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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nanny's DNA Database

I see that Nanny has come up with a sneaky way to build a DNA database for the entire population.

She is now routinely arresting people, simply to record their DNA profiles on the national database. That is the finding of the Human Genetics Commission.

A retired senior police officer told the commission:

"It is now the norm to arrest offenders for everything if there is a power to do so. It is apparently understood by serving police officers that one of the reasons . . . is so that DNA can be obtained."

DNA is not foolproof either. All a criminal has to do is wear someone else's clothes in order to contaminate the scene of the crime with a third party's DNA.

All in all a nasty and insidious development!

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  1. I don't think many people that read this blog needed to be told this as we could all see the police arresting many people for minor offences including the elderly gentleman that swore at a council jobsworth....This is about policing on the cheap; Plod can sit in the office and scan the database and then make arrests....sadly though, DNA is not as foolproof as many think, often only part samples are recovered from crime scenes and then experts then give an opinion....The weight of expert's evidence and that of police officers is often elevated in its value by courts, especially the majistrates courts. I suspect an increase in wrongful convictions will be seen in the coming years.

    Word verification; coning.

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:26 PM

    Yes, I quite agree with you, Tonk. There have been no end of people arrested for minor, petty offences, or even no offence at all, who have '"contributed" their DNA, including one man, a few years ago, who dared to heckle Tony Bliar at a nuLabour party conference. I wonder what would happen if someone said 'no, you are not having my DNA!' Would it be taken by force? If so, would that not constitute assault?

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Injustice wrecks lives, especially with the system treating arrested people as if they were guilty. Anything on a computer can be hacked or manipulated to frame people, so it is disturbing.

    Did anyone get bonuses or promotions for meeting DNA collection targets? I hope not.
    I feel sorry for those policemen who are trying to catch criminals in a balanced and ethical way.

    p.s. re the word verification. Something similar (not with word verification) happened to me a while back with a different kind of phrase generator on other occasions when I was being psyopped & hacked (I am innocent of anything but some people have been sadistic towards me for years). I have also seen some pertinent word verifications when commenting here myself. You might (or might not) assume that all may not be private/some entries are being tagged to your name somewhere if the verifications are pertinently and/or personally strange (unless these things are just coincidental, which happens - or it could be a joke).

    I guess we should all comment responsibly. But Hyde Park Corner still exists and we're only ranting becuase we care about people that nanny picks on.

  4. Bucko2:15 PM

    It wont be long before they want to take peoples DNA at birth. I know there will be plently of support from the sheep for this idea. I have debated the issue with people down the pub who are all for it. After all, nothing to hide ect ect....

    To be honest, people like that dont half scare me. They are more than happy to take our freedom and hand it over to the government and they would also be happy for the government to use force if we did not comply. They honestly think that is ok. WTF?

    I have already pledged never to register for an ID card, even if it eventually meant prison. And I dont say that lightly; 5 mins inside and Im sure to end up as somebodys bitch. Not a happy thought.
    Funnily enough, despite all my efforts at persuading her otherwise, my mum is all in favour of ID cards (and taking DNA at birth). What do you do?

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I used to think like that - nothing to fear. But once people have seen or experienced injustices, frames, smears etc and see how power can corrupt, they think differently.
    tv and some scientists push the lie that technology is always 100% right. Some machines and some techniques including behavioural techniques and technology and even fingerprints require analysis which is both "art and science" - they are not foolproof and may not be useful in some circumstances. Honest witnesses (if they are available) and old-fashioned detective work is slow and may not yield results - but neither does technology/science always, and sometimes the thinking method is the right one. And of course we are idealistic, and optimistic, and also these things make money for some, so the bias is towards the scientific. I have been shocked and amazed at the number of things which are branded on tv and in the press as 100% accurate in all circumstances which are not. Lie-detectors test for stress notlies yet insurance companies and others use them. So people who are nervous (including of being smeared, slandered, setup or framed - not becasue they are paranoid but becuase it has happened to them) or (with some other technology) people who fidget or have cold noses (I am not lying) have a higtreated like criminals, have a higher than average probability of being labelled as criminal or up to something. Its a scary world.

    People don't trust computer generated letters or bills to be perfect - data entry people mess up, there are bugs, and some automated letters are beyod remit and hilarious. If only more people realized that there are limits to all technology. Cars can't fly - they drive well, but with limits, and best on roads, and not at 300mph.

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Another issue is the fact that we don't know what is going to happen in the future-artificial intelligence, cloning etc.

  7. Tonk.2:45 PM

    Lord of Atlantis:

    No it would not be assault as it is permitted in law....As to the question of using force; They already do....During "Control and Restraint" training, officers are taught how to take DNA by force...It involves a team of three officers retraining the prisoner and another person taking the swab......Although when I underwent C&R training with both the prison service and forensic psychiatric service providers, DNA taking was not part of the syllabus as I retired almost six years ago now, I am advised by former colleagues that the procedure involves putting pressure on the neck and forcing the jaw open using thumbs just below the ears, I would imagine this would cause a great deal of pain to the victim, sorry prisoner.


    I suspect you are correct, many of the yes sheep do support the taking of DNA at birth and, in my opinion, many kids are being conditioned to believe the authorities should have a record of their DNA and other bio materials....Look at the number of schools that now have finger print reconition security systems in place, all in the name of child protection, ooops sorry, its called child safeguarding this week....These kids when grown up, will feel there is nothing wrong with the state holding reams of personal data and DNA about them or constantly watching them on CCTV everywhere they go.....As a nation, we have surrended our democracy, privacy and national identity far too easily with little more than a whimper.

  8. Anonymous3:06 PM

    anything coded ie "artificial intelligence" and computers is only as good as the designer/programmer, and noone is allknowing or wise enough to read people's minds - they say they can - they can't en masse or even for one person always if they studied a person, people's brains change throughoutlife, and there are zillions of potential thoughts of one person, they coundn't code or moniter for all of them and then program it. People's brains are unique - and we have souls. So even if they knew (and they don't) which combination of areas are used for every thought, they couldn't say so exactly, let alone code it for every thought picture - words are thought pictures, and nuanced - "table" varies and even definitions of colours vary across some cultures. "volume" ie how subtely or very happy one is, for example, as well as humour, sarcasm, subtleties, riddles, phrases (take them literally or not?) etc etc cannot be perfectly and completely coded into computers. People's schedules and likes vary both daily and through life, so a robot would never be as clever as a pet, let alone a person.
    I probably think people should worry about things being abused to bug or spy. But thoughts/feelings..I think they are exaggerating - to scare, to make money, or maybe they are not able to see where their gadgets don't do what they say they do or for some other reason(s).
    Robots or devices that automatically harm at a press of a button based on computer or technology or purely based on computer - that is scary, but things break down and as a Christian I know that God can intervene to stop some wrongs though he allows a lot of bad - he does not micromanage us (sorry to get religious again).

  9. Anonymous3:12 PM

    from anon@3:06 pm
    I waw referring to people saying they can reqd your minds with machines when you don't cooperate with the "mahines" or at a later date (when your brain will have changed) or even if someone cooperated, they could never map out every thought and code it, for that person, let alone everyone, even if they shared a common language - dialects and personal styles and indiviual brains are unique.

  10. Coming to a police station near you soon - MINORITY REPORT.
    It's going to happen!!