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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fat Is Good!

I am gemused to see that Nanny's mantra that "fat is bad" was recently given a kick in its undercarriage by Dr Makio Iwashima, from the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.

Seemingly fat is in fact good, it helps to regulate the immune system and provides a first line of defence against infection and viruses. Fat may even help to regenerate damaged tissue after an injury.

The good fat is a membrane in the beer belly area, called the omentum. It covers most abdominal organs, and is where fat tissue is stored.

Nanny's anti fat obsession was primed and directed some 50 years or so ago as a result of some dodgy US research that laid the blame for all of our health problems on the fat content of our diets. The research ignored the fact that we actually grow fatter and do more damage to ourselves internally (eg diabetes etc) as a result of the sugar content of our foods, not the fat content.

Step forward the food industry and Nanny, which both colluded to convince us that fat was bad and that new processed foods that were "low in fat" were good for us.

What Nanny and the food industry don't tell you is that these foods are loaded with sugar, which (aside from being "addictive") piles on the pounds more rapidly than any fat (eg lard, butter etc) would ever do.

Nanny has in fact (courtesy of the food industry) been directing us to the wrong food groups, and has been pro-actively contributing to the "obesity epidemic" which she so hates!

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  1. Fat around some internal organs, such as that around the kidneys, actually protect them in much the same way a shock absorber protects the car and those riding in it.

    In all too many cases, Nanny is like a group of eight year olds playing football......The ball is kicked and they all run in that one direction, the ball is kicked again, and they all then run in that direction. Football only works when there is a more wider and open game and the same basic idea can be applied to heath in general and nutriction in particular. Everything in moderation; a wider balanced diet, will always keep you more healthy than one that cuts out one or more of the main food groups.

    Nanny must be at her wits end as more and more often, her beliefs are shot down in flames. Nanny has a kind of anti-Midas touch.....Everything she touches turns to a soft brown, smelly substance.

  2. The propietor of our local health food store (a science graduate and realist) says she has never had a customer in the shop with MS who hasn't been put on a low fat diet at some time. Fat is, of course, the basic insulator of nerve tissue - most effectively obtained from animal sources. Overweight or MS? You choose.

  3. Vitamins are fat soluble