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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Helpful Advice To Drinkers From Nanny

Apparently, and I have to take other people's word for it, Euro 2012 is soon to descend upon the waiting world.

I am not, nor ever have been, a football fan; therefore the forthcoming event will pass me by in the same manner as a gnat flapping its wings in Asia Pacific does.

Anyhoo, I am pleased to be able to advise you (thanks to uber loyal reader Tonk for pointing it out) that Nanny's Thames Valley Police have issued some helpful advice (and a video) for the forthcoming festivities to those who wish to get drunk.


I don't doubt their good intentions, or indeed the veracity of the advice. However, I very much doubt that the cretins who are intent on drinking themselves into a fighting stupor will read or take notice of the advice.

Here is an extract:
"Thames Valley Police would like to highlight to those who are planning on drinking too much throughout the football tournament, the consequences of getting involved in a fight.
  • Apart from being banned from your favourite local pub, getting involved in a fight can land you a night in a cell and a criminal record for life
  • You could end up seriously injuring yourself or someone else and these could have life changing health implications
  • Getting into trouble with the law could be seen as gross misconduct by your employer and you could lose your job
  • Having a criminal record could make it very difficult for you to get another job
  • You may not be able to travel to America if you have a criminal conviction. Travelling to a country where you need a visa or if you need a working permit can be very difficult with a criminal record
  • Your car insurance could go up. Having a criminal record will make it difficult to get any other kind of insurance
  • To get a mortgage you have to disclose any unspent convictions
  • Colleges and Universities will have their own policies about misconduct and getting in trouble with the police could have a knock on effect with your education.
  • Lying to your employer or on any kind of application which asks you to disclose any criminal convictions could be seen as fraud and lead to a further conviction."
I am of course happy to be proven wrong!

It is ironic that they also say that:
"There is a widely held view that large football tournaments can lead to a rise in violence against the person offences. This doesn’t appear to be the case as violence against the person crime figures have dropped by 23.9% across Thames Valley in 2012 since 2011."
So does this advice really work, or is it a case that Nanny likes to show us that she is doing something?

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  1. Anonymous3:32 PM

    You don’t like football, what are you, some kind of POOF?

    There is another reason why IN-GUR-LUND fans should not get drunk during the Euro competition, and that is because the pain of defeat is more unbearable when pissed.

    Another recent story related to the dangers of wearing certain football shirts.

    Apparently, the dye in some of the team’s shirts contain dangerous chemicals that can affect the bodies nervous system.

    I would suggest that the dye used in the England team’s shirts can seriously affect one’s optimism, and cause loss of memory from the year 1966 when England won the World Cup due to an outrageous decision, and when football was quite frankly, shit.

  2. Tonk.3:50 PM

    I like football but, more club football rather than international.

    Nanny's TVP appear to be making many interesting claims regarding the potential consequences of a criminal record on people's lives.
    I was checked many a time by the state when working in prisons and a variety of psychiatric hospitals however, I wonder how many normal employers require a check......I know that anyone dealing with kids or other vulnerable groups do but, is it now standard practice to ask about criminal conviction for say, bricklayers, cleaners, admin assistants etc? Do insurance companies ask about criminal records? Is that legal under the Rehabilitaion of offenders act?

  3. Anonymous4:57 PM

    "There is a widely held view that large football tournaments can lead to a rise in violence against the person offences. This doesn’t appear to be the case as violence against the person crime figures have dropped by 23.9% across Thames Valley in 2012 since 2011."

    Dozy cunts.
    The last major football tournament was the World Cup in 2010.

  4. I am frequently under the influence of alcohol but have never committed a crime as a result (but might under the new "weight hate" rules); 95% of serious road collisions are caused by people who are stone cold sober which is really scary.