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Monday, June 07, 2010

Bin Brother - Nanny Bullies Pensioner

Bin Brother
As we all know, despite our "brave" new government's promise to scrap the bin tax this week, local councils view refuse collection as an easy way to screw their local residents out of money.

It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that Swansea council tried to bully and intimidate a 95 year old grandmother (name not supplied) the other week, over the "heinous bin crime" of putting a plastic butter tub in the wrong recycling bag.

Residents of West Cross (Swansea) are provided with a staggering seven recycling bins, and a set of 'rubbish rules' that they are ordered to follow.

Failure to follow the deliberately complex rules results in fines and prosecution.

Ker Farking Ching!

The lady had washed 15 tins (for fark's sake, why the fark are we having to waste water washing tins that will only be chucked in a landfill in India anyway?), and put them in a green bag for collection. However, she had mistakenly added an empty butter tub, which should have gone in the pink bag.

The ever vigilant bin police saw the container (quite how they have the time to go rummaging through people's rubbish I don't know), and left a legal notice advising why they had not collected the bag and warning that mixing up recycling can lead to prosecution.

Swansea Council, having been outed in the media, were quick to backpedal:

"It was never our intention to prosecute the lady and we would like to apologise for any confusion and distress this may have caused her or her family.

We hope this doesn't discourage her or any other residents from recycling. Councils have challenging recycling targets to meet and we want the public to work with us to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

Of course it was their intention to prosecute, otherwise why place a legal notice on her rubbish bag?

Local councils are conning us wrt refuse collection, as has been reported on TV large amounts of refuse (allegedly intended for recycling) has been sold by councils to companies who then sell it on to India where the rubbish is buried in landfill.

This is nothing short of a con trick and extortion racket perpetrated by local councils; with the sole objective of screwing us for as much money as possible, in order to pay for their final salary pension schemes (which are severely underfunded).

Local councils should be told to fark off!

They cannot function without the placid acceptance of their rules and regulations by their residents, it is time that the residents took charge and stood up to them.

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  1. Ken,

    I doubt if the council would have prosecuted as they prefer the "on the spot fine" with a warning that if you fight the fine and it goes to court, you could be fined more and have a criminal record.....This is what I believe most of Nanny's new jobsworths, with powers to fine, rely on.

    Councils do like to bully people, we need to hold the snivelling toads, that we see only once around election time and then never again until the next election, to account.....We need to ask them why they allow "Officers of the council" to treat their people so badly; why they feel they can threaten us, why they feel they can bully us etc etc and ask what our would be elected reps are going to do about it.....It is not until we hold these people to account and expose the jobsworths to the light of publicity, that we'll ever escape them.

  2. Wrt to water consumption, I would love to see an actual statistic on how much water is wasted in the rinsing of tins/containers for landfill to India/recycling.

    I'd especially like to see this statistic published the next time we're sitting bang in the middle of a drought...

    I suspect the number will be quite staggering, probably millions of gallons a day.

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells1:41 PM

    Given that properly recycled cans aren't re-used but melted down, why wash them?? Not much in the way of baked bean residue is going to survive a blast furnace.


  4. Number 63:21 PM

    Dig deeper the recycling laws are EU mandated landfill 'directives' In Europe but not run by Europe eh Dave.

  5. Lord of Atlantis4:25 PM

    Swansea Council, having been outed in the media, were quick to backpedal:
    "It was never our intention to prosecute the lady and we would like to apologise for any confusion and distress this may have caused her or her family...."

    What they actually mean is, "We don't want the adverse publicity that has arisen from our treatment of a 95 year old lady: if we could get away with it without any fuss, we would not have climbed down."

  6. I just wanted to say the Council should send Nanny a bunch of flowers and apologize. How dare they bully an elderly person.

    You will find my blog interesting with regards to bullying Councils I intend to fight back verbally and put a stop to them! They need to remember like the Government that they are paid by the tax payer!