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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dishonest Greedy Bastards

Mobile Phone Operators
Re yesterday's article about Nanny's plans to "outsource" the responsibility for storing data on our phone calls, emails and internet activity to the private sector.

It seems that she may be about to hit a slight "snafu", thanks to the activities of a number of staff (hereinafter referred to as dishonest, greedy, bastards) at T Mobile who have happily been flogging customer details to rival companies.

The Information Commissioner is, quite rightly, livid at this wholesale plundering of private/confidential data.

The trouble is, the problem is not just confined to the a small number of dishonest greedy bastards at T Mobile.

It is in fact endemic within the entire mobile phone industry (my own mobile phone has been, on occasions, on the receiving end of cold calls from rival operators who could only have received my details from dishonest greedy bastards working for my mobile phone provider), and doubtless within call centres (most especially offshore ones, which are infiltrated by professional criminal gangs) and other "wired/wireless" services providers.

This lays everyone of us to having our private data (including the contents of emails, texts etc) sold off to all and sundry, and used against us by dishonest, greedy, bastards.

Nanny, by requiring these companies to keep even more detailed records on us, is placing even more of the private details of our lives (and indeed our lives themselves) in the hands of these dishonest, greedy, bastards.

Nanny's database plan must be stopped, here and now, before we lose the last vestiges of control over our lives.

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  1. Whilst I don't agree with these self obcessed, profitering persons of dubious parentage's actions....I feel they are merely copying government....HMG sold lists of names to the highest bidder in relation to car and driver details, they sell the electoral register....They also buy from criminals details of off-shore bank accounts.....It seems the British sense of decency and fair play has been flushed down the toilet with everything else that made our country great and respected all around the world....Thanks for that Nanny!!

    Enjoy stolen data responsibly.

  2. Adrian12:40 PM

    Indeed, the original dishonest, guilty, bastards still reside in Westminster. All right thinking citizens will, obviously follow the splendid example of their leaders.

  3. Bucko1:28 PM

    Thieving toe rags like this can only be an asset to the government.
    Obiously once the legislation is passed, all telecommunications employees we be made to register with nanny, for a fee, to prevent this kind of thing.
    Its just another step towards the national identity register "made necessary" by stories such as this one.

  4. Anonymous10:34 PM

    The sad context is that every time you interact with any one and leave a paper or computer trail, any of the data may be collected and shared, legally or not, without your consent, from purchases to anything you say to an official or nosey neighbour or a doctor.
    The person about whom notes are taken boxes are ticked has no access to it, let alone any unbrudonsome way of accessing it, correcting it, deleting it or stopping it as it spreads, and causes harm to the indiviual both as a person with a need for dignity, privacy and protection from crime (the doorlock and figleaf principles) and also a need to guard data can be used to harm others they have known.
    Computers mess up. Data gets corrupted and stolen. Countries cannot defend themselves if everyone else knows the data about their citizens or their citizens' buisnesses or everything else about the country.
    I have seen notes and data which are inaccurate (sometimes dangerously) or misrepresentative and misleading. It is very common.
    If the NHS system says someone has diabetes or anything else and they do not, there are potentially dire consequense for the patient. If the doctor or social worker writes disparaging comments or innacuate and incomlete info to jsitfy decisions, meet targets or just becuase they are behaving like prats, the indiviual is abused, and sadly outsiders and courts tend to believe the professionals' opionions and notes, to the detriment of the indiviual. Drinkers beware, if you buy drink using a credit card, there are databases including credit-type agences and datacollection agencies and pharma and health agencies i.a. who collect it (including abroad). have a lawsuit? You may lose it even if you drink sensibly, normally or cook with it. Even if you use if for Sabbath or Holy Communion. Stigmatised purchases choices or health issues get abused in court, and by officals everyone who are mosey, officious and abusive of their power. The officals do not think. Any one who does not meet their approval or who behaves differntly from the standard behaviour of the the "market" or "social" category the indiviual belongs to is suspect, and worthy of Nannying or Inquisition.
    Further, indiviuals are no longer people. They are resources. Info about them, as well as their assets and income is regarded as something to "monetise" - we are profit centres to be managed, controlled and expolited, not real people. We are pre-criminals possessing assets to be stripped, and in need of reeducation, by officals and some with power, including some in business. And that is excluding the blackmarket and abuse of info by those who are criminals in the noremal, old-fashioned sense.