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Friday, June 08, 2012

Tesco's Tourettes

Well done Tesco for beating Nanny's strict censorship rules!

What am I talking about?

I will tell you.

Tesco recently offered for sale some rustic looking microwave Italian meals:

- “Le Palle de Nonno” and
- “Coglioni di Mulo”


Nice Italian name, nice packaging etc!

However, there was one small fly in the oinkment, Tesco didn't bother to check what these phrases meant.

- “Le Palle de Nonno” means "Grandad's Bollocks".

- “Coglioni di Mulo” means "Donkey Bollocks".

Well done Tesco for giving me a good laugh at Nanny's expense!

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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    With total justification Tesco’s has been exposed here many times for their daft ‘nannyism’.

    But this story is not just about Tesco’s…………

    I wouldn’t have thought that the manufacturers of these meals distribute them with those names in Italy.
    So why do so in the UK?

    Having a major supermarket stock your product is a marketing dream, but this particular manufacturer appears to be so arrogant that they think their meals will sell regardless of what they are called. In short, they are taking the piss out of the British public.

    I consider their actions insulting.

  2. @anon - "they are taking the piss out of the British public."

    Not only Tescos - but (literally) also Harvey Nichols?
    The luxury chain's latest mailshots have angered shoppers who have branded them "crass" and off-putting.

    1. Good grief, even I am surprised/bemused at this method used by Harvey Nichs.

      I suspect whoever thought that up/approved it has a wee fetish about such things.