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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Joy of Coffee

I see that tea and coffee are now deemed to be good for you.

I am not a coffee/tea drinker normally.

However, I would concur that when I drink several Irish coffees at the end of a meal I feel very "tip top" and "chipper" indeed. I also imagine it is very good for burning off the calories, as my heart rate certainly shoots up and I feel decidedly frisky:)

Have it large this weekend!

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  1. Does this health recommendation also apply to Long Island Iced Tea?

    Have it large this Father's Day (even if you aren't a father).

  2. Here’s what I find totally bizarre:-

    A research centre goes along to a Government department and is given a grant (tax payer’s money) to find out the effects of beverages that have been enjoyed for countless centuries. They conclude that these beverages are, in fact, bad for you.

    Then a research centre, perhaps the same one, goes along to the same Government department and asks for another grant of tax payer’s money to conduct the exact same research. They get their money and discover that these drinks are actually good for you.

    1. Why conduct the test in the first place?

    2. Having done the first test and published the results, the sales of tea and coffee remained roughly the same. So why do a second test when it is obvious that nobody cares.

    3. To conduct the second test a group of ‘guinea pigs’ must have been given large quantities of drinks which were already deemed to be harmful. So why put people in potential danger?

    4. If the research centre had fucked up the first test, why did they publish the results without checking them? And if that was the case, why give a second grant to a research centre that doesn’t know what it is doing?

    5. Why did nobody tell the researchers to FUCK OFF and STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY?

  3. Tonk.7:24 PM

    Oh dear, Nanny's world continues to fall down around her ears....Shame:-)

    As I've said on here before; everything in moderation.

  4. Nice try "kelvin" but I don't give a fark about your coffee are deleted:)

  5. Still to come: Nanny admits that salt is an essential mineral and that some people (athletes) actually need more of it...fats are an essential part of diet, in moderation...etc etc.

    Nanny will get there in the end!