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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Nanny Bans Stars

Tis the season to be jolly, unless that is you are Nanny and her minions.

My sympathy therefore to the children who attend the Sure Start mother and toddler group in Acomb under the mournful gaze of the City of York Council.

Nanny has banned children making a star sign with their hands, when they sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

For why?

Lest those who use sign language are offended by it, seemingly it is a rude gesture (apparently it is similar to the gesture for female genitalia..note I said "similar", not identical).

Do not the council and its minions consider that maybe those who use sign language have enough brains to see that a child making the gesture during a performance is not being deliberately rude?
Bloody stupid!
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  1. It is just part of Nanny's agenda to get people to obey her without question.....Make the public frightened and daft and they're easier to control....Start them young and you'll have them for life.

  2. I can think of a rude gesture made with the hands which would be entirely appropriate for the City of York Council....

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    A vagina is represented in sign language by touching your thumbs and forefingers together to make a diamond shape. The hands would be in front of your stomach with your forefingers pointing towards the ground.

    It is very much like the ‘heart’ sign that footballers often use to the crowd after scoring a goal.
    I wonder when Nanny will get around to realising that as well, and start issuing fines and restrictions.

    If anything, all the Council have succeeding in by publicizing this silly matter is giving the UK’s yobs the ability to insult deaf people.

    The City of York Council sound like a right bunch of <>’s to me!.

  4. Mjolinir4:00 AM

    AIUI, no 'deaf people' were offended - but offence was taken by a teacher who THOUGHT that deaf people might be offended?

    BTW - this bit of auto-censorship has has just popped up (can I say 'popped up'?) in the Guardian-
    It is only right that viewers should be protected from the gratuitous use of swearwords. Except that Virgin Media's electronic programme guide began to see offence in words which otherwise would be happily broadcast on breakfast TV – Alfred Hitchcock, for example, became Alfred Hitchc**k, with a similar fate befalling BBC Radio 6 Music's Jarvis C**ker. Charles Dickens became Charles D***ens and Arsenal became A***nal. We can only imagine what happened would have happened to Scunthorpe had they also featured on the broadcaster's EPG over the weekend. A Virgin Media spokesperson said: "Over the weekend a temporarily over-zealous profanity checker took offence at certain programme titles. The altered titles have been swiftly an*lysed and we're fixing any remaining glitches."

  5. At least they have given publicity to the gesture and a new lease of life.

  6. Mjolinir5:23 AM

    I hardly like to say this - but even 'Littlejohn' in the Mail has a superb rant on the subject-
    So why single out a group of toddlers for censorship? Simple. The staff involved had just been on a special training course aimed at helping them understand sign language and its potential pitfalls. Brimming with their newly-acquired expertise they returned to work determined to put it to good use. Their laser-beam attention quickly locked in on a performance of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star likely to cause a breach of the peace.
    Job done. Another box ticked. Treble time all round, or a week off in lieu.
    Local authority staff spend half their working lives on training courses, indoctrinating them in the new religion of ‘diversity’.
    Councils waste millions sending staff to be brainwashed, at anything up to £500 a pop, inc VAT, vegetarian buffet and all-u-can-drink Fair Trade coffee. So it isn’t surprising when they demand value for all the taxpayers’ money frittered away on these useless jollies.

  7. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I wonder how many people have questioned why the staff at the nursery would need to know the sign language for a ladies front bottom.

    I shouldn’t think it was the childish reason of, ‘Please Sir, How do we tell someone deaf to fuck off, and how do you call someone a cunt?’

    I reckon that they were taught this sign so that they can interrogate deaf kids about suspected abuse………….sinister.

  8. Lord of Atlantis1:50 PM

    This is just typical of the left wing, politically correct diversity culture that infests local government. Why, oh why, when cuts have to be made to council expenditure, don't they start with this nonsense instead of slashing front line services? Like microdave, I too can think of an appropriate gesture made with one's hands to the city council!

  9. Anonymous9:03 PM

    The people who make up these bans are perverted to begin with to purposefully associate a child's innocent gestures with sexual innuendos. It's just more proof that nanny government is full of pervs sitting with too much time and taxpayer money on their hands, in front of the computer screens, at work in government offices, drolling over porn. Otherwise they'd not have confused innocence with their own perverted sense of morality.

  10. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:30 AM

    Ooh-er, I'm wearing my Wiccan "Star", or more properly my pentacle. Whom can I go around offending?

    I can think of suitable sign language I can use to describe City of York Council:- an extended middle finger.

    Happy Yuletide everybody.