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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hardwired For Pleasure

Hardwired For Pleasure

Despite that fact that Nanny is making a pretty fair fist at the moment of trying to stop people enjoying themselves, by banning/regulating so many human pleasures, I am confident that in the long run she is going to fail big time.

For why?

Human beings' brains are hard wired to seek pleasure, this has been the case since we evolved into our current form some 150,000 years ago.

Our brains pro actively seek pleasurable input from many sources eg; food, sex, booze, fags and drugs.


Without the diversion of pleasure our "over evolved" sense of self awareness and ego (what other species would fashion a "god"/variety of "gods" in their own image?) would drive us insane; as we realised the futility of our lives (to work, to eat, to breed, to die) and our position (miniscule) in this universe (one of many).

Hence, when Nanny seeks to regulate/ban so many of these pleasures she is in fact going against nature and evolution. By definition human nature will win, otherwise we will go mad and cease to exist.

Therefore go forth and enjoy your pleasures, without harming others; that is what being human is all about!

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  1. Bucko1:07 PM

    Morning Ken.
    Its also human nature for people to want to control other people.

    So while the not so powerful pursue booze, sex and drugs for pleasure, the more powerful will seek to take those away.

    Democracy has taken an unfortunate wrong turn thought. The powerful should be the people and the controlled should be the government.

    Anyone fancy a pint?

  2. microdave1:22 PM

    Ken - If you've been enjoying food, sex, booze, fags and drugs for 150,000 years it doesn't seem to done you any harm!

  3. smithy1:48 PM

    rant rant rant ...

    I saw the verification word said 'ranthea' so I thought I would.

  4. Bucko

    Mine's a large one:)

  5. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Ken - sorry I posted this to the wrong post. My apologies.

    It was God who created our ability to enjoy and Who gave us good things. False cruel Nanny-type religiosity is not from Jesus. I hope you won't let those who misrepresent Him fool you - look in the New testament to see how He was if you wish.

    Though I am conservative in my views about sex and marriage as a follower of Jesus, I'm not a prude - sex was created by God to be fun (see the Song of Solomon if your wish). He could have made it boring, couldn't he? But He didn't.

    While on earth He enjoyed parties and wine in moderation. He likes people! He also gives people the freedom to not drink alcohol if they so choose. He is NOT a Nanny.

    I smoke too much and need to cut down but also wish that manufacturers would remove the addiction-enhancing additives.
    Even God-created nicotine serves a good purpose for some brains. See Cigarettes have fewer side effects than some anti-depressants for some people - there is really no one-size-fits-all-Nanny-solution to much of life.

    He also created fats for a purpose - here is one recently discovered one

    I don't think He made a mistake in creating anything. He made the earth for us to enjoy and Heaven will have no pain for those who choose Him. The good things remind us of He who gave them, and what He is like - not big-nanny-in-the-sky.

    Enjoy your fun responsibly - I will be trying to do the same.