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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cameron Leaves Child in Pub

I am hugely gemused to see that, on the day that the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles is promoting a scheme to give English councils a financial incentive to deal with Nanny's "troubled families", it emerges that David and Samantha Cameron left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, in the Plough Inn at Cadsden after having Sunday lunch.

Nancy, if the story is to be believed, spent about 15 minutes at the Plough Inn before Cameron returned to collect her. Number 10 says the couple were "distraught" when they realised Nancy was not with them.

I seem to recall that Nanny hauls some parents into court over child abandonment, I assume she will be doing the same here?

Anyhoo, disregarding the hoo hah that this "oversight" has caused, I fail to see why some people have got so worked up over an eight year old being left in a perfectly respectable/safe pub during the day.

When I was a kid my parents would sometimes go to a pub for an hour and leave me in the car in the car park. I was perfectly happy with that, as every fifteen minutes or so, one of them or their chums would come out to say hello and bring me sausages, pasties, pies and cans of coke.

It did me no harm, I was taught (as all kids were then) not to speak to strangers etc so I would never have been dimwitted enough to roll the window down if a stranger ever approached (which they never did anyway), and a good time was had by all!

FYI, on the subject of speaking to strangers, had the internet been around then I would have also been taught not to be idiotic enough to speak online to strangers (not that my father would have given me access to the net at that age anyway!).

Sadly now thanks to Nanny's penchant for interfering in family life, and her ban on hot cabinets in pubs (this means there are very few pubs that now serve pies and sausages as snacks), such a thing can no longer occur.

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  1. Ken,

    I think that nothing will come of the allegations because, only people from the lower socio-economic groups can commit the crime of child abandonment. If you are in a profession and you leave your kid on their own, then it doesn't matter, even if that kid is "took" never to be seen again.....However, if you are a chav from the local council estate, should you leave the "child unattended" for a fraction of a second, then you need a social worker and Nanny's size tens to supervise you; for your child's own good of course.

    I can understand someone leaving a mobile phone, a packet of fags or their car keys in a pub but, a child?...No, I can't imagine anyone doing that.

    1. Ah, but if you have 2 cars and a team of security guards you are apt to forget minor details such as minors!

    2. Ah, that explains it then.....Thanks Ken:-)

  2. Lord of Atlantis4:57 PM

    If our illustrious prime minister can forget to take his own daughter with him, when he leaves the pub, it begs the question what else might he forget, bearing in mind that this is the man entrusted with the security of this country, and the task of running it.
    I totally agree with Tonk's observation that different rules apply, depending on which social class you belong to. One rule for the well-off, and totally different (harsher) treatment if you are poor.