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Friday, August 28, 2009

Nanny's Great Lie

Nanny's Great Lie
Richard Holbrooke's "wee bust up" with Karzai yesterday, over election rigging in the Afghanistan elections, blows a very large hole in Nanny's oft stated claim that our troops are dying there in order to establish democracy.

There are a few points I want to make about this:

1 You cannot impose democracy with the barrel of a gun.

2 Afghanistan is a medieval country, still operating under a tribal system. We have not a cat's chance in hell of establishing a democracy there under present conditions.

What did Holbrooke and Nanny seriously expect would happen during these elections?

3 We have had our backsides kicked in the country in the 1800's, and Russia had the same in the 1970's/80's. History has been ignored by the US and UK, and now it is repeating itself.

4 Nanny has imposed "mission creep" (eg cleansing the place of opium fields - legalise drugs and that problem would be eradicated overnight), yet not supplied the right equipment or sufficient personnel to perform even the basic task of hunting down and destroying terrorists.

5 We are going to be stuck in that mess for 40 years, unless we bite the bullet and do what we should do and pull out.

6 The public bust up will of course ensure that whatever the results of the election (even if they are 100% "clean") no one will believe them.

7 Nanny has lied to us from the very start.

8 Brown is most certainly not a war time leader, lacking any form of clear robust decisiveness, or indeed a friend of our armed forces.

9 The MOD's procurement process is a disaster area that should be condemned.

Holbrooke, by making his angst public, has undermined the achievements (Nanny keeps telling us that the troops are there for democracy) of the troops (from all nations) on the ground.

Our troops are dying for an hopeless cause, as a result of the lies and grandiose nation building plans imposed on them by Nanny.

This is the wrong war in the wrong country, we should not be there.


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  1. Ken;

    I think you describe the reality of the situation very clearly.

  2. I hope the muslims never become powerful enough to invade us and impose thier personal type of freedom for our own good.

  3. You are beginning to sound like 'The Sun', which today is calling on Brown to get a grip or get out (the latter, I hope). Legalising drugs would knock the bottom out of billions of dollars of illegal trafficking and upset the international mafia who already control several dodgy governments such as Kosovo (and, I sometimes think, the USA) so it will never happen.

    Bucko, you're a bit late. The Muslims already have invaded us and are now sitting tight and breeding copiously until there are enough of them to stage Der Tag.

    Even if we do get out of Afghanistan -as we should - our futile and lied about intervention there will not be forgotten or forgiven by the Muslim world. The good folks of Wootton Bassett should be picketing Downing Street rather than taking TV photo ops on their own streets.

  4. Lord of Atlantis2:35 PM

    Yes, Ken. when the Mujahadeen (I don't know how this is spelt, so have probably got this last word wrong) were fighting the Russians, guess who supplied them with arms to use against the Russians? Yes, very good, Britain and the U.S.A. Yet, our government expects our brave soldiers to fight this war with inferior weapons and equipment, because they won't provide adequate resources. Of course, out of gratitude, the Taliban wouldn't be using the same weapons against the coalition forces as we sold for use against the Russians?
    As to the problem of opium, I don't know whether it would work, but perhaps we ought to have taken a leaf out of the Roman's book: they destroyed the crops, then salted the fields of 'those who didn't like them'.
    Better still, we should pull out asap, as you say. We have no business being there. As to the propaganda that the war against the Taliban (and in Iraq) is to make this country safer, what rubbish! It is because of what we have done in those countries that has increased the risk of terrorism in this country.

  5. It's all very well saying "we should just pull out" but then what? It's not simply a matter of cutting our losses. Things won't just revert to what they were before we went in. People whose countries have been invaded and laid waste don't just forgive and forget. Nor do their co-religionists and expatriates who are "settled" amongst us. We need to get much more realistic about the nature of the mess Blair dragged us into at the behest of Bush. And about the so-called "special relationship" - the Yanks won't give two hoots about us when the doo-da hits the fan here as it surely will.

  6. Its always been the problem since we actually got a conscience about war and decided that we could only blow the hell out of the enemy after they had already caused death or serious injury to some of ours.

    We used to be able to draw up ranks, blast the hell out of the idiots and threaten to keep blasting the hell out of them unless they behave thereselves.

    Now we baby them, train the insurgents by trying to establish local police forces before we know who we can really trust and try not to step on any little toes.

    We are too aware of human rights and 'humane treatment' and less aware of the human rights of our soldiers not to spend 15 years trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces or a picture to go by.

    /War these days pisses me off. War isn't about diplomacy.
    //I do not condone unnecessary deaths.

  7. All deaths inflicted by violence are unnecessary unless in unavoidable self-defence.

  8. skydog8:42 AM

    Idiot. Sometimes, in order to defend onesself you have to take the offensive and when you do it should be with as much force and violence as you can muster against the enemy in order to bring a cessation of hostilities as quickly as possible. Anything other than using overwhelming and crushing brute force is stupidity... and costs more in lives. War is politics by other means. What a pity there cannot be a ceasefire in politics.

  9. And what a pity there can't be less vulgar abuse amongst bloggers such as calling someone you disagree with "Idiot" and other rude names. Insult isn't argument, you pompous ass.

    Actually, I agree with everything else you say.

  10. I thought Brown loooked great in his flak-jacket posing with his machine gun

  11. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Bravo Ken! Nailed it!

    Since the dawn of recorded history the area that is now called Afghanistan has been the domain of tribal warriors. "Democracy" is a completely alien and incompatible concept to its peoples. And unless it's concealing massive oil reserves, the borders of this feral faux state should be hermetically sealed by every conceivable artifice so that its inhabitants can be left to rejoice in and continue to practice their time honoured murderous behaviours.

    Afghanistan is not, never was and never will be worth the bones and honour of a British grenadier.

  12. Conspiracy Theorist, Me?8:34 PM

    Afghanistan was invaded to facilitate the building of an oil pipeline to move oil from fields in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan to the Pakistan coast for the benefit of US/UK interests (and to ensure China or Russia didn't get it first). There are also considerable mineral resources, as yet untapped.

    The poppy fields. Production was apparently at its lowest ever level under the Taliban. Since the invasion it's attained its highest ever levels.

    It was never intended to be a quick conflict,it's all about making a lot of money for a small number of controlling interests. It is deliberate & the longer it lasts the better. The cost in human life and misery? They value human life, aside from their own, about as much as they do any other servile animal.

    Iraq. Those same interests told blatant lies to justify an invasion and the deaths of thousands. It's another profitable venture.

    Afghanistan's invasion, to protect us all from the wicked terrorists. A false flag attack on US soil was staged to engender hysterical fear & loathing amongst the populace and to ensure compliance. The WTC whitewash proves in itself that all is certainly not as the perpetrators wanted it to seem to a stunned, indignant and angry population who would then be even more pliable and agreeable to their criminal plans.

    Check out people like Webster Tarpley whose past insights into US/UK foreign policy in various regions have proved pretty accurate. Many will tell you that people like Tarpley are just too far down the rabbit hole but when you speak out against the controllers, discrediting and ridiculing you via a controlled media is pretty standard practice.

    Edducate yourself, make up your own mind.

    If you doubt the claims of those questioning and demanding the truth behind 9/11 who are constantly labeled "deranged" "lunatics" "fools" etc. remember that staging false flag attacks, is nothing new.

    Pearl Harbour. Despite their foreknowledge, the falsehood that it came as a complete surprise has been maintained. It ensured the outrage & compliance of the population. The vast majority of Americans were strongly opposed to entering another European war. The cynical and evil men who stand to profit wanted "in". To garner public support for their greed laden ambitions - the "surprise" attack on Pearl Harbor was exactly what they needed and America was on board overnight having been masterfully duped. Is a staged attack beyond these people? I'd say it's naive to think so.

    Start your education with those who control the money supply and follow the trail. A one world government with one currency and one bank; ultimately, enslavement that will make the present look like a Utopian paradise? The nanny state in Britain is one part of the destruction of every structured institution in the world, designed to isolate every one of us and render us powerless to ever act in a cohesive or organized opposition to the assault on our lives.

    Europe has been a great test bed for the removal of sovereignty and elected governments - you have got as far as the Lisbon Treaty and the rest as they say, will be history.

    If you systematically destroy the family unit, organized religion, all sexual boundaries, education, the sexes themselves, and plant fear and mistrust through false science and media lies, eventually you get an even dumber, more malleable and controllable herd of beasts of burden.

    I'll end with two quotes from the nefarious Austrian corporal:

    "By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise. "

    "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."