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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Dangers of Salt - The New Cocaine

Salt Lovers Guide

Those of you with long memories (not addled by age, drink or drugs) may recall that way back in 2008 I wrote about councils trying to limit the number of holes in salt shakers at fish and chip shops.

"Seemingly at least six councils have ordered five-hole shakers, at our (council taxpayers') expense. These are being given away to chip shops and takeaways in their areas.

Drywite Ltd make the five hole shakers at £2 each. They have now received orders from at least five other councils, including Gateshead and Middlesbrough Council.

As one rather wise chippy owner said, it doesn't matter how many holes it has, people are going to put on as much salt as they want.

Additionally, why not save yourself the £2 and simply bung up some of the holes with sticky tape or glue?

Carol Ackerman, who runs Carol's Plaice in the suburb of Acklam, said:

"People will just put on more salt if they want more.

In fact, we have had some people unscrewing the lids to do so."

Another brilliant use of council taxpayer's money!

Well it seems that the anti salt lobby is up to its old tricks again (quite why Nanny has such a bee in her bonnet over salt - a necessary part of the human diet - I don't know...could it be that Nanny is related to slugs?), Stockport council (Lib Dem run) wants fish and chip shops, cafes and Indian restaurants to hide salt shakers behind the counters.

The "thinking" being that if people don't see the salt they may not use it, and those that do want it will have to ask for it.

Ironically Stockport is facing a budget cut of around £50M, so quite how they have found the resources necessary for this campaign I don't know.

The campaign is part of the Greater Manchester ASK campaign, which aims to cut salt consumption.

All utter bollocks:

1 One size fits all does not work wrt "safe" levels of food, drink or drugs.

2 A healthy person, who drinks water and exercises regularly, will excrete (I like that word:)) excess salt via urine and sweat.

3 As a child I used to shave blocks of sea salt for my mum (anyone know where I can get these now?), and would enjoy eating chunks of salt (I have not got a sweet tooth). I am now middle aged, and in ruggedly good health!

4 We should be allowed to eat food in the way we wish.

5 Shall we criminalise salt to such an extent that it will become the new "cocaine" of the street dealers?

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  1. Mjolinir10:14 AM

    Assume that- since 'salt' is so harmful- all clothing contaminated by sweat will have to be disposed of as 'toxic waste'?

    And all land within 1mile of the coast will be declared 'off limits' to anyone not wearing full Hazchem kit.

  2. Another silly idea by Nanny.
    Let people decide for themselves; everything in moderation.

    I wonder if Nanny will ban saline drips in hospitals and thus kill off a few more people?

    Is it really the job of the state to force people to change their way of life and life choices, providing those choices are legal?...I think not.

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz.

  3. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Actually the idea that salt is bad is a bit dodgy as well as a healthy set of kidneys will just send it straight through to the bladder anyhow.
    In a nutshell you piddle out the excess anyhow.

  4. I'd wonder which of Nanny's minions has an interest (financial, that is) in Drywite Ltd, the makers of the five-hole shaker. When in doubt, follow the money.

    On an unrelated note Ken, is my memory failing with age, or does the black and white illustration of the bearded fellow embracing the shaker of salt not originally come from that 1970s best-seller, "The Joy of Sex."

    My high school girlfriend got hold of a copy way back when, which was probably the most useful (and applicable) textbook either of us read that entire school year. I suppose that's why the images are ingrained in my memory. Or am I just dreaming?

  5. Lord of Atlantis3:52 PM

    When I was in hospital recently, at every mealtime I was given the option of having salt with my meals, so surely it cannot be that lethal in sensible amounts? I trust the dickheads that introduced this dictat included it in their election manifesto? Whether or not salt is good for you is not the issue. The decision whether or not to have salt on food should be down to the consumer, and not some local authority jobsworth! I also wonder whether they have a legal right to do this? Is it enforceable? What is to stop fish and chip shop proprietors simply sticking two fingers up to these elf'n'safety fascists?

  6. Mjolinir10:05 PM

    Black Sea - I don't think your memory is at fault!

    Check out the retro illustrations in this 'New Yorker'review of the 2008 version. [ADULT CONTENT]

  7. Mjolinir10:07 PM

    Sorry - that URL seems to have been 'cut off' - try this

  8. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:20 PM

    I take salt yet my blood pressure is steady at 120/80 which my GP informs me is more typical of a twenty year-old, not a 60yo. The only difference I've made to my salty habit is to use "Lo-Salt" because I need a bit of extra potassium (low-salt "substitutes" are about 40% KCl and 60% NaCl). The taste is indistinguishable from pure salt.

  9. @Lord Of Atlantis "What is to stop fish and chip shop proprietors simply sticking two fingers up to these elf'n'safety fascists? Their license to trade, that's what.
    Power crazed corruption is what local authorities are all about.

    Let's not forget that Roman armies were paid in salt, such was its' value, hence "salary" but that didn't stop Jeremy Vine in the introduction of a BBC Radio 2 discussion on the subject spouting "Yeah, salt, it's incredibly dangerous..."