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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Nanny's Scientific Bent

Nanny's Scientific Bent
As we know, Nanny and her chums love a bit of science.

Nanny loves the science that proves the link between all manner of ills and smoking, drinking and eating.

Nanny loves the science that proves drugs, apart from booze, are evil.

Nanny especially loves the science that proves that mankind is causing global warming. Needless to say, one of the great advantages of having us believe in global warming is the excuse it gives Nanny and her loathed local councils to levy "green taxes" upon the already overtaxed population.

Nanny would have us believe that these taxes are used to improve the environment, and combat global warming.

Utter bollocks, just like National Insurance (the greatest con trick ever foisted on a gullible electorate in history), the money is thrown into Nanny's general pork barrel of cash that she uses to pay her ever growing army of bureaucrats and snoopers.

The trouble is that Nanny has recently been having a spot of bother with "science", as results from some recent scientific research have not been chiming with Nanny's orthodoxy; viz:

- we can now eat 16% more calories per day

- we can drink one bottle of wine, or six bottles of beer, a day to minimise our risk of heart attacks

- certain drugs are less worse than alcohol

Needless to say Nanny has been doing her best to quash these findings, labelling them "flawed" (ie not in line with her "prejudices").

Now here comes the veritable icing on this monstrous cake of lies that Nanny has been baking. It would seem that global warming (I am old enough to remember when scientists were assuring us that we were heading for an ice age), or rather the science that "proves" global warming (if it exists) is man made, may be bollocks.

Leaked files from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit indicate that the scientists who are believers in global warming (the new religion) have been faking test results, so that the results match the religion, and have been trying to quash alternative research that disproves the religion of global warming.

The fakery has been exposed by a hacker who broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit.

Looks like the ice age is on its way!

The next time Nanny tells you her advice is based on "scientific research", tell her to take a running jump!

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  1. Global Warming
    Passive smoking
    Binge drinking
    Ozone Layer
    Beef on the bone
    Leaded petrol
    Bird/Pig flu
    Foot and Mouth

    and the list of NannyBollocks keeps getting bigger.
    Feel free to add too...

  2. I think the vast majority of people could see through the green scam for what it is; An excuse to tax and to control.

    What is more worrying is that the climate change religion is going to be taught in schools as fact, thanks to Ed-ucation Balls-up and his diktats. This policy is indoctrination and NOT education.
    Those of my age group, were taught to question and think for ourselves, that type of behaviour will not be tolerated now in this former nation.

    I always ask the green enviro-mentalists the same questions and none of them to date can answer the questions...It really upsets them.

    1) At what point in time was our climate fixed?
    2) If the change is man made, why are similar levels of polar cap melting seen on Mars?
    3) Insread of spending a fortune on fighting nature, why not invest money in adapting to it?

    Other questions that also annoy the new disciples are these;
    a) Why are we still cutting down rainforest to grow rape for bio fuels...Surely we need the lungs of the planetdon't we?
    b) Why do ministers and presidents and all their hangers on fly everywhere to discuss green issues, surely if flying was so bad they would use video confrencing wouldn't they?

    One recent story in the press was about fallen leaves costing us a fortune to put into landfil as it was deemed to be litter by the EUSSR, funny, because I always thought leaves were bio degradeable just as they are in my garden.

    Just for the record, I am in favour of sensible, non oppressive and non punative green measures, such as recycling but, I am very opposed to the draconian policies that Labour have imposed on us sadly, Blue Labour will be no different because the agenda has been purchased by a very rich,(Dad's money) single issue doner.

    The next big thing in the green campaign will be zero waste, if you think the climate change brigade are nutters, wait until you hear from the zero waste brigade, they are fanatics and, as is the case with all pressure groups/single issue groups, they want to force their beliefs and lifestyle choice onto the rest of us and Nanny will help them because it will be a nice little tax earner for her...Kerching!!

    Enjoy climate change denial responsibly.

  3. Ken,

    Thank you for pointing out that Anthoprogenic Global Warming (AGW) is a religion in the making, or perhaps one doctrine in a body of emerging belief, and is being defended along the same lines as those employed by the Catholic church hundreds of years ago in "discouraging" any wayward inquiries into its orthodoxy.

    Science is the pursuit of empirical fact. Scientists who suppress data contradicting their hypotheses are not engaging in science, but in the policing of heresy.

    "The various modes of worship, which prevailed in the Roman world, were all considered by the people, as equally true; by the philosopher, as equally false; and by the magistrate, as equally useful." --Gibbon

    People have always believed all manner of bullshit. It's the magistrates that worry me. Carbon allotments and cap-and-trade legislation are the means by which our overlords will tax us back to the middle ages, during which they have every intention of playing the roles of earls, dukes, and kings, while the rest of us slave away in our cubicles, and trudge home to an evening of tepid gruel.

    You will note that Al Gore, the Chicken Little-in-Chief when it comes to AGW, hasn't yet taken up the life of monastic self-sacrifice he so enthusiastcally urges onto the peasantry:

    "Public records reveal that as Gore lectures Americans on excessive consumption, he and his wife Tipper live in two properties: a 10,000-square-foot, 20-room, eight-bathroom home in Nashville, and a 4,000-square-foot home in Arlington, Va. (He also has a third home in Carthage, Tenn.) For someone rallying the planet to pursue a path of extreme personal sacrifice, Gore requires little from himself."

  4. death to false metal2:47 PM

    Need I say more?

  5. microdave4:01 PM

    According to more knowledgeable people than myself it looks as if it was a deliberate "leak" from within the CRU. To save you the trouble of downloading the entire thing, The Devils Kitchen has a very comprehensive run down, with numerous links to follow.

    I've also just read the following 20 page PDF which SHOULD be shown to all school children - it might redress the balance...

    I fully agree with Tonk that we should be acting a bit more responsibly - unfortunately this common sense message has been totally overshadowed by the AGW bollocks.

  6. Number 65:43 PM

    This is the only scare story the scum can make money on - well I guess the big pharm companies and the MPs who got a nice little backhander for keeping the scare going- did OK out of swine flu 'epidemic' on top of that is all about two things dear to the maggot riddled heart of any socialist - control and taxes.

    They will never let this story drop. It will only be a matter of time before the real government the EU makes 'climate change denial' a crime along with 'Holocaust denial.'

    Couldn't happen? that's right just like a single currency couldn't happen.

  7. St Bruno8:41 PM

    Who, pray, do we tell to 'take a running jump?'And how?

  8. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Listened to Professor Robert Watson on today this morning. He dismissed the idea that the increase in CO2 could possibly be due to natural variation as the effect is too big. Then a few minutes later he explains away the lack of increase in global temperature this century is due to the increase being due to natural variations. Shot yourself in the foot there didn't you Robert ?

  9. Ah, NI.

    A MUCH bigger Ponzi scheme than Madoff managed to create.

  10. There are some very strange aspects to the CRU information and how it seems to be developing.

    One has to say, ignoring the emails, the basic process from way way back seems to be poor. A typical 'government' type IT project gone wrong it seems. That said I have seen many commercial IT projects that have fared little if any better.

    But the commercial systems usually have to be corrected and refined for improvement or the company goes out of business. Government sponsored rubbish can be maintained for years, discrepancy building on discrepancy as reputations are protected.

    Someone elsewhere quoted a couple of sentences from a George Monbiot article today an they seemed to suggest he felt he had been misled. If that is a true interpretation it would be astounding for someone who has for so long championed 'the science' of the green cause so forcefully.

    I wonder what he knows that others don't? (Assuming it is true - I have not yet checked for the article.)

  11. Just glanced through the Monbiot blog post. The issue of the publication has clearly concerned him and he is trying to take a high ground view related to those dircectly involved. Still hanging to 'the science' though. As expected really.

  12. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Tonk - totally agree. Tax and control. The unique thing is that the control will be supranational.

    The days of the notion of national sovereignty are over.

    Bucko - Could we add the evils of plastic bags to that list?

    I love how nanny has identified that waste to landfill is an issue (as indeed it is), but that the solution is to make those responsible for 70% of what we send to landfill (the supermarkets, in the form of excessive packaging) stop providing free plastic bags. No need to address the packaging issue and upset our powerful grocerists.

    Black Sea: I was thinking the same about the parallels of the control the Catholic church exerted for centuries by keeping the Scriptures hidden from ordinary people (by making sure they were not available to the masses in their own language), instead interpreting it for them and making them live their lives according to what the clergy deemed as good.

    Science is the new religion, the State is the Pope and Scientists are becoming the new priesthood.


  13. Fragpig10:38 AM

    The hacker/whistleblower obviously hoped the BBC would run the story as Paul Hudson (BBC weatherman) had been sent the files a month earlier. When nothing happened they released the files on the internet. See here:

  14. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Fragpig- a very naive whistleblower IMHO

    On the issue of plastic bags, some time ago I was sent an email from someone who claimed that the p b hysteria was the result of an error in a report that wasn't corrected before the greenies ran with the claim that they were An Evil.