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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's Get Dirty!

Let's Get Dirty

Yet more scientific evidence that leads mankind away from the Nanny state orthodoxy. This time a team of scientists, from the School of Medicine at University of California, have published an article in Nature Medicine that states that children should be allowed to get dirty.

Excess cleanliness can hinder the skin's ability to heal. Dirt bugs dampen down overactive immune responses that can cause cuts and grazes to swell.

These findings chime with the "hygiene hypothesis", which argues that exposure to germs during early childhood primes the body against allergies.

Ever wondered why there are so many kids with "allergies" these days?

It seems that an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness is to blame. After all were we really as allergic to all manner of trivia as some claim to be now, mankind would have died out millennia ago.

Rates of "allergy" have tripled in the UK over the last ten years.

The answer?

Get dirty!

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  1. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells11:08 AM

    Back in the 1950s I regularly played in turd-infested UK coastal waters which could explain why I don't get ill very often. It's not just Nanny and her Fear Industry that wants us to believe that a single particle of mud in the home will lead to an outbreak of bubonic plague, the Proctor & Gambles and Unilevers of this world make huge profits from scaring us into buying their (mostly unnecessary) products. Same with personal hygiene. Anti-bacterial handwashes kill the natural skin bacteria necessary to protect our skin from infection by pathogenic bugs.

  2. Ken;

    Spot on as usual.
    I get really annoyed when I see adverts showing a woman, or man, following the kids around spraying anti bacterial spray every where and then looking smug about it.
    We need to be exposed to dirt and germs to build up our immune systems and yes, we are seeing far too many kids with astma and allergies and I agree this is down to the crazy notion that, everything a kid comes into contact with, must be sterile...How did the human race survive pre anti bac sprays?
    Not only are over protective parents,brainwashed by Nanny, destroying our kid's immune syatems but, by never letting them go out alone until they're almost pensioners, they are making them less safe and vulnerable to bad things because they have not developed street sense nor common sense.
    Killing kids with kindness, or the parents perception of kindness, is the norm in this country now...Sad really!!

    Enjoy dirt and germs responsibly.

  3. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I wasted a whole day cleaning!

  4. Archroy11:38 AM

    Ken, where do these security code words come from? If it's a computer it has a wicked sense of humour. I've just spotted this one is 'taxesque', which describes this government perfectly!

  5. The thing that gets me is that the super-hygienic crowd are forcing kids back into the shallow end of the gene pool based on flawed mathematics anyway.

    Bacteria Maths 101.


  6. Anonymous12:54 PM

    yea so that advice to wash wash and then wash some more was wrong. Drinking is always bad for you was wrong, global warming is a scam, you have to be watched all the time to deter terrorists,orange juice is bad for your teeth, just looking at a steak sandwich will make you fat yada, yada, yada
    How about instead of believing the bits you like (i.e. smoking bans are good because I don't like it) and howling about the lies you don't like you wake up and tell them all to bugger off and peddle their snake oil somewhere else.
    If you are going to exercise your critical faculties exercise them on all of the bull and not just the bits that suit you.

  7. Children from homes that have a dog are generally healthier that those from animal free homes.

  8. As the recently deceased and much missed Ian Wallace used to proclaim:

    "Mud, mud, glorious mud,
    Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood...."

  9. Bucko2:50 PM

    The are posters in the toilets at work with a nice little soundbite - "Coughs and sneezes spread diseases". It has insructions (with pictures) on how to wash your hands.
    I shit you not!
    To those of us educated to a level of common sense, these posters are just insulting.
    As Tonk says, those adverts for all that spray shit are really annoying. How much must these folk spend in order to spray all that crap all over the place. I buy sponges for 14p and washing up liquid for about 40p and it does the job.

  10. Bucko said:

    ""Coughs and sneezes spread diseases"

    That slogan was coined before I was born but the message was to use a hankie. It wasn't a Nanny State thing either as we didn't have one back when I was born in 1950 - when the NHS was just one year old. However such advice was appropriate then as it wasn't oink flu everyone was worried over, but the far more serious tuberculosis.

  11. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Soap and water works for most things and doesn't weaken immunity or build up resistence to anti-biotics and the like for when they are truly needed. Tea-trea oil is good on occasions, but again too much and our immune systems get lazy and we become more vulnerable to every cold and flu going. And the vicious cycle continues when anti-biotics are over-precribed.
    As soon as a house has been cleaned, dust and dirt reappear - perfect cleanliness is unattainable down here on planet earth.
    I wish Nanny would try to not impose perfection on us, it only produces false guilt, weariness and distractions from more important things on planet earth (and beyond).

    I also wish Nanny would let kids be kids - better than sitting at home watching tv. Kids need to play and if they don't get muddy, they don't know how to clean up, and if they are limited only to play which is "mess free", they won't know how to be creative (no future British artists thinkers or scientists?), what to do with their energy(no British athletes unless their parents can afford private lessons or their schools have facilities and the kids can afford to get there and back as well as the Nanny-enforced and approved sports kits?) or learn (as our erudite Ken mentions often) to manage risk (no future British bankers or accountants to audit them?). Would zoo keepers be fined if they didn't let elephants roll in the mud?
    I could rant on about the abuse of noise regulations and rules about music in the home and in public (no future British musicians if only official music is allowed or couples if families are not allowed to have the occasional family spat?). And boys - no playing with soldiers? And girls - could Nanny leave us alone?.

    I could rant and sulk forever. Thinking and normal behaviour including mistakes and human failures are being banned. We will end up permanently neurotic. Nanny can never make us perfectly perfect. Is life better as an elephant or monkey in wildlife parks (minus the onlookers)? They can roll in the mud and climb trees. They are respected by Nanny and her helpers and their way of life is respected and preserved.

    I wish Nanny and her helpers would let kids be kids and adults be adults. Would Nanny and her helpers please remember that the God-slot has already been filled, there really is no vacancy, and He does not micro-manage and is not bossy.

  12. Bucko8:04 AM

    d - Pardon my youth. Ive not heard that slogan until we started to worry about various meat product related flus. I can see how it may have had meaning under those circumstances but to be rehashed for the latest media scare stories.... What pants

  13. Grant2:45 PM

    Ah, Coughs and Sneezes ....

    Memories of the Tony Hancock episode - was it "The Blood Donor"?

    It's a pity one seems unable to get inoculations against extreme addiction to cleanliness and susceptibility to advertising and the 'Health' pages of alleged newspapers.

  14. When I found out that there was more bacteria on my worksurface than my toilet seat, I promptly moved my kitchen into my bathroom.