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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Green Shoot of Commonsense or A Little Weed?

Could it be, albeit in the first days of a "fresh" government, that we are witnessing a green shoot of commonsense?

The government says that it wants to review health and safety laws, in order to check the "growth of compensation culture".

Lord Young will be leading the study, and wants advertisements for personal injury claims firms to be banned.

Unsurprisingly ambulance chasing lawyers (who earn fat fees from insurance settlements) have responded by saying that "compensation culture" is a "myth".

Well they would say that wouldn't they?

Unfortunately, as loyal readers of this site know, the issue runs deeper than a specific piece of legislation banning a particular activity.

The disease of risk aversion and health and safety runs so deep in the body of our country, and the minds of the jobsworths (to whom we give excessive powers), that people make their own "interpretations" of the law (even if the law is actually not in place) and ban whatever takes their fancy on the grounds of "health and safety"/risk.

The issue lies in the mindset of the jobsworths (councils, teachers, bureaucrats etc) who set the bans, and the sheeple who allow them to get away with it.

It will take more than a review by Lord Young to change that mindset.

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  1. Ken,
    Your post hits the nail on the head.
    Sadly for us, the nation has a whole generation that has been brainwashed by the 'elf'n'safety control freaks to be completely risk averse; I think it will be a long time before commonsense prevails again.....After all, you can't teach commonsense and I would say that commonsense is far less common today than it was.

    'Elf'n'safety is one of several coveralls that the jobsworth uses to control a gulible population, child safety is another, the war on terror another and the biggest one of all, the new false religion of climate change.

    I too hate the no win no fee industry; They cost us all dear in terms of over inflated insurance premiums as well as the social cost; events being cancelled because of the fear of being sued or prohibitively expensive public liability insurance.

  2. Any step in the right direction should be encouraged.

  3. Toy Trumpet11:11 AM


    I was recently unlucky to be involved in a vehicle accident that was not my fault.

    A day after I reported it to my insurance company I had a call from them asking if I was sure that no one was injured in the accident. They didn't seem in the slightest bit interested in damage to the vehicle... It was all about the passenger injuries... If someone was hurt, I would have reported it at the time?

  4. I hope that someday judges may start using their powers effectively, and begin to tell people to fuck off.

    Well, Your Honour, I was installing a fire alarm system and was given the wrong type of ladder

    Really, So you are so stupid that you used it anyway? Go on, fuck off!

    I was walking through the warehouse at work when I tripped on a piece of plastic

    Well be more careful in future, you clumsy bitch, Now fuck right off!

    I was walking through reception and the floor was wet and I slipped.

    So what?, I don’t care, so fuck off!

    And here’s one for you Mr. No Win No Fee Accident Lawyer. Bring anymore of this trivial shit to my court and I will have your fucking license. Now fuck off!

  5. microdave11:42 AM

    I hope that once this review is completed (and assuming it does make some decent cuts) that the public will start to query any "rulings" foisted on them by council bureaucrats.

    Only when they are challenged to provide chapter & verse to back up their threats, will things start looking up.

  6. It's a good start, that's for sure.

    Just thought whilst I'm here I'd share a little gem from my son's school. The teachers will not apply sun cream to the kids (ages 4-9 in this school) because of fear of being labelled kiddy fiddlers. Nor will they allow the kids to apply it themselves due to elf n'safety risk to little ones eyes.... Parents are not allowed to attend to their little ones during school hours either. Well whatever, I say, some sun is not the end of the world, and will no doubt do their Vitamin D levels some good.

    However, the school has put up large (needless to say, patronising) posters advising parents on safety in the sun for kids! It includes the very sage advice that young ones are especially vulnerable whilst out playing at school during lunch times...

    You can't make this shit up! Look Nanny - here's your left hand, meet right hand...

  7. Number 64:38 PM

    Ken, agree with you, it is the sheeple that let the jobsworths get away with it. Challenge them and they back down. Every jobsworth has a bigger jobsworth boss, get onto them, tell them you are talking to the papers, the MP, Elvis about the given problem , they are shit scared of their own shadow in reality. In short, nanny only gets to do as she likes because the sheeple let her.