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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Truth Behind Climate Change Research

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  1. microdave3:21 PM

    Thanks, Ken - I think that is one of the best variations on the original film. If you have 10 minutes to spare try this quiz:

  2. I noticed yesterday that there was a piece in the paper about the head prefect, oppps I mean secretary for climate change, was going to announce that every home was going to be fitted with a new smart meter for electric. This device will act as a spy; It will send details of ones energy use to a central hub and will do away with the need for meter readers....It will also allow an energy provider to cut off a supply without needing to enter your home and thus, a court order....Whilst I layed in bed last night worrying about my insomnia, it crossed my mind that this could be the first steps towards the climate change nutter's dream of a personal carbon allowance scheme, where each person is allocated an amount of carbon they can use each year....I suspect this would have to be tied into some form of ID type card....Am I being paranoid?
    If you think about it, every thing one buys or does has a carbon cost somewhere.....Imagine going to buy a holiday only to find that, when you put your card in to pay for it, the computer says no....Its not a pleasant view of the future is it?....I suspect the EUSSR is the perfect tool to implement such a policy......Will the EUSSR become little more than a giant prison?
    Use your carbon credit responsibly.

  3. microdave12:49 PM

    @ Tonk - These devices are (apparently) going to use mobile phone networks to send/receive data. So that will leave them wide open to being "hacked". And what about areas with no signal?

    Further more I had to laugh when I read that lots of development is going to be needed to make them compatible with all the different suppliers systems! I'm sure we can all guess where this will lead!

    As usual, figures of £billions are being bandied about, as if it's just small change - small change we don't have. These meters also use energy just to operate themselves....

    It's yet another moneymaking scam on the back of the (now discredited) "Global Warming" bandwagon.

  4. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I would not trust a government issued moniter in my home.
    Also, data can be hacked more easily than a mechanical meter from a distance, & on masse, without having to go to someone's home to make mischief.
    People, including those with electrical medical equipment, or those in the middle of using tools or in the middle of a business deal on their computer or other transaction, and could be harmed greatly if they are cut off without warning.
    People's data could be hacked and they ripped off by insiders or others. What if someone hacks so that another pays for their usage?
    Then there is privacy. People - who can afford to (unfair on the poor or cash-flow-strapped) may leave appliances on to protect their privacy ie when they are out or on holiday, or when they have guests to stay - so that useage may be higher than otherwise nationally.
    This is a potential tool to spy or harass - cutoffs for the unpopular though inoocent amongst other potential abuses.
    It is also going to be an inflationary pressure for all, and cost individuals, businesses and the government money wish could be saved or used for better things - true economic long-term stimulus or reducing the national debt, without losing control or privacy ro national or supranational actors including criminals.
    Is it really needed for the national grid?