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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stealthy Drinking

I see Nanny's drink police are conducting another media blitz, trying to get us to drink less. Mintel have produced a report (I wonder who commissioned it?) claiming that the middle aged middle classes are drinking stronger and larger measures.

Jonny Forsyth, senior drink analyst for Mintel, is quoted in the media:

"The over-45s are drinking more regularly but not thinking they're in danger.

They are drinking four, five, six days a week and it all adds up even though young people binge-drink more.

Alcohol has also got stronger so it doesn't take as much to get your units.

By stealth, the older drinkers are drinking to excess


The unit measurement system is total nonsense, designed by civil servants and doctors (from the profession that has more booze drinking, fag smoking substance abusers than any other - MPs excluded) for the "average" person taking zero risk.

You should not try to fit everyone into the same straight jacket.

Mintel go on to claim that older and more affluent people are more likely to drink at home.


How naughty of them!

Mintel claim that 63% of the professional "AB" classes drink more than twice a week, compared with less than 50% of the working classes.

The report was followed up, quite by "coincidence", in the media by a report that people drank more on holiday!

Well stap my vitals!

Coming soon, higher booze taxes and drink police paying visits to your homes!

Meanwhile, given that it is a sunny Saturday Bank Holiday, I intend to have it large this Bank Holiday weekend.

I recommend that you do likewise!

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  1. I noticed this anti drink on slaught by the state broadcaster yesterday too.
    Al Jabeeba ran the story as if it was fact......I suspect many so called middle class professionals are drinking more to escape the reality of Brown's Britain. Tax, bans, compulsory duties etc etc, no wonder people feel the need to drink more.
    As to drinking on holiday, many people do but then return to a life of being almost teatotal the rest of the year. Nanny will not be happy until she has destroyed completely the pub and drink industries.

    I agree Ken, the government is lining up huge hikes in alcohol tax, all for our benefit of course, but in reality, its because they have mismanaged the economy and now need as much money as they can get their grubby little paws on.

    As I have said before, all nanny wants us to do is work and pay tax, we must not enjoy ourselves. This "vision" is also promoted by the media especially Al Jabeeba and Sky. Phrases such as The world of work, the working week, etc etc and negative phrases relating to alcohol and tobacco are now common place in news bulletins. Health and cost to the tax payer for drinking or smoking is always used in the drive to get us to comply with Nanny's wishes.

    I have developed a taste for pear cider, although I always thought "pear cider" is actually called perry but, hey ho.

  2. Old Greeny6:09 PM

    It just sickens me. I am a reasonably intelligent man of 56 years old. I drink and I smoke. So what? I mostly drink beer of about 3.5% alcohol. So what? OK, I have a bit of a "middle-age" spread. So what? I don't drink and drive, I don't get violent when I drink. What have my boozing and smoking pleasures got to do with anyone except myself? Nanny - fuck off and die, ok?

  3. I'm another of those awful middle class drinkers. Yes, I enjoy a drink of an evening, albeit not every evening, to unwind after work yet Nanny chooses to persecute me. However, I don't get roaringly drunk, pick fights, throw up all over the town centre, urinate in doorways and smash a few windows after half a shandy like so many of the underclass that Nanny loves and lavishes her benefits on. Nor do I sit on street corners with a two litre bottle of 'Old Gutrotter' turbo strength cider screaming abuse at passersby yet according to Nanny I am worse than both of the above cases.

    In the same sentiment as 'Old Greeny', my pleasures have nothing to do with anyone but myself.

    The sun is over the yardarm and I am off to pour a generous measure of a very good malt so Nanny can indeed just fornicate and pass away!

  4. "The over-45s are drinking more regularly but not thinking they're in danger."

    Utter shite, I know I am in danger. Several years ago they told me that two glasses of red wine a day were good for my heart. Always being one to want to do more than is excpected of me, I decided on two bottles a day.

    "They are drinking four, five, six days a week and it all adds up even though young people binge-drink more."

    According to Chris Snowdons recently published "Velvet Glove Iron Fist", binge drinking now means more than three pints.

  5. Anonymous1:50 AM

    Ah 'Old greeny' but what if you are wrong and get the ailments associated with booze and cigarettes?
    Will you want the state to care for you after having a self inflicted wound?

  6. The state does not pay for anything as it does not have its own money; It only has money it extorts from its people.....If one pays an insurance, then something goes wrong, it is reasonable to expect that insurance provider to pay up, especially if that insurance is compulsory, as in the case of NI and income tax.

    The state should be there only to provide certain things such as protection from criminals, security of the country, basic education and health care etc.....It should NOT be the role of the state to micro-manage everyone's lives.....If you take responsibility and duties away from people, you end up with what we are starting to see in the UK now; A mass of mindless drones....This benefits no one. I have never smoked and never will, I am at a loss why people would choose to smoke but, I would not wish to impose my dislike of the habbit on anyone else nor force them to stop; Adults should be able to make their own decisions, even if sometimes those decisions are wrong or harmful to themselves.

  7. Anonymous6:26 PM

    What we need are whistleblower plebs that work in the parliamentary bars to take videos of these wankers making asses of themselves on cheap booze, subsidized by us.

    Then stick 'em on youtube!

  8. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Can’t understand it, all this ‘No comfort zone’ nonsense. Stop smoking, stop drinking, stop eating too much hence obese Britian clap trap, stop shagging next, stop driving a car of your choice, stop living in the house of your choice, stop using the ‘Old lamps’.
    Stop voting New Labour, stop voting whimpish Tory. Stop voting!
    Stop diversity, stop Muslim immigration to UK and tell USA Britain has had enough of your oil wars! Stop voting! I’ll drink to that!

    And another thing petrol’s going up again due to taxation this time, bastards.

  9. O/T

    I wonder if you've seen this?

    I think you'll do a much better job at passing comment than I have.

  10. Anonymous4:55 AM

    With you 100% Old Greeny and Kaptain_Von. I fear Nanny might be planning what her antipodean sister has already implemented. After a "preliminary bombardment" of scary "research" findings to the tune that three drinks a day or more is dangerous, Australian Nanny (aka PM Kevin Rudd)has announced plans for big increase in alcohol tax and a "floor price" on alcohol.
    I fear Australia is returning to its convict settlement roots. Next fashion item - designer leg irons and manicles methinks!

  11. Old Greeny11:55 AM

    Well, Anon, should I develop one of those ailments, I would expect to be treated for it because I have paid my National Insurance contributions for nigh on 40 years. In the same vein, if smokers and drinkers aren't to be treated, then how about those other folk who develop "lifestyle illnesses", such as joggers, mountain climbers, drug addicts, gays, cyclist etc?

  12. Anonymous7:11 PM

    @Mrs R - I stopped giving to CRUK exactly three years ago when I realised what shysters they are and their sanctimonious stance doesn't surprise me. I wonder if the public would continue to donate if they knew that CRUK was p*ssing their money up the wall in commissioning/endorsing mickey mouse research that satisfies prejudice rather than on proper research to determine causes of cancer.


  13. "Alcohol has got stronger..."

    Did I read right? I think I did.

    Yet another self-righteous and hopelessly misguided and under-educated bureaucratic turd mouthing without thinking what some twat has told him to say because they're paid by govt.

    How on earth can alcohol get stronger? It is what it is.