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Monday, June 25, 2012

Waist Not Want Not

FFS Nanny is having a go at "fat" people again, to be specific "fat" women.

Is this any way to start the week?

Anyhoo, according to Nuffield Health the average woman’s waist measures 5cm (2in) more than the recommendation of 80cm (31.5in) or less (who decides what a good or bad waist is?). Nanny is of the view that this puts the majority of women in the UK in the “high health risk” category.

Nuffield also fret that the average waist to hip ratio has also increased, ie an apple body shape has become more common than the healthier “pear figure”.

I love a good pear I do, yes missus I really do!

For good measure, Nuffield then destroy their credibility by throwing in some statistics about the defunct and derided body mass index (BMI); in which over half of the 54,000 women surveyed had a BMI that exceeded Nanny's "healthy" 18-25 range.

Wasn't Nanny only a few weeks ago fretting over the negative body image issues that the media have caused?

You can't win with her!

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  1. Tonk.9:48 AM

    Surely ones waist size must depend on many other things such as age, height, body type etc.....One size does not fit all.
    How can a four feet ten inch woman have the same waist measurement as a six feet tall woman?

    Nanny, please stop being stuppid and naff off;You're starting to get on my tits now.

  2. "I love a good pear I do, yes missus I really do!"

    Maybe, but NOT in the shape of Cherie Bliar....

  3. In case you missed it there was some patronising GP on BBC Breakfast this morning lecturing everyone on this.

    They took a tape measure to presenter Suzanna Reed, who I believe has just run the London Marathon and is as fit as a fiddle.

    She only just fit inside the "limit" but that wasn't enough... Mrs GP still told her that she was still "at risk" of Diabetes and a string of Cancers - just less at risk.

    It was at this point that I realised the Doctor was talking complete fucking bollocks. But shame on Reed for not telling the woman exactly that as any woman at her weight (she's a size 10) should have have bloody decked the GP, let alone scream at her.

  4. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Peer pressure is the best tool of all.

    As nobody in their right minds listens to a fucking word that Politicians, ‘experts’ and medical professionals have to say anymore, let’s all revert back to the good old days when a fat bastard was called a fat bastard.

    Nowadays it is socially unacceptable to call someone fat, even if they clearly are. So we now have terms like ‘clinically obese’ or ’morbidly obese’, as if we are making some sort of medical diagnosis of the lardy arsed fuckers.

    If these figures are to be believed then waists, at an average of 33.5 inches women are indeed too fat, but we don’t need figures to see that a significant number of both women and men are overweight. Anyone who hasn’t noticed that the UK as a nation are becoming increasing fat and unfit must be walking around with their eyes closed.

    These ‘experts’ make themselves appear stupid and unbelievable when they class size 10 women marathon runners as being as ‘at risk’.

  5. I commend this 'news item'to Ken (and to other loyal readers)-
    When the Olympic Games begin in London next month, the capital will play host to the fittest, fastest and strongest athletes in the world.
    But it will also be home to a rather different superlative – the biggest McDonald’s on the planet, right in the middle of the Olympic park

  6. Anonymous11:38 AM

    when, exactly, did fascism rear its ugly head in this country?

  7. Number 64:06 PM

    When we joined the EU