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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Trivial Shite

There are many "school" courses that, on the face of it, are a waste of time and money.

However, this one beats them hands down for being a complete waste of time and money.

South Thames College in South West London, is paying Chyna Whyne, author of Mastering The Art Of Wearing High Heels, £60 an hour to pass teach 16 year old female pupils how to wear high heels.

The course, entitled 'Sexy Heels in the City', lasts 6 weeks and is allegedly designed to prepare them for the 'business world and their social lives'.

Given that we now live in an age of equality I am shocked that the course is not open to males as well.

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  1. I am amazed that she manages to fit her vast knowledge of the subject into just a six week course.

    Apparently she has conducted a 3 year study into this interesting problem.

    Info and Video here

    Do the students get a certificate at the end of it?

  2. I think a complete review of courses offered and indeed the status of some of our so called universities really do need to be looked at.

    The problem with the concept so loved by Labour Nanny that everyone wins prizes is this; by allowing everyone to attend university and gain university qualifications, it devalues everyones qualifications.....We have seen the same with A levels in recent years....Many employers are disregarding A levels, as they feel they mean little and many universities are getting would be students, to sit an entry exam rather than relying on grossly inflated A level grades.
    I am often amused by the television interviews of students just before yet another set of record A level pass results are published, when they say that they have just got six A star passes and yet can hardly string a sentence together.

    With the amount of money the last government threw at education, we should have the best education system in the world but sadly, we don't.

    My own five year old grandson, who has already been in Nanny's indoctrination/education system for over two years, can hardly add up or multiply but can "sign" can I go to the toilet please and try (without success) to tell me that the new false religion of climate change is real.....Perhaps schools need to be free of PC interference from politicians and be allowed to concentrate on teaching the three Rs.

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:35 AM

    I cannot imagine ayone other than a complete masochist wanting to wear high heels! There are, after all, plenty of 'sensible' female footwear available to choose from. However, those who do choose to wear them are mature enough to be aware of any potential hazards without some expert being paid £60 per hour to point this out to them.

  4. Ermm, what business world, exactly, is such a course preparing young working girls for?

  5. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:52 PM

    Surely Mz Chyne would be better receiving £60 per WEEK Jobseekers Allowance while she looks for a more worthwhile occupation?

  6. Uncle John5:43 PM

    Perhaps she could give her 'advice' to the 3y olds who are (allegedly) being 'sexualised' by wearing heels?
    Show them how to walk LESS attractively??

    [See for the Telegraph item, and the 'Mumsnet' campaign - a possible future NKB subject?]

  7. Anonymous2:28 AM

    High heels should be banned for
    1. health and safety ( falling over)
    2. encouraging peverse sexual attraction / harasment.
    3. putting an excessive load bearing weight on government or business carpets.
    4. Distresing taller people who cannot equitably wear them.