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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nanny's Word Police Expunge Words Again!

Once again Nanny's thought police have taken their cue from Orwell's "1984", and have decreed that certain words are "ungood".

The Citizens Advice service has ordered all its staff to stop using the word "blacklisting".

For why?

In the eyes of the dip shits who came up with the ban, "blacklisting" seemingly "fosters stereotypes".

Utter bollocks!

Those hapless employees of this taxpayer funded quango, who wish to use a word akin to "blacklisting" have been instructed to use the word "blocklisting".

All very well, but "blocklisting" actually has an entirely different meaning.

A blocklisting is a facility whereby one application is made to issue and allot shares at future points in time.

Maybe, if the twats who came up with this numpty idea actually had more than a rudimentary grasp of English they might have known that.

Nice to see our taxes being wasted on such frippery!


Will Citizens Advice also ban the word "whitewash"?

I find that highly offensive.

Why not go the whole hog and ban the word "black"?

The of course we must ban the word "white"?

Remember, as Orwell warned, the state will try to control what people say and think by controlling the words that we use.

Tell them what you think via this form Citizens Advice.

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  1. This type of political correctness would be funny if the implecations weren't so serious.
    Already we have seen many day to day words effectively removed from our language and the meaning of others hijacked.
    When the state feels it has a right to dictate what people can say, it is the begining of a dangerous slippery slope.

    Fortunately, the state is unable, at the moment, to monitor the thoughts of people and so we can escape the arms of the state in our minds however, I long for a return to the days when the state did not feel the need to constantly monitor its citizens nor interfere in the everyday activities of them.
    I suspect Nanny is paranoid because she knows her regime is nasty and repressive hence her need to control everything.

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:05 AM

    We had this sort of crap back in the 1980s, although in those days such nonsense was generally only promoted by the 'loony left' particularly local authorities one of which, Harringay I believe, even went so far as to adulterate children's nursery rhymes: 'Baa baa black sheep' was changed to 'Baa baa green sheep'!!! This perverse 'logic' ought to have been left there, and consigned to history, instead of which, this cancer of political correctness (which nobody voted for, I may add)has spread to erstwhile respectable institutions. I shouldn't be at all surprised to learn that the money required to implement this bull s*** has been diverted from front line services, protected from any financial cuts due to the recession. It's a pity these twats cannnot devote their resources to the real issues concerning people.

  3. Tonk. said...

    " .....

    Fortunately, the state is unable, at the moment, to monitor the thoughts of people ...."

    Well, yes, unless you publish your thoughts for the world to read on a top rated blog. Or Titter or Facelessbook or MyEmptyHeadSpace whatever they are called.

    No wonder Nanny is so keen on everyone having high speed broadband that she wants to raise a new tax (like the TV licence) to make sure it happens.

    Verify word is coningn. Almost spelt correctly enough to be highly appropriate.