nanny Gordon is making the crisis her primary interest - things can only get worse.

    I don;t suppose there is any way he could have engineered this little catastrophe intentionally is there?

    No, silly thought, he's not that smart.


  11. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Just remembered something I meant to write earlier ...

    Why bother with ID cards when the current fashion of for tattoos?

    Give the kids free tattoo vouchers that just require that their names and social security numbers (including barcode version) are permanently inked on them somewhere visible - forehead for example - and the matter is resolved.

    I bet no one has thought of that before ...

    Grant Perkins

  12. Anonymous6:04 AM

    why bother with tattoos, they could just chip us like we do with pet dogs.
    That way our movemnts and purchases and who we meet could be scanned remotly, as we enter a building for-instance.
    Next thing you know a letter arrives.
    "we have noticed you visited a pub 3 times and an offlicence twice in the last week, do you think you are drinking too much? we do, come along to our helpful seminar on the dangers of drinking. Failure to comply suggests you are an insurgent and 42 days in the clink will soon dry you out".

    Oh and where i live in Thailnd i can purchase an exact copy of a uk drivers licence on the street for less than 50 quid, passports are available too, i have been assured that they are dead easy to copy, just pricey to do.
    Now is there multi millionare terrorist around who would want to purchase such things?

  13. Anonymous9:17 AM

    "I don;t suppose there is any way he could have engineered this little catastrophe intentionally is there?" (Grant)

    That thought had flitted across my cynical mind, too! Even though I don't really believe that, nevertheless NuLab aren't doing too badly out of it, are they, with a public grateful for their solution of nationalisation.

  14. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Anon 6.04 wrote:

    "why bother with tattoos, they could just chip us like we do with pet dogs."

    That too. But chips are readily removable surgically (one would assume) and the entire tracking system requires electricity to function and a reader available.

    Tattoos on the other hand are more difficult to remove or 're-program' though one might assume that a determined terrorist of criminal would not find that to be an absolute barrier. But the real targets of the measure - ordinary members of 'the public' - would be left criminalised should they interfere with the 'identifiers' and thus unlikely to attempt changes. After all, they would have nothing to hide would they - just as well I suppose.

    Tattoos are also so much more visible, across one's forehead for example, when economic distress and rank bad planning result in regular electricity blackouts, something I'm sure Nanny will be taking into account since she seems to be actively planning for such things to happen. (Unless the French can leap in to save us ...)

    Of course the effectiveness and longevity of the tattoo system is also well proven in extended real use since, oh, around the 1930s. Electronic tags, however, are as yet unproven and their longevity is more than a little subject to technology drift. How much would one have to pay to get one's implanted chip upgraded to the latest 'standards' every 10 years or so?

    No such running costs with a tattoo.


  15. Cranmer is expecting one firm policy commitment to emanate from the Conservative Party Conference this week, and that will be Dominic Grieve’s announcement that the next Conservative Government will abandon all plans for a national identity card scheme.

    link building