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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prats of The Week - Sainsburys Again

Prats of The WeekSainsburys must really like receiving my prestigious "Prats of The Week" Award...cos blinky, blonky, blimey they been and gone and done it again!

Lewis Peagam, a 28 year old bank manager, was well gobsmacked when he went to buy a pg DVD (Firehouse Dog) from a Birmingham branch of Sainsburys.

The shop assistant refused to sell it to him unless he handed over proof of his age, which he didn't have.

A colleague was with Mr Peagam, and she offered her driving licence as proof of id, in order to buy it for him. However, the shop assistant refused to sell it to her as "you're only buying it for him".

Sainsburys, yet again, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. I must admit I didn't know that a PG classification made it an "age restricted" product.
    Life was so much easier when the classifications were U, A, AA and X or H.

    This is another example of a checkout drone increasing the scope of their role.....I blame the bosses for a) recruiting such idiots and b) not giving them training.

    If you give too much power to those that are neither sophisticated nor intelligent enough to exercise such powers with commonsense, then you end up with situations such as this.

    Sainsburys...Well deserving Pratts of the Week again!!!

    Incidently, here's what the official British Film Board says about the PG classification;-

    "PG Parental Guidance –
    General viewing, but some
    scenes may be unsuitable
    for young children
    Unaccompanied children of
    any age may watch. A ‘PG’
    film should not disturb a child
    aged around eight or older.
    However, parents are advised
    to consider whether the content
    may upset younger or more
    sensitive children."

  2. I was unlucky enough to be up in court in the UK once, charged with a traffic offence.
    The offence was trivial and had occurred 4 years previously, so naturally I pleaded not guilty on the grounds that someone else was driving the car.
    The prosecution wanted the court to inspect my driving licence to see if the signature matched the one given to the police at the time of the offence.
    My defence lawyer argued successfully that nobody present in the court was qualified to determine conclusively if the signatures were from the same person, and nobody was trained in detecting false documents.
    He won the case for me.

    If magistrates and solicitors recognise the fact that they are not qualified to make judgements based on such things, then why are spotty, uneducated, underachieving shop assistants allowed to inspect documents?

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:56 AM

    Words utterly fail me!

  4. Fiery Bint12:29 PM

    I was requested to show my ID at Sainsburys the other day whilst I was attempting to buy some beer. I stated that I was 36 years old - the checkout operator bleated defiantly that she was only doing her job. I chucked the ID at her and she looked at it whilst I glared. She attempted to pacify me by saying 'don't you think it is flattering to be asked?' It was at this point I told her that I thought it was nannyish, and that you only had to be 18 in this country to drink alcohol and I certainly didn't look younger than that! She went bright red and muttered that she agreed. (The age check for booze in Sainsburys is 25.) I took my shopping and left.

    I felt a bit bad afterwards. Thought that maybe I was over reacting - maybe I read this site too much! Or maybe it was PMT, who knows - but maybe she will think twice next time before trying to assert her tiny minded authority when it is obviously not required!

  5. When I was buying condoms recently (lucky me) I checked out on the "serve yourself" counter - to spare my blushes, of course!

    Much to my surprise, the little red light flashed on the till, with the on screen message "age restricted product, wait for assistance" or some such.

    Since sexual health clinics hand condoms out willy-nilly to anyone, no questions asked, the supermarkets are truly up their own backsides with this one.

    In this case, it was Morrison's rather than Sainsbury's mind. Same mindset though. Dickheads!

  6. Anonymous6:28 PM

    If all supermarket shop assistants/till operators did this kind of thing all the time, the jobsworth instructions would presumably be coming from the managements or above. But this is not the case, which suggests that some individuals with an inflated sense of their own importance will leap at opportunities to exercise "authority". In which case, wouldn't an appeal to the management in these instances help to get the jobsworth back under control?

    (I've never been asked to prove my age in a shop, so either I've been lucky with till operators or I look decrepit enough to buy anything.)

  7. David J Hilton7:08 PM

    I have to point out this is an old story that was posted on NKN on August 12th last year.

    Still a load of bollocks with a scenario where common sense no longer exists.

    At least ZaNuLabour are out....

  8. Surely the best answer to all this is to leave all your £150 pounds or so of weekly shopping on the conveyor belt and walk out?