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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Booze Matters - Nanny's Advice To Pregnant Women Is Bollocks

As loyal readers are only too well aware, Nanny has a real bee in her bonnet about booze. This is rather odd really, given how much our "respected" politicians drink (at taxpayer subsidised prices).

Anyhoo, of particular angst to Nanny is the fact that pregnant women drink. This issue has rankled Nanny for many years now, in fact in March 2008 (this site really has been around for a very long time hasn't it?) I wrote:
"Our old chums from NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence - often featured on this site - see label at end of this article) have put their jack boots on again.

This time they have waded into the debate over drinking whilst pregnant.

NICE have decreed that pregnant women should drink nothing at all whilst pregnant, most certainly not during the first three months of pregnancy.

Now, here's why this edict is bollocks:

1 Women have been drinking for millennia during pregnancy, in moderation there is no damage or risk to the baby.

2 Given that for the first few weeks of pregnancy many women do not even know that they are pregnant, how the fark are they meant not to drink during the first 3 months?

3 Here is the clincher, NICE admit that their advice is based on no scientific evidence whatsoever. Hoisted by their own petard, Nanny's chums admit that they now issue edicts without any scientific backing!
Aside from the fact that NICE and Nanny admit that there is no scientific evidence for their prejudice and edict against pregnant women drinking (ironic given that booze is the cause of more pregnancies in this country than sober coitus), loyal readers know that Nanny bases all of her edicts on prejudices and "dodgy science" (ie Nanny's basis for her advice on all matters is shoddy, and does not stand up to rigorous scientific scrutiny).

I am therefore highly gemused to see that some Danish scientists have actually bothered to do some research into the issue, and have concluded in research published in BJOG that drinking a low or moderate level of alcohol in early pregnancy is not linked to developmental problems in five-year-olds.

In fact one to eight drinks a week was not linked to harm.

The even better news is that, unlike in the UK where Nanny defines a drink as 7.9g of alcohol, the Danes define it as 12g!


Let's all go and drink in Denmark!

As ever with all things, ignore the advice that Nanny gives you and vary your diet and pleasures (we all like our pleasures don't we?;)) to suit your body and personal circumstances.

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  1. All too often, I get the feeling that many of these "Nanny Organisations" or "Nanny Agencies" feel they need to be seen to be doing something and usually, just peddle Nanny's non scientific tosh. They do this to make their role look important, nay vital, and this ensures more and more funding. We have seen much of this in action in relation to the new false religion of climate change for example.

    I am sure that no harm comes to an un-born child from a small intake of alcohol by the mother, whilst carrying that child; my mum drank stout during pregnacy to help build up her iron levels. I repeat my advice yet again; everything in moderation and you won't go wrong then again, I have a degree in commonsense gained at the University of Life.

    I did almost wet myself laughing at Nanny's latest propaganda effort on the state's broadcaster; It stated that those men that drank a lot of tea; seven or more cups a day, were at greater risk from developing prostrate cancer however, the piece went on to say that they weren't sure whether there was a link to the tea or whether those men were just old and thus were at a greater risk anyway......I took this to mean that, based on Nanny's dodgy science, those that drank a lot of tea, lived into old age and then statistically were more prone to the disease.....So Nanny; does drinking tea help men live longer, which your own evidence suggests or, does drinking a lot of tea increases men's risk of prostrate cancer once they get very old?
    Although I have been out of the clinical enviroment for a few years now, I always understood that tea contained a high level of antioxidants, which protected one from developing cancers......Everything in moderation Nanny, everything in moderation:-)

    I am no longer worried about Nanny and her diktats because, very soon, if she keeps on going the way she is, she will disappear up her own arse......And I for one, can't wait!!

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:46 PM

    Is this the same NICE, a contradiction in terms if ever there was one, that has routinely refused to licence drugs (available in other European countries) to those suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses? Under those circumstances, irrespectiove of the righs or wrongs of drinking by pregnant women, which I do disagree with as it happens, I feel that NICE has no credibility to lecture people on health matters.