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Monday, November 09, 2009

The State Has Become The Enemy of The People

Enemy of The PeopleThose of you who are still in denial about the state monitoring your every move may care to read this odious tale.

A mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, was shopping with her two young kids in the Co-op in Woolston, Southampton.

The kids had been acting up for some time, and she gave them a verbal warning that she would smack them if they didn't behave. The warning sufficed, and the kids behaved.

Unbeknown to the mother, an off duty policeman overheard her and followed her home.

Six weeks later two officers came to her home and questioned her about the alleged incident. She then received a letter from Southampton council telling her that her actions had been "put on record" for at least the next 14 years.

Now, whilst it may be "reasonable" for the police to follow up on something that they felt was a possible criminal offence, here's why this is so odious:

1 The police claim to be concerned about the possible actions of the mother, and the safety of the children. Why did they take 6 weeks to follow this up? Surely if they really believed that she was such a threat to the kids, they should have stormed her house on the day of the incident?

2 No court case has taken place and the mother has not been convicted, or even charged with a crime. Why did the police report this non crime to the state (Southampton council)?

3 Why does the council feel that it has a right to interfere in a non criminal domestic matter?

4 Why is there a permanent record now on the council's files about this non crime?

Councils have gone way beyond the role that they should have in society (ie that of collecting refuse and other local logistical matters). They must be "put back in their box", and powers that they have awarded themselves removed from them.

The state has become the enemy of the people.

Southampton is a Tory council.

Here is their email

Here's David Cameron's email to tell him what you think:

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  1. This type of thing sends out the wrong message to kids; You can do what you like because the adults can't stop you and, if they try, the authorities will come down on them like a ton of bricks.
    It is well known that kids need clear boundaries and consequenses should they go beyond them.
    I feel that the child bearing populus are becoming little more than battery hens....They produce the kids and instantly the state steps in. These new databases are the modern version of the communist's little red book where citizens lives were recorded in great detail by the authoritarian government. The new first contact database will, in my opinion, form the basis for a new national ID database......Kids will be used to having their lives recorded and stored and will see nothing wrong when the government of the day decides to expand the database to carry on into adulthood.....All for their own good of course and under the mantra, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear and all the yes sheep will say bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    I really worry just where the country is going, assuming this country still technically exists.....Will the next Conservative government roll back the mission creep of the state?....I doubt it because once one has enjoyed power, it is hard to then give it up plus of course, one never knows when such data might be useful.

    Enjoy intimedating the population responsibly.

  2. Anonymous10:28 AM

    And to think we're celebrating 20 years of "freedom" since the Berlin wall came down...

    I'd almost equate an off duty policeman with the old East German Stasi. That's how bad things have got.

  3. Anonymous11:34 AM

    It is also the sad anniversary of Kristallnacht.
    There is at least one article in the DailyMail about this.
    The lady is indirectly connected to the Christian Institute who also lobby for freedoms(cant remeber where i read that). Also the husband works in an industry where some bad people might want to pressure him.
    None of the articles I read about this show if the following of her started at the store or before. How do we know if some "entity" - state or otherwise - is not picking on her/her family in this way so that there is a file and they can directly/indirectly at future dates further harass her/her family using this as an excuse.
    The continual (ass of)"laws" which are being passed which build up files/databases and increase "rights" of councils and others to infringe on lawabiding people, their homes, businesses etc and without accountability are not only very similar to a Stasi /nazi state, but they are also a gift to criminal, identity fraudsters, conmen posing as council and other government officials, foreign intelligence etc. Corruption will increase, especially with hearsay allowed. The stealth taxes via fines, unnnecessary court costs for those who can afford to defend themselves as well as the indirect cost to UK citizens thru losses due to real crimes not being investigated and less "value for money" in services and an unnecessarily large state is impoverishing the people government is meant to "serve" and making it harder for people to earn a living and own a home, especially as many will end up with a "criminal" record over noncriminal matters or the inability to pay "fines". The "state" is also harming the health of its own people - watch as stress related illness increases further - heart problems, depression and stress etc. At which point, no doubt, there will be a diktat forbidding worrying or complaining, complete with a fine or prison sentence.
    No doubt people will be assaulted by lie detector tests (not allowed in US courts becuase they test for stress not lies) and computer "snake oil" pre-crime-detectors which also provide jobs for the boys and an excuse for some of those in authority to believe they have James Bond or God-like powers or that they are "important" and "special" because they have the ability to detect and stop so much crime (while they fail to detect or deal with real crimes becuase they are not allowed to think or go investigate them or becuase of unnecessary diversion of resources or increased corruption)! Sadly, another diktat will be needed as their testosterone levels rise too much for the wrong reasons and their level of heart disease increases too.
    Sorry to rant is horrifying to see the state abusing its powers and harming real people. And as happened with the fall of Nazi Germany and the Berlin wall, the "freed" population does not bounce back to normality immediately and other "powerful" wolves jump in to "rescue" them. Every time I hear about a new "law" from this government I think about the story of Little Red Riding Hood - the state being the wolf. Sadly wolf forgets that the people are not deceived.

  4. I wonder if it was a policeperson?

    Or possibly some sort of underling - a PCSO for example?

    Either way I think it offers me an excellent excuse to avoid all contact with children. Now that my own are adults there is no social situation in which I would be forced to come into contact with third party children so I should be free of any need for government checks. Being unchecked is a perfect excuse for avoiding contact.

    I'm beginning to see some positive advantages to the new regulations.

  5. It's getting scarier and scarier. THis is absolutely thought police! Even if her kids got a spanking when they got home, do parents no have the right to discipline there children? Ther is a big difference between a spanking and a beating and everyone knows it but Nanny. THose of us on this board who are 40 + got our share of swats on the arse and we all lived to tell.

    I hope this women does not let this stand. THere is no way a "hear say" comment can be put in a file to use against her at a later date. Not leagally/constitutionally anyway.

  6. Anonymous1:49 PM

    All part of the new EU master plan for what was once known as England. The state knows what you might do - Napeolinic law presumes guilt and it is up to the 'citizen' to prove innocence of whatever offence the state decress has taken place.

    Ah, are we not so much freer under the EU. Of course we are comrades, of course we are.

  7. "Southampton is a Tory council." The elected representatives don't have much impact on the day-to-day business of councils, almost all the work is done unelected employees.

  8. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Too right!

  9. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Tonk, completely off-topic, but did you know that a 'tonk' is the small metal clip that holds up the shelves on old-fashioned wooden library sheving? Maybe you are an ex-librarian like me, and that is why you chose the name?

  10. Tonk.7:06 PM


    Thanks for the message and I can confirm that I did not know that a tonk was the name given to a small metal clip....I call myself Tonk because that is the pet name my wife gave me....I am her Tonka Toy!!

    Enjoy Tonka Toys reponsibly.

  11. microdave7:14 PM

    @Grant - there's a story in our local paper about a shortage of volunteers affecting children's fitness schemes. Given that we are all now assumed to be Paedophiles, unless proved otherwise, I can't say I'm surprised.

    Think of the Cheeeeldren! Er, NO THANKS....

  12. Well, there's 'no smoke without a fire' and 'if you have nothing to hide .....'

    One might observe that our very own 'lawmakers' thought, until recently, that they too had nothing to hide and were operating within the rules and to advice they had been given.

    Makes you think.

    Of course being spineless beasts they moaned a little and then rolled over. Which one might think is positive for 'the people' but to be quite honest it's a bit like hiring a body guard whose athletic prowess is long distance running.

    If they can;t evene fight their wn corner they are hardly likely to fight ours.

    All except Jackboot Jacqui of course - but then she seems to be less aware of reality outside her own little bubble than even the former Chancer, now PM. So the thought of her trying to do right by the tax paying voter does not stand much scrutiny either. Would you want [i]her[/i] on [i]your[/i] side?

    Soon we wil all be Europeans and subject to the same everything ... oops, no, got that wrong. Different laws and taxes and stuff but the same controls forom Brusssels.

    So we could all go anywhere, without hindrance, in Europe that offers something more than is available here. Is there such a place or are we stuffed short term as well as long term whichever place we choose? I'm only looking for about 20 years of sanity, after that it won't matter much.

  13. I am confused. The 'nanny' aka 'bully' state is the remnants of a wimmin controlled zanulabour. So why is it so often a tory controlled council which commits these crimes?

    I want some answwers please.

  14. skydog10:01 AM

    Debbie:''Those of us on this board who are 40 + got our share of swats on the arse and we all lived to tell.''

    I got somebody else's share as well. Collective guilt is a great thing. :o(

  15. timbone said...

    " I am confused. The 'nanny' aka 'bully' state is the remnants of a wimmin controlled zanulabour. So why is it so often a tory controlled council which commits these crimes?"

    I think it's the word 'control' that you are misconstruing.

    As in the phrases "The Chancellor is in control of the economy" and "We must be part of the EU to have any control over our future."

    As with any 'leadership' the word suggests far more authority to control sub-minions than is actually available - even for those who are aware that there are sub-minions to be led and controlled.

  16. I see that the *cough* Daily Mail has another story today about a 'mother-to-be' who, having been visited by a police person of a female persuasion - after reporting an incident about a car almost running her down as it jumped a red light - was then herself referred to social services (the local Council) because she and her husband were in the middle of re-decorating their house and so could be considered a risk to the as yet unborn (6 months to go .... no time at all really) child.

    Surely this story cannot be true. If you wrote it as a script for a satirical sketch no one would think it funny in the absence of a connection to a real life experience. Is someone making up news as a way to offer new material (based on life experiences) for comedy shows?

    We need to be told.

    Word verification is "etarse". Most appropriate.

  17. Lord of Atlantis6:04 PM

    Unfortunately, in today's Britain, this story is probably true, which is why I think what I do about social w*****s! And the police seem no better either, these days.

  18. Anonymous6:50 PM

    @Grant - I think you'll find that it's now been decided that people who go out of their way to put statements on the public record saying that "it offers me an excellent excuse to avoid all contact with children" are deemed to be patently doing so to hide their nefarious tracks - without the need for any further proof.

    Remember: there's no way you'll win with Nanny.

    Watch it!