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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Nanny Bans Jubilee Bunting

Good heavens, that was a long and wet weekend!

Anyhoo, here we are back again after the Jubilee celebrations. Unsurprisingly, Nanny did her best to put the mockers on them.

In the build up the the celebrations Nanny told her civil servants in Whitehall to remove bunting and decorations from her offices.

For why?

It was not "appropriate to a professional workplace" to have the decorations and, seemingly, the use of chairs/tables etc to stand on to put up the decorations was a health and safety hazard.

Therefore Nanny instructed her civil servants to remove the bunting, but not to take it down themselves (lest it be a further breach of health and safety)!

For good measure Nanny also told her staff that using printers to make the bunting was not helping the environmental targets!
I understand that George Osborne stuck two fingers up to Nanny, and told the staff to ignore the anti bunting memo.
I have to say that I find Nanny's attitude to health and safety wrt the Jubilee somewhat confusing. On the one hand she bans people from using chairs etc to hang bunting yet, on the other, she forces an elderly gentleman and lady to stand in the freezing wind and rain for hours on a boat on the Thames, dressed in nothing more than a shawl and dress uniform!
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  1. Lord of Atlantis11:31 AM

    It is high time these jobsworths stopped shoving their unwanted snouts into other peoples business! I am no fan of George Osborne, but credit where credit is due, and in this instance I back him to the hilt. Well done, George!

  2. Lord of Atlantis11:48 AM

    Iforgot to add what a wonderful Diamond Jubilee we have had (apart from the weather). I hope everyone on this site had a great time, and were Nanny-free throughout.
    Congratulations to Her Majesty, and all involved.
    God save the Queen!

  3. Yes, well done George Osbourn.....But, if G.O. is part of the government and is telling his civil servants to ignore Nanny.....Who the hell IS Nanny?

    It saddened me to see supporters of the single issue group Repulic protesting during the jubilee celebrations even though, I support their right to protest.....What bothered me, having looked at their website, was that several MPs are members of the group......How does this membership/support stand in relation to their oath made when entering Parliament where they swear loyalty to QE2?

  4. Lord of Atlantis12:37 PM

    Tonk: In my opinion, they are breaking their oath and should thus consider their positions as M.Ps very carefully. Until fairly recent times, such actions would have been considered high treason, and they would have had an all expenses paid one way trip to the Tower of London, followed by an appointment with the executioner!

    1. My Lord,

      My thoughts exactly!

      I asked my own MP the same basic questions on his blog and, to be honest, he side stepped the questions.

      It seems that our politicians go into ostrich mode when members of the public wish to discuss matters concerning our constitution or our relationship with The EUSSR.

  5. If nanny had her way Prince Phillip would be denied treatment on the NHS since his condition is probably self induced as a result of 5 hours extreme standing in the rain.