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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nanny Bans Grandparents

You know we do seem to live in a very strange country indeed, ruled over by a bureaucratic "elite" who appear to be totally disconnected from real life.

On the one hand, if the media are to be believed, care homes for children allow their residents to routinely go missing for hours/days at a time without any action/reaction.

However, when some grandparents have the "temerity" to send their estranged grandchildren a birthday card the state weighs in with the vigour and force of the Witchfinder General.

Such are the cases highlighted by Jane Jackson, a grandparent living in Bristol, who runs a support group for grandparents.

She claims that some grandparents who send cards and presents are threatened with arrest for "harassment", and that some other grandparents are asked to attend police stations where their DNA and fingerprints are taken.

Mrs Jackson said she had been contacted by 'a handful' of grandparents who had been arrested or threatened with arrest, but claimed there were more who were too scared to speak out.

The issue comes down to Nanny draining all commonsense out of the system. Whilst it is clear that real harassment needs to be dealt with, there are areas (at least to my simple mind) where if some commonsense were applied the state would not need to be so heavy handed with most of these hapless grandparents that Mrs Jackson is campaigning for.

As noted before, Nanny is devoid of commonsense.

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  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    So how do the police get involved in such things?

    Obviously, the parents of the grand children, instead of simply chucking the offending card away, report the incident to the police.

    What sort of cunts are they?

    1. Tonk.1:41 PM

      They are the type that use their kids as a stick to beat their ex partner with......Usually a woman that has fallen out with her ex and goes out of her way to punish him and, all too often, his parents are caught up in it. By hurting his parents, she is hurting him.

      I am sure there are many people, including some grandparents, that one wouldn't want within a hundred miles of your kids but, all too often the kids are used as weapons of revenge.

      One can only be required to give DNA or fingerprints if arrested; a police officer may ask, but you can decline their request. Once arrested, they'll take it and by force if necessary.

      I suggest any grandparents that have been subjected to the heavy hand of the state should complain to the IPCC and get their MP involved and the press. All too often these nasty, vindictive people hide behind official procedures to punish grandparents and their exes.....Expose them to the daylight of publicity and ensure you keep in touch and active with your off spring.