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Friday, June 25, 2010

Booze Matters - Nanny Hates The Middle Classes

Glad Midsommar!
Oh dear, I see that Nanny has got her beer goggles on again and is using them to have a go at the middle classes.

Nanny's Department for Educashun website (maybe one of the hundreds of useless government sites that our "brave new coalition" is going to shut down?) has published a report that states that there there is a "drinking culture" in some schools dominated by white and middle class pupils.

Shock horror!

It seems that white or non-religious teenagers (what has religion got to do with objecting to booze? Catholics use it in the sacraments) are more likely to drink alcohol.

The study alleges that 55% of young people have tried alcohol by age 14, with girls more likely to do so.

So farking what?

I was given my first sip of beer (barley wine) when I was but a few months old. Children who are brought up with alcohol, in a family setting (eg the French), are more likely to use it "sensibly" than those who are brought up in an atmosphere that gives it the kudos of being "forbidden".

At school I was a founding member of the Oenological Society (wine brewing/drinking). We brewed some real "piss water", but had the right to drink it!

I would also venture to point out that those pubs who have a mix of ages in their customer base are less likely to have bother, than those where only the "young" hang out. The young should be drinking in the presence of the older generation, in order for them to be brought to heel when they start to misbehave.

It's called "responsibility", something that Nanny has tried to denude us of for many ears.

The report, if anyone is interested, says:

"We found that young people who attended schools with a larger proportion of white pupils were more likely to have tried alcohol regardless of their own ethnic group."

Again I ask, so farking what?

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  1. I had my first sip of sherry when I was about 11, I drink the odd can of beer (from my Dad) when I was about 14. And yet somehow, I've avoided being either an alcoholic or a lager lout.

    Incredible eh? Needless to say I am middle class and white, of a non-religious nature.

    What would Nanny make of me? :)

  2. There could be a simpler explanation………

    The researchers go in a school where the majority of kids are white and ask how many have tried alcohol.
    They then go into a school where the majority of kids are black and ask the same question.
    They find that more kids in the ‘majority white’ school have used alcohol, and they conclude that the white middle classes are more likely to drink at a younger age.

    My own personal conclusion is that black kids are better liars.