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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, December 09, 2011

Give a Dog a Bad Name - Nanny Bans Uniform

Nanny and the media have done a "splendid" job of demonising Britain's youth. Were we to believe the propaganda every young person in this country is a slack jaw, feral animal intent of causing trouble and mayhem.

Whilst that description may apply to some, as indeed as has always been the case, not every young person in the country should be tarred with the same brush.

Sadly Bethany Ogley, an 11 year old, was recently tarred with that very brush by a community "police" officer in Barnsley.

Bethany voluntarily helps out at her local cemetery, where her sister is buried. Recently she was paying one of her regular visits to the grave, when a "plastic policeman" approached her and told her that under the "Safer Schools Partnership" her visiting the grave would give her school a bad name.

For why?

Bethany was in school uniform.

Why does she wear uniform to visit the grave?

Because she visits it on her way home from school!

Seemingly the "plastic policeman" was unimpressed, and warned her that if she was caught there again in uniform she would face detention.

Nanny et al need to grasp an important fact here, not every young person is a feral criminal. However, if you treat every young person as a feral criminal they may well end up behaving like one!

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  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Totally Bizarre!

    No policeman has the authority to stop anyone entering a graveyard (however dressed) unless he suspects that a criminal act will take place, in which case a proper policeman, and not a ‘plastic’ one, would have the power of arrest.

    It would appear that the young girl’s school had placed a restriction on pupils walking through the graveyard in uniform in case there were to be any incidents of vandalism that may reflect badly on them. The policeman, for reasons only known to himself, decided that this silly ruling dreamt up by the school should be interpreted as law.

    The policeman should be trained to recognise that his job is to gather evidence and uphold The Law of The Land, and not to act as some bullying school prefect.

    And the school should realise that having plenty of well dressed, respectful children in the graveyard would probably lead to less incidents of vandalism and not more.

  2. Ken - I suggest the regular award of "SQUIRMER PRIZES" - to public officials who try (unconvincingly) to 'explain' the biggie they have dropped -

    In a joint statement, the college and South Yorkshire Police said: ‘Since its opening in January this year the community college has emphasised to all its students that when in uniform they should show respect for the cemetery and local residents by walking around, not through, the cemetery on their daily journey to and from school.
    ‘We are happy to make clear, furthermore, that any student who wishes to visit the cemetery outside school hours to pay their respects to a family member or loved one may do so.
    ‘In line with our principle of showing respect for the cemetery environment, we would ask them not to do so in their school uniform to avoid any misunderstanding.
    ‘Any suggestion, however, that visiting the cemetery would lead to a detention for the student is untrue.’

    Read more:

  3. So the "Community Support Prefect" can give out detentions now..WTF?

    As I've stated before, too much percieved power for those too daft and unsophisticated to use that power sensibly.

    The girl should make a formal complaint, in my opinion because, only by shining the light of publicity on these plastic plods and indeed many real coppers, will we be able to stop power hungry people bullying weaker people....I wonder how many real thugs and criminals this "Prefect" has spoken to and threated with a detention or worse, not many I suspect because, they are more likely to not be so timid as a grieving school girl.

  4. Lord of Atlantis12:43 PM

    If I were Bethany's parents I would be writing a very strongly worded letter of complaint to the chief constable ( and to the headmaster of the school, pointing out that this is England, a democracy, not a police state like Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia! Where are these PCSOs when there is a real crime taking place? These plastic policemen are, on the whole, a waste of space, policing on the cheap!

  5. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I suspect Tonk has it right, amazing how few actual criminals are stopped (much safer and easier to target a normal law abiding citizen). I don't believe it's all the police, but until they get their house in order and start dealing with these Gestapo wanna be's they'll all be tarred with the same brush. As to 'plastic plod', get rid of all of them, nothing but jobs for the moral busybodies of society (send them back to their previous positions twitching aside the net-curtains).

  6. Making up the "law" as they go along and picking on unthreatening people, it's what they do. I've never seen them engaging with feral hoodies or anyone else who might stand up to them.