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Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Nanny's Hi Vis Fetish

My thanks to a loyal reader who pointed out that Nanny's Hi Vis fetish has gone Continental.

Apparently, Spanish Nanny is worried about the health and safety of working girls who ply their trade on rural highways. As such, Spanish Nanny has ordered the girls to wear Hi Vis jackets when they are working near highways, such as the rural highway outside Els Alamus near Lleida in Catalonia.

Failure to comply with the law will elicit a fine of Euro 40.

What's the Spanish for Ker Farking Ching?

It is not clear as to whether the girls are meant to keep the jacket on once they are with a customer.

I dare say that the Hi Vis jackets will make them more visible, and to some extent may well lead to an increase in "clients".

In other parts of the world other "marketing" techniques are employed. In Beijing the street girls attract customers by throwing firecrackers on the pavements as people walk by. Quite what the health and safety brigade in the UK would make of girls lobbing "Brocks bangers" at passers by in Shepherd Market etc I don't know!

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  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    No translation for Ker-Fucking-Ching.

    ¡Cobrar un chingo! (To charge a fucking fortune)

    As in………….El concejal es un puto grande, c√≥brame un chingo porque no me pongo mi chaleco alto visibilidad.
    (The councillor is a huge cunt, he charges me a fucking fortune for not wearing my Hi-Viz vest).

    Stupid idea. The girls work in areas where they can easily be seen. They wouldn’t make much money if they stood in the dark!

    Prostitution is legal in Spain (pimping isn’t), so towns make up their own rules to deal with the situation. I think in this case the local Town Hall wants the girls to look as unattractive as a London road sweeper.

    Wait until the summer, when a Hi-Viz vest is ALL they will be wearing!

  2. Generally when we are attracted by any girl means, she must be a beautiful one and she looks beautiful, only due to her soft and beautiful skin. So indirectly we have to take care of our skin for look beautiful. For that we may use cream or do any natural job but aim should fulfill...

  3. Archroy2:04 PM

    I get my hi-viz jackets from Anne Summers anyway.

  4. Tonk.4:47 PM

    Great story.......I wonder if they will have a logo on the back?

    Nanny, and indeed El Nanny by the sound of it, will think of even more ways to impose new taxes onto the general public by disguising those taxes as fines....Kerching.

    Btw.....I replaced one of my knife sharpeners today and the box had the warning.....Warning; Sharp knives are dangerous......
    Sadly, every accident I have had with knives, was because they were not sharp; every chef and butcher will tell you that blunt knives are more of a danger than sharp ones.

  5. Anonymous7:36 PM

    @ Tonk

    This is not a way of raising revenue through fines; it is just a restriction being placed on a legal but often welcome profession.

    There will be very few, if any, fines issued. The girls will simply pay off the police with their ‘cuerpom√°ticos’ (Gash Cash).

    i.e. The officer will be invited to make a deposit into their Fanny Bank.