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Friday, August 21, 2009

Physician Heal Thyself!

Heal Thyself!
I am hugely amused to read that a large percentage of Nanny's health care operatives, the very same people who lecture us about our smoking, drinking and eating and who ask us personal questions about our eating/drinking, have been described by Nanny as being unfit and fat.

Oh the irony!

Nanny is concerned that the "right image" is not really being portrayed by an NHS staffed by doctors, nurses and others who are overweight, drink too much, smoke fags and indulge in other substances. She is alos worried that, whne compared to the rest of the popultaion, a higher than average number of working days are lost in the NHS by sick days.

As I have noted many times on this site, doctors and their associates have a higher percentage of smokers, drinkers and drug takers than other sections of society (politicians excluded, who are "prime examples" of health and self denial - or abuse).

To be told by doctors how we should live our lives is, to say the least, "wearisome"!

On a related note, I was amused by the comment made to me by one of the receptionists at my local LA Fitness yesterday.

As I was collecting my towel she asked if I was "training".

I replied that I was swimming.

She said, and I did not know this (but as she was wearing the company T shirt, she must be a health expert), that anything that raises the heart rate is training.

Well, stap my vitals!

Every time I dine out and have 4 Irish coffees, to round off my meal, my heart rate goes up and I feel well "primed".

So that means drinking Irish coffees must be as an effective a workout as swimming!


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  1. Terrific news - I'm off for an Irish Coffee straight away! In fact, I may have two training sessions this weekend.

  2. microdave12:45 PM

    My elderly father is often "lectured" about his BMI by the practice nurse, who could best be described as "Barrel Shaped".....

  3. @microdave.. "practice nurse, who could best be described as "Barrel Shaped"

    Is that as in "pen", or "beer"?

    Either way, the picture of the nurse that Ken so thoughtfully provided has increased my heart rate, so I guess I must be exercising :-)

  4. Julius Caesar2:36 PM

    As was the wonderful comedienne Hattie Jacques, who starred in some of the hilarious 'Carry On' films. Ooh Matron!

  5. debbie3:00 PM

    My guess is that the number of sick days used does not indicate a sick staff but a staff sick of work.They are taking "mental health" days.

  6. Tonk.3:22 PM

    Both my GP and his wife, also a GP, died from alcohol related diseases in their late fifties.

  7. Dr Who the fxxxx are you looking at3:35 PM

    My missus works in the NHS, they have a large amount of piss head Doctors (and surgeons) who turn up pissed for work. It mostly gets hushed up, unless they do something really stupid like actually begin operating - which has happened.

    In my capacity as a drug and alcohol counsellor I see a steady stream of NHS staff trying to get off the bottle. As for the old bill well, their thirst for the produce of the brewer's art is well documented..

  8. microdave11:34 PM

    "Is that as in "pen", or "beer"?"

    Most definitely the latter, unfortunately!

  9. Ken you must be slipping. You included Politicians as part of society when we clearly know they are a class apart and above the rest of us.
    As for raising the heart rate being exercise, is that why I feel exhausted after reading the stupidities forced upon us plebs by the ruling classes?