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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Auntie Suffers Sense of Humour Failure

Unsurprisingly I see that Nanny's best chum, Auntie, suffered a major sense of humour failure over Jeremy Clarkson's comments on "The One Show" in which he said that he would have public sector strikers shot.

Auntie issued an apology, and has withdrawn the show from the BBCi Player.

Censorship Auntie?

Are we not allowed to watch the show and make our own minds up?

Never mind, here is the clip (out of context), before judging it you should also be aware that he prefaced the comments by asserting that he liked the strikers, as the industrial action meant there was no traffic on the roads.

He then went on to say that he had to be balanced as he worked for Auntie, at which point he talked about having them shot.

Could it be that he was having a dig at Auntie's pc attitude as much as at the strikers?


Seemingly Unison (according to Auntie) is "to take urgent legal advice over "appalling" comments made by TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson".

Oh by the way, where was Unison when Ken Livingstone suggested that George Osborne should be hanged?


Auntie now reports the following quote from Jeremy Clarkson:

"I didn’t for a moment intend these remarks to be taken seriously – as I believe is clear if they’re seen in context.

If the BBC and I have caused any offence, I’m quite happy to apologise for it alongside them.

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  1. I love the way the presenters on the PC media look when ever someone makes a comment that is non PC.....It reminds me of the looks on kids faces when one of their classmates or sibling swears in front of a teacher or parent.

    I like JC purely because he is anti PC especially now that our right of freedom of speech has been all but destroyed.

  2. I love the way the presenters on the PC media look when ever someone makes a comment that is non PC.....It reminds me of the looks on kids faces when one of their classmates or sibling swears in front of a teacher or parent.

    I like JC purely because he is anti PC especially now that our right of freedom of speech has been all but destroyed.

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Jeremy Clarkson is EXACTLY the type of chap that I would like to go out and get totally pissed with. He is not afraid of saying precisely what the majority are thinking.

    He is wasted on his silly Top Gear show. Leave that to his two arse-crawling sidekicks.


  4. Lord of Atlantis4:00 PM

    Tonk: you do have a point about this. Although I personally feel that he went way ott in making the remark in question.

  5. Lord of Atlantis4:03 PM

    Although I disagree with many of his views, I agree with some: and I'd love to see him on Question Time.

  6. I love the way Unison have thrown all their toys out of the pram over this. They're just confirming that they *are* the cretins that we all imagined they might be.

    I mean, demanding that the BBC sack JC and then considering legal action (on what basis???), have they not got a sense of humour, or at least the dignity to take it on the chin? Note to unison: it was a joke, don't take yourselves so seriously!

    On what basis should a union feel that it can bully the BBC into doing it's bidding or taking someone to court for making a racy joke?

    Clearly it's not just employers and governments that unions like to bully. It's become a noxious habit that should be nipped in the bud now. Sadly the BBC don't have the balls to do it.

    FWIW, I'm a cyclist and I remember well JCs comments encouraging drivers to run lyra louts over. I thought that was actually funny...I can understand the frustration at least.

  7. Tonk.7:22 PM

    My Lord,

    The problem is that I didn't watch the show that this farce came from and I suspect, neither did you. The lovey PC Meeeejah showed a very selective clip of the so called rant and, on the face of it, one may accept it was indeed a tad ott however, when the whole thing was shown and the so called offensive bit was showed in context, it was clear he was taking the piss. He said something along the lines of, we are at the BBC and therefore must be balanced at which point, the reported "outragous comments" were made.

    I supported the strikers yesterday, there are many misconceptions about those of us employed/formally employed by the state, but I support JC's right to voice an opinion, even a satirical one, that goes against my views and perhaps offends a few over sensitive souls.
    The Jennings woman from Unite made a complete fool of herself trolling from TV station to TV station whinging about JC and talking about legal action. She stated that Unite had a great deal of support for their industrial action from the public, and she's right, they do but, if she persists in such silly, pc rhetoric of legal action against comedy remarks, she and her union will loose that support.

    I am not a petrol head; I don't even drive now so I am not a natural fan of JC and his childish programmes and all its spin offs but, often, because he is not tied up with PC like so many of our useless politicians, he speaks commonsense and many of us sympathise with his views. I have seen him on QT and he made more sense than the politicians.

    We have far too many people telling us what we can and can't say in this country, as far as I am concerned, people can say whatever they want to because I grew up in the belief that, sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me.

  8. I am prepared to give Jeremy Clarkson quite a LOT of slack in his acting role in 'Top Gear' - because of 2 programmes that showed a deep understanding of heroism, but received much less attention-

    "The Victoria Cross - For Valour"
    [Plus 3 other clips]

    "The Greatest Raid of All Time"

  9. @ Mr Potato Head.

    The legal basis for prosecution was cited by the sour old Unionista ms. Jennings as "inciting hate crime" so no doubt Jeremy would now be arrested had her crowd been in power though, if memory serves, being a striking public sector employee does not count as a persecuted minority.

    In any case, Jeremy was being a wuss. I'd send them all to Syria where the authorities know a thing or two about dealing with malcontents.

  10. Inciting hate crime? LOL! I don't know about you, but I didn't see bands of roving lunatics armed with rifles looking for striking public sector workers to gun down... ;)

    Maybe they're still organising themselves?

  11. Lord of Atlantis11:04 AM

    Tonk: Point taken!

  12. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Worse was for me was that their outrage was because he gets paid some out of the License Fee...Therefore he was public sector/paid by the people.

    That doesn't make him public sector at all! Entertainments industry isn't public sector and its a weak reason to be upset over it.