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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Dangers of Power

The old adage of power going to some people's heads when they are given a uniform or title seems to be true, judging by this rather bizarre story that I read the other day.

Richard Moore, a police community support officer (PCSO), has been banned from his local pub (The Hop Pole) for "aggressive behaviour".

Mr Moore works as a PCSO for Humberside Police's Haverstoe Neighbourhood Policing Team in Cleethorpes. He was barred from the pub after an alleged outburst towards a female member of staff, who had accidentally short-changed him by £10 earlier this year.

This is Hull and East Riding reports that the barmaid later apologised and gave him the correct money. However, pub staff claim Mr Moore became aggressive and was shouting at the woman and demanding she be strip-searched.

Mr Moore wrote an e-mail of complaint to the area manager of Mitchells And Butlers' Sizzling Pubs, which owns the venue.

She phoned him back, but after an alleged heated exchange, she ordered the pub to ban him for his "aggressive conduct".
Humberside Police said:
"Humberside Police were made aware of allegations involving a member of staff.
Inquiries have been conducted internally following these allegations and no further action will be taken."
Rather alarmingly, Nanny is currently considering giving PCSOs further powers.
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  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    hothnineIt's easy to bully the weaker members of society? I wonder why the likes of him never pick on yobbos? Might it have something to do with the fact that most yobbos would not have taken this sort of behavior lying down, but turned around and thumped him one?

  2. Lord of Atlanti12:19 PM

    Sorry, the first post is from me! I pressed the wrong button?

  3. In the past, before one could join the Police Force, one had a visit from a senior officer and he explored your psycological make up and your background. Many people were turned down when it became obvious that, they were only after the power and uniform.
    Modern day policing appears to be a case of shouting and being aggressive rather than courtesy and politeness. Our police always policed through consent but, in my opinion, this ceased when the police became politicised.

    The notion of "The Boys in Blue" is sadly long gone; that friendly, smart uniform has been replaced with a very military styled black uniform which, I assume, is there to intimedate, combined with hi-viz clothing, and a utility belt full of "toys" our police officers no longer look friendly nor approachable.
    Too many of our junior ranks appear to be little more than shaven headed thugs, whether they are or not, I'm not sure but, appearance and perception is everything.
    The senior ranks appear to be little more than PC politicians in a uniform.
    PCSOs are policing on the cheap and this idea has infested many areas of our society, for example;
    Teaching assistants replacing qualified teachers,
    Health Care Assistants replacing qualified nurses,
    Auxillaries replacing full prison officers,
    Nurse practicioners replacing doctors and the list goes on.

    Our government needs to understand that they only get what they pay for and all too often, doing things on the cheap is folly and sometimes costs more in the long run.

  4. Anonymous8:16 AM


    Our government needs to understand that they only get what they pay for and all too often, doing things on the cheap is folly and sometimes costs more in the long run.

    Like outsourcing vast parts of public departments to the private sector you mean? (Which then fail...)

  5. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Perhaps you could state the same to the people on Kens more famous site who think staff who answer the phones/letters are fully trained accountants on PCSO wages.

  6. Anon;

    No, I believe that ALL government functions should be carried out by government employees.....Having said that, it is important that we get value for money too but much of that can be achieved by sensible management structures and a move away from Soviet style over manning so loved by the previous government. It is wrong, in my opinion, for any town or city to have almost their entire working population employed by the state, which happened under Labour.

    In my view, if the private sector can achieve cost cutting services, then so can the public sector, we just need to change some attitudes within the public sector especially in relation to non jobs.

  7. Anonymous1:03 PM

    @10:06 AM

    I agree to an extent. Having a 'tree-hugging' branch of the council (pun intended) doesn't really do anyone any favours.

    The previous labour government actually decimated public sector employment. It was done in a stealth manner (several thousand people TUPE'd to private sector employers but remaining in the same job effectively).

    The current tory government have taken a different approach. Instead of picking off people one by one, they've loaded their AK47 (sorry for the soviet reference) and sprayed bullets everywhere!