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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Nanny Bans Cleavage

Ooh Err Missus!

Nanny has a bee in her bonnet over cleavage.

Given how much cleavage appears to be on display these days (more than even in a tacky 1970's "Confessions of..." film), I am surprised that she has got rather worked up over the rather trivial matter of a hairdresser advertising his Ramsgate based business using a photo of his wife.

Anyhoo, Nanny's chums from Thanet District Council got their knickers in twist over Marcello Marino's poster of his wife Yaice, and have told Mr Marino to take it down.

Seemingly the council were moved into "action" having received a staggering total of ONE complaint from some tedious person about the amount of cleavage shown.

As the old saying goes "one man can change the world", pity that in this case it is a miserable sod with nothing better to do with their lives than complain.

For good measure, Jocelyn McCarthy of the Ramsgate Society, said it was distasteful to show "so much cleavage on a public building".

A council spokeswoman said:

"For a banner of this size and location, planning permission to display an advert is required.

We have written to the owner explaining this, and also that planning permission for this advert would be unlikely as the property is in a conservation area

What a petty, vindictive, nit picking little country we live in!

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  1. Ah, another spokeswoman....

    Again, we give far too much sway to single issue groups and individuals......I feel really sad for those people that have so little happening in their own lives, that they feel the need to interfere in everybody else's....I have found a fool proof way of not being affected by things I don't want to see; I look away!!! This worked for me during the period of endless "Messages from Labour Nanny" that invaded my home via my radio and TV.....

    To the snivelling, small minded, killjoy complainer, why not try it….Just look away and don’t look at it, clearly you are in a minority as you are the only one to have grassed, either that or everyone else that is offended by the poster, is looking away like sensible, mature adults, you could do the same, instead of turning into Nanny’s snitch.

  2. Dear Yaice

    As your husband can't display the seven foot high posters of you showing your knockers, perhaps he would like to send one to me.


  3. It's about time we were able to register our *approval* with something we see, that way the moaning whingers would be seen for the ignorant minority that they are.

    I bet in this case the number of approvals would be in the hundreds or thousands!

  4. Well Ken, given the amount of effort that Nanny is expending on chasing down stray butter tubs misplaced by nonagenarians and inappropriate amounts of clevage displayed on posters, I guess it's safe to assume that she's got that black hole of government debt all but taken care of.

    Or would I be wrong?

  5. Quite unbelievably, Jocelyn McCarthy is a man. With a name like that, it may explain why he seems to go through life depriving others of simple pleasures.

    So, who chest would you rather see displayed on a huge poster?

    Jocelyn McCarthy


    Yaice Marino

  6. ı just clicked on the picture of Yaice. Wow.

    Nanny really is a jealous old slag whose withered dugs bounce pendulously about her wrinkled knees.

    I mean, really wow.

  7. microdave12:28 PM

    I saw the following, and thought "here we go again"

    Once again, all it took was ONE complaint:
    "It went up last week and the brush wasn't even dry when someone phoned up the council."

    However it seems in this case that Nanny has displayed a bit of common sense.

  8. Uncle John7:16 AM

    IF 'Councils' are required to act every time someone makes these complaints - why not tell them you object to posters NOT featuring totty?