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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Prats of The Week - Milton Keynes Borough Council

Prats of The WeekOoh Err Missus!

Tis time for another Prats of The Week Award.

This week it goes to Milton Keynes Borough Council.

For why?

Ask Terrie Rose and her partner Lee Smythe. They were given a £8.60 per minute penalty charge, totalling £86, by the council.

For what?

For spending an extra 10 minutes, over and above the agreed allotted/booked time, saying goodbye to their deceased baby, Zane, at Crownhill Crematorium in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes borough council stated that the extra charge was levied automatically on families who did not book extra time for their service. However, it stated:

"However, when we learned that there were extenuating circumstances we, of course, refunded the extra charge."

Call me a cynic but do you think the charge would have been refunded if the media hadn't got involved?

Milton Keynes Borough Council, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:41 PM

    Shouldn't that be "Twats of the Week"?

  2. As Bodwyn Wook observed in anticant's arena the other day, our social problems are intractable "because of the complete absence of any kind of human love and respect for one another anywhere whatsoever in the public by-ways."

    Isn't this a prime example?

  3. Tonk.1:34 PM


    I suspect your cynism is well placed.....Many local councils and large corporate bodies still feel shamed into taking action when they are brought to the public's attention via the media however, I notice that a growing number of local councils and public bodies are beyond feeling shame and clearly don't care how they are perceived by those they are supposed to be working for....
    I suspect many people that are grieving just pay up as they are too distaught to fight.....What a shameful council with a shameful policy of milking grieving people....They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves......People need to remember such things at the next local elections.....Ask the would be councillors what THEY will do about it, what action will THEY take to clip the wings of over zealous, unelected jobsworths that are drunk on the power they percieve they have. Until we hold the elected people to account for the officers of the council's actions, we will never see an end to this sort of thing, as well as the bin and parking wars.

    Well deserving Prats of the week!!

  4. That's an outrageous charge, which shouldn't've been levied in the first place.

    It's a tax on grief. Shame on the b@stards.

  5. Lord of atlantis3:46 PM

    These callous bastards deserve this award. I bet they would have taken a different attitude if they or a member of their families were the one's bereaved. Whoever authorised this charge ought to be hung, drawn and quartered, but seriously, since this is not an option, they should be sacked on the spot, with no pension and certainly no golden handshake. Just goes to show what sick 'people' are running local authorities, and in various other positions of power.

  6. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Proof positive, if any more were needed, that alive or dead the nanny state views us as simply cash cows to be milked to pay for their social engineering schemes and of course for their gold-plated pensions.

    I look forward to seeing all of them in the incinerator - they would not have to be dead.

  7. David J Hilton6:48 PM

    'Shouldn't that be "Twats of the Week"?

    12:41 PM'

    Well said....

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. It's those "Rules" again!

    Because it is in the 'rules' then it must be obeyed without thought or compassion.

    We have become a culture of jobsworths who seem incapable of making a personal decision or taking any personal responsibility, out comes the rule book - is it in the rules? OK I'm covered!

  10. Grant2:25 AM

    Surely the point here is not so much the charge per se but rather that the facility is likely to be so busy that a few minutes overrun causes havoc for arrangements for the rest of the day.

    I attended the funeral of the father of an old school friend a few months ago. The timing was tight. There was just about enough time for the eulogies and minimal formal 'services' before leaving the 'chapel' through a throng of people awaiting their turn to park bums on pews.

    I thought at the time that a nice purple wheelie bin might have been an equally suitable vehicle for departure given the way things are managed to the schedule.

    One thing puzzles me about the original story. Why would anyone call their infant Zane?

  11. Yes, I hate these sausage-machine ceremonials. That is why I am not having a funeral - just a private disposal of my debris.

  12. What are the extenuating circumstances in this situation? Does it mean that if I go over the time when 'only' saying goodbye to a parent or sibling I would then be fined? Twats indeed