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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

More EU Clusterfuckery - The Dangers of Violins

Moving on from recent anal discussions, I bring you a fresh serving of "shite" with a continental flavour.

Our old friends in the EU have managed to come up with another set of rules, that I can only describe as being a "Clusterfuck" of ineptitude and stupidity.

It seems that regulations which control the use of certain types of animal tissue, in order to prevent the transmission of harmful diseases, are now in danger of threatening string instruments (eg the violin) that are strung with beef gut.

Apparently strict interpretation of the rules by the EU means that those who make violins, cellos and other string instruments are in danger of contracting Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease (CJD), and that the strict interpretation of the EU rules are threatening the existence of gut string manufacturers.
The regulations were introduced around ten years ago during the mad cow scare, and were "beefed up" (get it!.."beefed up"..oh please yourselves!) in 2009. Up until now companies that make violin strings etc have had dispensations. However, one of Europe's leading gut string manufacturers, Aquila Corde,  was recently told that its dispensation had ended and had not been renewed.

Other companies involved in the business have given up, complaining that they found could not operate under the red tape system.

The British based European Union Baroque Orchestra is also under threat, as are the King's Consort and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.

The EU is one giant Clusterfuck, from beginning to end!

On the subject of the mad cow scare in the early 90's, when beef ribs were banned, I well remember going to our friendly local butcher with my dad; and the butcher happily selling us illegal cuts of beef still on the bone.
Happy days!

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  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    So violins are made with cow’s guts?

    I would have thought that as long as the cow’s guts were clean there would be no danger of any infection being passed to humans.

    Therefore, may I suggest that a bottle of Domestos be squirted up a cow’s arse if it has been designated as a potential ‘string’ donor?

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

    Oh, the irony!

    I had no idea that strings were made from our bovine buddies - this blog is nothing if not educational!

    Anyway, it looks like we may have to revert to cat gut strings, presumably made from cats. Problem is that due to concern for our animals we'll end up importing them from somewhere less ethical, such as Korea.

    Paganini would be spinning in his grave!

  3. Tonk.1:01 PM

    I hate the EUSSR and those politicians that support it.

    I have just listened to PMQ's and heard Mr Cameron flap around like a fish caught on a hook. He spoke about protecting our national interests but, the EUSSR treaty that the previous PM signed up to, states that all members must not put their nation's national interests, ahead of that of the EU. I do wonder whether Mr Cameron's idea of what is in our national interests, is the same as what the majority in this country thinks are our national interests.

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:53 PM

    When concerns about infected beef were at their highest,in the 1980s and 1990s, their may have been a case for this. However, with the precautions introduced in the last 15 years or so, the risk must be considerably less. I therefore fail to see why it is necessary to impose such a ban now, if it was deemed safe to use such products when the risk was far greater?

  5. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Re the Ban on beef, I well remember the Prince of Wales eating a T bone steak in Wales at the hieght of the ban, often wondered why he wasn't prosecuted.

  6. Tonk.7:23 PM


    Eating it was not a crime....Supplying it was.
    Hope that helps.