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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nanny Bans 4am

My thanks to uber loyal reader Tonk, who pointed me towards a wonderful example of Prattery from Nanny's minions from the licensing department of Spelthorne Borough Council.

Get Wokingham reports that licensing officers "stormed" The Feathers (a village pub in Laleham Broadway).

For why?

The council were very worried that music would be played until at least 4am (without the requisite licence).

How did they come to this conclusion?

A gig had been booked, and advertised, featuring a band called "4am".

Hence the advert read:

- "Music From 4am"


Suffice to say, the council were apprised of their mistake!

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1 comment:

  1. Tonk.3:18 PM

    Yes, I can see it now....The person that likes to be called officer saw the ad, thought to his self, I can smell a nice little earner; Kerching....Hello plod, want to issue a Kerching....Is the Pope Catholic....Off they plop only to find the landlord in bed....The spokeswoman from the council tried to pretend everything about the operation was OK and that many other venues had also been raided.

    This incident does beg the question; why would Nanny think that someone that was intent on breaking the law would advertise it?.....Perhaps the person that likes to be called officer should have phoned to confirm that music was going on from 4am because, afterall, surely it is the role of that kind of officer, to ensure that no license breaches occur in the first place.....I suspect though, all he or she could smell was the Kerching and thus wanted to "catch them at it." This begs the question; regarding Nanny and her helpers in general, are they there to prevent crime or just to collect extra taxes in the guise of fines when such activities have already taken place.....Police speed traps for example; If they were hi-viz, traffic would slow down once they've been seen; by hiding, the police re-inforce the idea they're just an extension to tax collectors.......If the officer in the story wanted to prevent a breach of the license; why didn't they call on the phone and ask questions....I wonder how much this silly op cost the local taxpayer.

    Silly Nanny!