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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Child Vetting Halted

Child CatcherHow amusing to see that Nanny's absurdly daft and onerous child vetting rules, which would have come into force next month and adversely impacted 9 million people who work with children, are to be put on hold.

There will be a review of the entire vetting and barring scheme, with a "scaling back" likely to follow.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, told the BBC:

"You were assumed to be guilty until you were proven innocent, and told you were able to work with children.

All sorts of groups out there were deeply concerned about this and how it was going to affect them.

There were schools where they were very concerned that foreign exchanges could be finished as a result of this, parents were worried about looking after other people's children after school.

The 9 million who would have had to register would have been charged £64 each (£576M in total).

Ker Farking Ching!

Let us trust the the "slimmed down" version really is "slimmed down".

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  1. I do wonder just how far it will be rolled back.....As I have said before on here, once Nanny has given herself/taken more powers, she finds it very hard to give them up, especially when there is a nice little earner attached to those powers.

    Sadly "everyone's mate" Cameron will listen to the child safety industry and eventually implement Labour's plans, afterall, if you don't "work with" the child protection industry/fanatics, you are in their minds, promoting/supporting child abuse.

  2. Number 62:49 PM

    Yes, socialists hate money except when it is yours and being given to them. However, as Tonk states this crap will be back in one form or another.

  3. I think that this week has been quite a success.

    For years now there have been people moaning about the compensation culture and the unfairness of the child protection checks (amongst many other subjects) on this website and others like it.

    At long last the UK appears to have a Government that recognises the issues and seems to be willing to tackle the problems.

    That is a GOOD thing.

    We have all supported free thinking individuals who spoke out against the Nanny State, and will continue to do so.

    But to continue complaining when the first tentative steps are made to put things right, in my opinion, weakens your position somewhat.

  4. We old boys run a village museum. We had all decided we would stop groups of children visiting rather than be veted. Non of us as ever been the wriong side of the law. I am the yougest at 63 and we were not going to be treated like this by the old Labour government. so well done Mrs May.Now scrap it all.

  5. Things are looking brighter for the future it's true.

    I saw yesterday how the intrusive and Muslim biased camera network in Birmingham has now been shut down with the cameras not only turned off, but the council actually promising to hood them until they are properly reviewed. Hopefully this review will see the system scrapped.

    Things do indeed appear to be changing for the better.