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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eat Yourselves To Health


I am hugely amused to read that Nanny's advice regarding what constitutes a "healthy" calorie intake for adults (2000 for women, and 2500 for men) turns out to be bollocks.

It seems my loyal readers that the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) is of the view that the guidelines could be increased by 16% (that's a whole cheeseburger!).

That means that, if we have followed Nanny's rules, we have been under eating for all of our adult lives. Therefore multiply the number of days you have been an adult by the calorie shortfall from Nanny's new target, and treat yourself to a slap up feast to mop up the shortfall in calories!

I will start right away!

Needless to say the Government and the Food Standards Agency view this research as "unhelpful". Funny that research that doesn't, and indeed scientists who don't, conform to Nanny's orthodoxy are expunged and "rubbished" by the state.

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  1. Tonk.1:03 PM

    Yes Ken, sadly any questioning of state policy by anyone, even if based on real sceince, will be attacked and rubbished by the state, their quangos, partners and agencies etc.....We have seen examples of this in relation to drugs, climate change and now eating.....I noticed that someone from "The National Obesity Forum" was on Sky saying how the sceintists were wrong and what he wanted to see!!! I can't imagine why in such hard times, we need the NOF....I wonder who funds that.

    Enjoy your extra calories responsibly.

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I'm going to dream about an English Breakfast - free of corn syrup, msg etc. according to my OWN choosing. Followed by
    some home-made jam roly-poly and custard made with milk free of growth hormones. If it makes the cow fatter, methinks it will make me fatter.
    Has Nanny State made any diktats about any of these additives or would it get nannied by groups more powerful than itself?

  3. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Should those who realistically do not have access to 2000 calories a day of healthy food (because, for example, they can't afford the money or time or energy trvel to shops with healthy affordable food and cook it (people in B&Bs cannot usually realistically prepare a good meal cheaply, people without access to affordable efficient and relevant transport or people who have health issues etc cant) - or go to healthy restaurants.
    Ditto re exercise and lifestyle.
    Doesn't Nanny realzie that people ie adults and children naturally like to eat nice food and naturally like to exercise whether though playing or walking or even cleaning the loo, and that if they cannot, it is usually for a good reason, often not though their own fault or through lack of education.
    Nanny should know that overstressed people like harried parents or emplyees or the financially-strapped or the rich crave fat - that is the way that human bodies are made. Also that genetics plays a role.
    No places for kids or adults to walk or play or shop -- or no money to do that + too many rules which prevent that so that many end up in making the rational choice to eat only cheeseburgers in front of the tv (no cooking, little shopping, nothing else to do becuase everything is proscribed or impossible) = people being weightier than they want to be.
    I remeber seeing a patronising leaflet tellng "poor" people how which direction to wipe their private parts in to avoid getting urinary tract problems - it didn't mention the fact that "poor" people in the constituent area had a lot more bacteria/mould than average in their homes/water supplies for washing as well as laundry, and also were under higher stress than average, reducing their immune system. Bathing in the wrong direction or wearing underwear laundered in dirty water would not solve the problem much! Those leaflets and the admin costs and salaries of those nannies could have been used to help with the mould problems. They could also have been used to cheer up the "poor" who are so often criminlized by Nanny (or to educate the nannies - so they know how the rich, middle income and poor live - that might reduce some of the stupid rules. What do they teach in universities and in Nanny training courses these days?

  4. After that last very moving comment, I hesitate to recall with relish the "full English breakfast" that used to be served on BR's Cornish Riviera Express. It began with fruit juice and porridge with lashings of full cream. Then came a large plateful of bacon, fried or scrambled eggs, sausage, tomatoes and mushrooms - all freshly cooked. And aferwards as much toast, butter, marmalade and honey as you wanted.

    The mere thought of it would drive Nanny's food fascists crazy!

  5. Grant5:46 PM

    For some obscure reason we have the Daily Mail delivered (I think the wife still does the crossword or suduko or something) and the front page headline article this morning was the story about the US research that says baby boomers are physically decrepit.

    I suspect that this 'paper' is up to the usual standard of such research theses days - complete BS - but there is was on the front page.

    So, diving off to the Daily Mail web site to get a reference to post here I thought I would have the link in moments, after all, it's front page right!

    Nope. Seems to have been replaced (sort of) by the 'we have been lying to you about how much you can eat' story our host has highlighted here.

    After a little browsing and then some guesswork I fond the original piece that was this morning's headline buried right down 'Health' section of the web site.

    Well well. Perhaps someone realised, too late, that the original article was, shall we say, weak and they are trying to distance themselves from it as fast as possible. 131 comments are making is a little difficult though.

    Still, I'm sure they can't go too far wrong with their wall to wall coverage of 'celebrity' matters - got to get the important stuff right.

    Back to the topic - I see that the Japanese have made it illegal to be 'large of waist'. Presumably this will be enforced be sentencing people to work camps in warm countries where they can be issued with controlled diets and given plenty of exercise building useful things.

    BTW Ken, did you notice the earlier spam post here?

  6. Anonymous6:06 PM


    You sound like a very well-balanced eater.

    Fruit juice has vitamin c (good for immune system), porridge oats reduce bad cholestoral, milk (or yogurt) has vitamin d (good, like sunlight - though sunlight is better - for the nervous system as well as for other things, also for some reason having milk products daily causes people to put on less weight other things being equal(I think its the calcium - also good for bone structure). Bacon, eggs, sausage contain protein. Tomatoes contain vitamin c. Mushrooms are healthy. Bread has essential daily fibre. Butter has calcium I think. Honey is antibacterial and healthier than sugar. Fats are essential too and increase the enjoyment of the human palate!

    All in all at least 2 servings of veg and 1 of fruit - all by the end of breakfast (a healthier time to fill oneself with calories, vitmanins and protein than late at night) so that one has nutrients and calories in one's belly for the rest of the day.

    Dreaming and daydreaming also play a vital role in destressing and processing today's or yesterday's stress.

    Most importantly, the enjoyment and freedom to choose, not to look over one's shoulder for a Nanny complete with notepad or capacity to fine or jail one, and freedom not to feel like a criminal who will go to jail or get fined or penalised for not sticking to Nanny's latest one-size-fits-all-diktat, as well as the joy brought by the food will directly and indirectly positvely affect some of one's neurotransmitters and save the NHS some incremental future stress related costs re Nanny-induced incremental heart and mental health problems etc .

    You did however forgot to mention one essential ingredient.. lugging baggage off the train, up the stairs and while wandering aimlessly around British Rail stations also helps to work off any calories of which Nanny does not approve and also builds up healthy muscle tissue and muscle tone.

    Do I sound like Nanny?

  7. Grant9:17 PM

    The link to the Daily Mail article I referenced earlier.

  8. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Well, I've started to have healthy porridge for breakfast (Nanny will be pleased) - finished with golden syrup and double cream.

    I stopped believing anything HMG/lobby groups/media said when I realised that passive smoking was a complete scam. I will never forgive New Labour for demonising me and denying me a social life on the basis of such nonsense.