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Friday, December 02, 2011

Prat of The Week - Karl Turner MP

Congratulations to Karl Turner MP, for winning this week's "Prat of The Week" Award.

For why has he been thusly honoured?

For his sickbag inducing appearance on Channel 4 News last night, in which he bemoaned Jeremy Clarkson's infamous appearance on "The One Show".

Turner kept repeatedly saying that Clarkson should not only apologise, for saying that public sector strikers should be shot, but that he should apologise to all the children who would have seen the show.

What have children got to do with this?

Turner has been infected with Nanny's "Won't someone think of the children?" virus, and deems that all adult actions/discussions in the world must be adjusted to take into account children's reactions.

This mantra is of course bollocks, as we live in an adult world!

Additionally, his notion that children who may have seen the show went to bed fearful that their parents would be taken out onto the street and shot shows that he has zero understanding of how children think or their grasp of who Clarkson is.

It was a completely absurd argument to make, and nauseatingly repetitive.

Karl Turner, well deserving "Prat of The Week"!

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  1. I hate the modern socialist idea that no one can ever be offended, even if they're not and that kids take priority over everyone else.
    Of course, only the looney lefties can decide what the kids want and I noticed on QT last night that, its OK if a socialist suggests shooting Mr Clarkson.
    It suggests in this morning's paper that the gag was pre-agreed with BBC producers.
    It never fails to amaze me how willing politicians are to jump on any passing bandwagon to self publicise.

    A well deserving award.

  2. Yelling "Won't someone think of the chiiiiiiildren?" is the last refuge of a scoundrel with a weak argument. I suggest treating it as the right-on equivalent of Godwin's Law and telling anyone who stoops to it that they've just invoked Lovejoy's Law and forfeited the argument.

  3. Tonk.3:19 PM

    Having watched the film at the top of this thread, I started wondering; If someone is forced to apologise, is it really an apology? For me, it is akin to the kid that comes in and says sorry because his mum has told him to or the kid that comes in to say thank you because he has been told to. I accept with kids it may well be about teaching manners and what were the social norms but, are corporate apologies or forced individual apologies really worth anything. I don't think JC did anything wrong and its just political posturing by the left, to get rid of a high profile opponent.
    Along the same lines; an apology by a station announcer is never sincere and if anything, makes the situation worse, all we want to know is whether the train is coming and if it is, when.

    There is also that kind of "corporate sympathy line" that big organisations always come out with. Phrases like, our thoughts are with the family, lessons have been learned, he/she was a wonderful person, we apologise for any inconvenience caused or the list of names at the start of PMQs where each party leader wants to be associated with the PM's remarks. None of these platitudes mean anything to anyone.

  4. skydog4:13 PM

    Karl Turner MP ... ''He gets paid a lot of money and should be more responsible for his words''

    The same could be said of every arse on every seat in the House of Commons.

  5. skydog4:22 PM

    ''Additionally, his notion that children who may have seen the show went to bed fearful that their parents would be taken out onto the street and shot shows that he has zero understanding of how children think or their grasp of who Clarkson is.''

    As a kid I often went to bed thinking that my parents should be 'taken out and shot' ... And yes, from an early age I understood exactly what the term 'execution' meant. But that was in the days before the 'comprehensive' education ballsup. ;o)

  6. Anonymous5:17 PM

    The sad thing is that Jeremy Clarkson is perhaps the last true gobshite on our sterile TV.
    When he has been shut up, either by sacking or censorship, what will we be left with?

    Show presenters too scared to voice any sort of opinion in case it may offend some minority or the other.

    I fucking hate the way TV has become.
    It can be midnight and TV stations still feel the need to tell me that ‘the following programme contains scenes of violence’ or even worse, ‘the following programme deals with adult feelings and emotions’. Cunts!

    Here are a few more snippets that I have seen written on the screen when advertising films:-

    Contains mild innuendo.
    Contains 1 use of mild language.
    Contains scenes of slapstick violence.
    Contains mild sustained threat.

    The fucking country has gone censorship mad!!!!!

  7. Crikey! He would have loved the comment my uncle made which I posted on the Bristol Evening Post website then. It involved the 'Occupy Bristol' camp, the Lancaster bomber he flew in WW2 and 24 hours immunity from prosecution.

  8. I have just realised that as a child in the 1950's and a teenager in the 1960's I should be a phsycopathic homophobic woman hating violent drug taking 60 year old who is lucky he has not been killed by passive smoking