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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Nanny Bans St George

As we all know, the World Cup kicks off today.

Even David Cameron is attempting to be seen to be bothered, and is going to fly the cross of St George flag from Downing Street.

However, within the Nanny state there lurks a group of people who fear the cross of St George and being identified as being "Engerlish".

I cite the case of Bolton At Home (a company that manages 18,000 council homes in the Manchester area), which has banned its 1,200 workers from flying England flags on their own cars.

For why?

Nanny deems the flag to be racist!

Nanny also deems the flying of the flag as "discrimination" against those who don't support England during the World Cup.

What a bunch of pathetic twats!

These are the private cars of employees, not company owned vehicles; Nanny has no authority over what people append to their own vehicles.

The rule (no flags, stickers, posters etc) applies to Bolton At Home branded vehicles (fair enough), public offices (fair enough) and any personal vehicles used for work and for which an employee claims 'essential or casual car allowance'.


Being English is not a matter of ethnic origin, or indeed geographic location, it is a state of mind.

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  1. Toy Trumpet11:32 AM

    I read that this "ban" from Bolton At Home has now been overturned.

    But it is a said state of affairs when our national flag is considered racist.

    Can you imagine the outcry if US citizens were denied the right to fly the Stars and Stripes??

  2. There are far too many people in this once great country of ours that are prepared to be offended on behalf of others.
    I know of no one that would be offended by someone flying their country's flag during the world cup nor any other international sporting event.
    Many persons of foreign origin feel annoyed by such stories, as it sometimes increases hostility towards them, as many people feel it is Johnny Foreigner that has instigated such a ban whereas, the reality is that some idiotic PC twat has come up with it and feels offended on their behalf.

    I think we should be proud of our nation's flag, we have sat back and allowed it to be pushed to the back by the PC brigade and we have been made, by the same people, to feel ashamed of it as well as our culture.

    What many employers forget is that they buy people's time when they employ them, they do not buy that person nor own them.

    By the way, I feel offended by EDF changing the Union Flag to all green for one of their ad campaigns....Imagine the up roar if a British Government owned company changed the colours of the French flag and used it in an ad campaign in France....Of course, the French have a backbone and are proud of their nation.

  3. My local curry house has a large England flag draped across their restaurant. I can only assume that Nanny would suggest these folks (British Asian, of course - is that the acceptable term these days??) are racist too?

  4. David J Hilton11:55 AM

    Imagine this happening if people in the USA were banned from flying their own flags! Dare if you will....

  5. Well it IS racist! You English just like to rub our Scottish noses in it, don't you...

    ...Ok, I'm jealous but that won't stop me wearing my England teeshirt and cap.

    Anyway who are these moaning minnies who pick up a phone to the council and cry RACIST? Ask this pub landlord:

    Mr Taylor, who has run the Kings Head for the last five years, said: “It went up last week and the brush wasn't even dry when someone phoned up the council.

    Yep, he painted the cough cough flag on the side of his pub.

  6. Like all my neighbours, and almost everyone in the area, I have just finished putting up my flags outside of ‘La Villa de Gary’.

    By flags, I mean that my ever optimistic son wants England to win, while I am being more realistic with our National team (The MAGNIFICENT Spain).

    The rule here (and I am not sure about the rest of Spain) is that if you want to fly any nation’s flag, then you must also fly the Spanish flag of at least equal size. I have never heard of this rule being enforced, but I think it is fair enough and it fits in nicely with who we want to win.

    ¡Vamos España!

    P.S. Almost every house, apartment and car is flying ‘la bandana Española’ at the moment. It would be a brave person who suggests that it is racist.

  7. Ken,

    I'm a regular visitor to this site because it daily confirms my impression that the Western world, or at least, its elite overclass, has managed to fuse the surreal and the banal into one improbable synthesis that appalls, baffles, and outrages, but with a numbing, near narcotic sense of inevitability. You roll your eyes, then shrug your shoulders; it's unbelievable, and yet, nearly unremarkable.

    What kind of state bureaucracy, other than one in the grips of some profound yet self-imposed crisis, prohibits display of the national flag? And why such prohibition in the context of something so innocuous and humanly "normal" as a football tournament?

    Does anyone at this point even bother to wonder whether Nanny's Bolton Local will ban the display of other national flags during the World Cup, or at any other time, for that matter? We all know the answer already, and hell, I'm not even English.

  8. Just to clarify, I looked at your post again and I see that Bolton at Home is a company managing council flats, so, technically a private entity, but one doing business with the Nanny state. I suspect that the larger principle still holds.

  9. Lord of Atlantis3:56 PM

    What any organisation decrees shall be policy in its own offices, and in regards to its own vehicles is one thing, whatever I may personally think about the said policy. However, no organisation nor individual within any such organisation has any right or authority to dictate what people do to their own vehicles or in their own homes. I therefore hope that this organisation's workforce tell whatever politically correct jobsworth who came up with this nonsense, 'to shove it, where the sun doesn't shine1' (or words to that effect). What's the matter with these people? Are they ashamed of who and what they are?

  10. Old Greeny12:20 AM

    A few years ago I was in Irelend, in Kerry, in Listowel (lovely little town). The local garage was flying an Irish tricolour with the words (underneath) "Irish and Proud of It". Indeed, and wy not? Now, could we in England do the same? And if not, why not?

  11. Anonymous1:44 AM

    As you let Britain be whittled down ( remember the union jack) - soon you will only have a council flag to display - on approved days of course,