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Friday, December 02, 2011


SHEPWAY District Council has been named "prats of the week" by a political blogger.

Ken Frost, writing on his site Nanny Knows Best, granted the council the label in response to a story in the Herald's October 13 edition.
We reported on a "shouting lamp post", capable of taking pictures of those passing a row of industrial bins just behind the Old High Street, which had been likened to living in a Communist state by angry traders.

A voice from the FlashCam tells passers-by: "Stop. If you are not authorised to use these bins or you are fly-tipping, your photograph may be taken and used to prosecute. Please leave the area."

Mr Frost claimed it was a "bizarre decision" to install the devices.

He continued: "Shepway District Council, well-deserving Prats of The Week."

An SDC spokesman said: "Our Flashcams are used in areas where residents and businesses have reported problems like vandalism and fly-tipping.

"They have been very effective.

"We think they do a good job and will carry on using them wherever people want them – despite the inane observations of an obscure website."

Source This Is Kent

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  1. Tonk.3:06 PM

    I wonder if the people really do want them and indeed whether the council have asked.

    It is amazing that those that like to call themselves officers, rather than council employees, can always make the most unreasonable, intrusive, anti democratic or down right crazy idea appear to be reasonalbe in their own hi-viz minds.

    I suspect that had the council worded the question along the lines of;
    "Do you want the council to stop people dumping their waste in a back alley?"
    Then I am sure most people would have said yes please!
    However, had the council worded the question along the lines of;
    "Would you like us to watch you and take photographs of you when you go into some alleys in the town and have a lampost shout warnings at you?"
    Most would say no but, I accept that if they didn't say no thanks, then they probably deserve the council they get.

  2. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Tonk, as we all know Local Councils have crawled their way up the 'power and status' chain to reach the giddy heights of useless turd awards.

    They don't ask their residents anything, they don't provide anything that is useful and they certainly don't take any notice of anyone except themselves - as approved by the notorious body the Assoc Of Local Govt officers