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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prats of The Week - Sainsburys

Prats of The WeekFull marks to Sainsburys for going above and beyond the call of duty to win my coveted, and internationally prestigious, "Prats of The Week" Award.

Lewis Peagam, a balding 28 year old bank manager, was going about his regular shopping in Sainsburys Birmingham. Within his purchases was a DVD of the family film "Firehouse Dog" (no sex or violence), rated PG.

There he was was at checkout, ready to pay when.....

...blinky, blonky, blimey...

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, the checkout operative refused to sell him the film unless he showed proof that he was over 18.

I would remind you at this stage that the film is a family film, not a slash and gore or acrobatic porno film.

Mr Peagam's work colleague was with him, and offered her driving licence as proof of her age.

Can you guess what happened next children?

Yes, that's right, the checkout operative refused to sell it:

"You're only buying it for him."

Sainsburys, well deserving Prats of The Week!

Here is Justin King's (CEO) email, if you want to drop him a note.

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  1. Excellent!! Another supermarket to boycott.......At this rate we will get our local butchers, bakers, greengrocers, newsagents, postoffices, chemists etc etc back once again!!!

    Again, an example of giving power to someone neither intelligent nor sophisticated enough to handle such power.

  2. Lord of Atlantis12:00 PM

    Just when you think this lunacy cannot get any worse, up pops someone to prove that theory wrong! Apart from two good friends of mine who work at our local Sainsbury's, are all supermarket staff brain dead? Do examples like this answer the question 'where have all the former inmates of the lunatic asylums gone?'

    Tonk. said...
    "Excellent!! Another supermarket to boycott.......At this rate we will get our local butchers, bakers, greengrocers, newsagents, postoffices, chemists etc etc back once again!!!"

    Now that would be really good news!

  3. Philippa12:49 PM

    The staff treated them like criminals-for trying to buy a PG- rated film! Anyone of any age can buy that-has Sainsbury's gone mad?

  4. uhh... BBFC list this as a rating of PG... so unless he looks under 12 then this has absolutely no basis at all to age check anyway!

    How about we all have to file daily "life plans" and include our intended shopping lists, which billboard advertisements we intend to pass on our travels and every thought we intend to have and if we diverge from them we can be arrested?

    It would save Nanny some time! It seems to be Nanny's intention after all.

  5. bucko2:07 PM

    I was waiting at the checkout in ASDA last night. There was a girl of about 15 in front of me emptying a full trolly onto the belt, including 4 bottles of white wine.
    She had packed most of the shopping when the checkout assistant got to the wine and asked her for ID.
    She explained that it was her mums and she had nipped off to get something.
    Low and behold, the assistant accepted her story, put the wine through and carried on with the rest of the items.
    Just as she was finishing up, the mother returned with a couple of bits she had brought and settled the bill.
    No problems.
    It reminded me that not all people in nannys Britain are brain dead yet.
    Maybe there is still some hope for us.

    After all, I cant boycott every supermarket. A mans gotta be able to buy cheap mince!

  6. Disgruntled Mrs2:35 PM

    I choose my checkout operator carefully now in sainsburys - there is one older gentleman who is obviously in full command of his common sense and never asks me for ID for booze (I am 35 years old)so I make a beeline for him on each visit - whereas some of the other brainless minions do, to which I have thrown my very best 'I am not amused' face and shown my distaste at being asked - one vacuous bint even implied that I should be flattered that I had been asked in the first place as it implied I looked young for my age. I hardly need to visit my local supermarket and buy booze in order to illicit heavily veiled compliments about my appearance. I am not that sad, yet.

  7. This used to be a land where men were free. The National Socialists have turned England into despots' paradise. One day he will be free and they won't.

  8. Lance8:54 PM

    So, the absurdity of the PG rated film aside, whatever shall the supermarkets do when they realise that ANYONE buying liquor, movies, cigarettes, child with them or not, could potentially be purchasing them with the intent of supplying to minors?

    Honestly! The mere presence of a child is no more or less of an indicator of intent to supply to a minor.

  9. I have penned a note to Mr King -

    "Dear Mr King

    Many congratulations on being awarded Ken Frost’s “Prats of the Week” award.

    If your company treats adults in an immature way you must expect to receive more awards of this nature and the general derision of a public who are utterly fed up with this type of petty minded behaviour. I would have thought that publicity such as this is the last thing you would want in times of recession."

  10. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I was recently prevented from using an automated payment machine in Argos, as a game I was buying had an age restriction and proof of age was required. I would have thought the credit card I was trying to use in the machine was sufficient proof of being over 18, but apparently only humans can judge these things. Then it emerged that the game in question was a puzzle compendium, and the "age restriction" was 3+.

    Not an active synapse among them.

  11. Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, you could avoid all of these petty disconveniences if only you would present your "Purchase Permit", duly signed by your local Parish Councillor or other Authorised Responsible Officer.

    Tsk tsk - have you no idea of how to handle the paperwork that's going to see this glorious country, this pure and special people, our magnificent leader through the next 1,000 years?

    This will not do. I think mayhap you all need to go on refresher courses, for your own good. Please board the train quietly. No, no - your suitcases will be brought along later ...

  12. Anonymous7:49 AM

    How about banning children from supermarkets, wouldn't that make life easier? You could chain them up outside like dogs. If that doesn't work how about having a bouncer at the door to ink stamp your age on your forehead. It would be so much easier for the staff then, assuming they can read the numbers.
    If I can think of these ridiculous suggestions so can they. The difference is I am joking.

  13. Next time anyone encounters this sort of lunacy, go public. Hold up the 'offending' item and ask loudly of everyone in the checkout queues: "Did you hear that, everyone? I am asked for ID to buy a PG-rated DVD ...."

    Humiliate the bastards, then abandon your shopping on the checkout counter and announce that you'll be taking your custom elsewhere.

    Unless we make a very public stand, with courage, others will meekly take the treatment meted out by these petty bureaucrats.

  14. Speenzman5:40 PM

    I was in everyone's favourite Tesco today and used an automated checkout- yes I know I have commited the double sin of shopping at the place of evil and using an automated checkout but it was for a DVD I KNEW they would have and the other tills were very busy whereas the self-service was empty and I was in a hurry to get back to the train station to catch an overpriced train. By the time the drone had come over to get the DVD out of the plastic box and the had to come over a second time to allow through a 'restricted item' it would probably have been quicker to use an ordinary till but I digress. The point is when he came over the second time to allow through my 'restricted' PG rated DVD I saw the message on the screen 'is the customer clearly over 25?' 25!!! For a sodding PG?! He hit yes but if only he'd checked- I'm 24! Why does one 'clearly' need to be over the age of 25 to purchase a PG rated DVD? Dickheads...

  15. Speenzman : Tescos (and every other supermarket as far as I am aware!) have all subscribed to Nanny's "ID25" scheme. Basically the idiots they were employing couldn't tell the difference between 17 and 18 so Nanny decided that anyone who looks under 25 has the honour of being checked.

    I won't gripe how my 30-something husband gets carded when me at only just over 25 doesn't, that would just be annoying.

    The stupid thing is that the PG film can be bought by anyone over 12 (if not younger) so the ID tag should be specificatly set to 12 not "alcohol" age!

  16. Speenzman9:43 PM

    "The stupid thing is that the PG film can be bought by anyone over 12 (if not younger) so the ID tag should be specificatly set to 12 not "alcohol" age!"

    Ah but we all know Nanny can only find minions capable of programming a computer for one blanket command at a time, a second option for a different situation would be too much for Nanny's computer monkeys to handle. When it comes to computers, decent software and quality data encryption and protection we all know Nanny couldn't do the electronic equivalent of organising a drinking marathon in a brewing establishment!

    Anyway, I always understood anyone could buy a PG regardless of age, hence why we have the 12 certificate as the lowest specific age restriction, but of course Nanny's supermarket minions are always so clear on the line between law and petty-minded beaureucracy.