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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nanny Bullies Hamleys

Beware the single issue obsessives, who seek to impose their agendas on others by incessant nagging and bullying.

Alas that bastion of the toy world, Hamleys, may have fallen victim to a single issue obsessive.

Dr Laura Nelson, who blogs under the the name "Delilah", has had something of an obsession with Hamleys' rather quaint shop layout (wherein "boys toys" are on one floor - colour coded blue- and girls toys are on another - colour coded pink).

Well, for Dr Nelson, this "blatant sexism" became something of a bete noir and she devoted much time and effort (outwith her paid public sector job) to campaigning for Hamleys to change this.

It might have occurred to her that the reason for this layout was to help parents quickly locate where to buy stuff for their kids, rather than it being a sinister plot to gender stereotype kids. However, she is of the view that Hamleys contributes to society's inequalities.

Anyhoo, Dr Nelson claims to have won and toys have now been reorganised by type.

Dr Nelson trumpeted her victory thusly (Hamleys deny she had anything to do with it):

In response to the campaign against categorisation of toys by gender and sexist stereotypes, Hamleys has changed its signage.”

Warming to her self inflated view of her "victory" she said

 “Congratulations everyone! 
We still have work to do on the nature of the toys themselves, and the gender stereotyping of their marketing - but we have come to a milestone. 

Great work!

Nice to see that Dr Nelson has such self belief and confidence in her own powers and importance in the universe! That's always such an "endearing" trait in a person!

A spokesperson for Hamleys said:

The changes to our signage were not due to any campaign. 

It was made clear to us from consultants’ and customer surveys that our store directional signage was confusing. As a result we commenced changing all our signage in October of this year in order to improve customer flow.”

I am always gemused when I read about certain people's views that playing with dolls or guns predetermines how people turn out.

Maggie Thatcher, Elizabeth I, Golda Meir, Boudicca et al all played with dolls of some sort; yet they were not exactly shy in coming forward when it came to going to war/starting a war.

Whilst chaps such as myself played with Action Man; which of course is in fact a doll!

Gosh, that's confusing isn't it?

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  1. Doc;

    Mind your own business and get a life.

    Equality and being the same are not the same concepts and anyone with any reasonable level of intelligence and commonsense would understand this.
    Each of the sexes have their own qualities and these came about because of nature and not, because of a non PC sexist agenda as those of your ilk would have us believe.

    I asked Mrs Tonk what she thought of your campaign, she said that she thinks it's a tad daft and PC but, then again, she is comfortable in her own skin and does not suffer from low self esteem nor low self worth.

  2. Lord of Atlantis12:40 PM

    People like this doc should keep their noses out of other people's business! Whilst it is not only reasonable, but quite correct for boys and girls to have equal opportunities, the plain fact is, that boys and girls are different.
    And shame on Hamleys for kow-towing to this political correctness and not telling the good doctor to "take a running jump!"

  3. Archroy1:46 PM

    I've just looked at the rest of her website. Beyond parody.

  4. skydog2:36 PM

    I agree with Fraulein Doktor Nelson, where are the Hamley's departments for hermaphrodites, BLGTs and Halal sections?


  5. The silly cow might want to hassle Sainsbury's - They have separate clothing sections for men/women & boys/girls.

    What's the difference?

  6. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I remember some years ago hearing that researchers had looked at the behaviour of children when given toys for the opposite gender. The girls tucked up their toolkit hammers etc in bed and the boys had the dolls fighting each other.

    I've no doubt that, if Dr. Nelson (a doctorate in neuroscience, hon. chair in obnoxious busybodying) outlawed all but non-gender-specific toys, she'd find that the boys made weapons out of their plasticine and the girls, houses.


  7. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Ken my Son,

    Nothing, but NOTHING surprises me anymore!

    I do hope that Hamleys will now stock
    a self-assembly Anne Summers Shop which will stock an array of suitable accessories for Barbie etc? Maybe some PVC clothing and a fully functional "prize" complete with batteries? Perhaps some surgical accessories for those dollies requiring gender re-alignment?

    Fuck me, what the hell next?

    I really, REALLY hope that I, as a taxpayer, don't pay this fucking idiots' salary.

  8. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Oh now shes 'won' the next step will be to ensure there are no male orientated toys, then she'll be requiring girl only shopping areas/days to keep those disgusting males from oppressing her whilst she shops . Sound familiar? The campaigns to force gentlemans and golf clubs to open 'equally' to women, followed swiftly by women only stores, women only swimming times in local pools, etc. etc. (hypocrits)

    Then there's the 'women are equal' meme that insists that even though they are as capable and competent as any man, they need extra assistance, benefits and priority in any and all areas (?)

    This is never about equality, it's about power for another one of the feminazis.

  9. "...our store directional signage was confusing". They just love telling us that we are "confused" whenever they wish to impose their ill-will upon us.
    The answer is obvious, boycott Hamleys.

    Max Farquar has a post about giving crap presents to children, it features a vid that shows even 3-4 years olds know perfectly well which stuff is for boys and which is for girls.

    terrible presents

  10. Anonymous3:50 AM

    This woman's site and apparent raison d'etre exemplifies everything dysfunctional, obsessive, cultist, bigoted and deluded. Another brainwashed crusader whose sense of self importance and desperation are endemic in the brainwashed "global" asylum created by her and others of her ilk.

    I'm sure based on what she writes (at least what I could stomach to read) that she considers herself a "change agent" and probably wonders why the world has not yet recognized her huge contributions to the benefit of mankind - sorry, womankind..or is it personkind? F**k it, you can't reason with people like her, another ignorant socialist with absolutely zero grasp on reality and the complete inability to read, understand or learn from history. She would have been a great candidate for employment as a "useful idiot" by the old USSR.