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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nanny Hates The World Cup

I dare say it has not escaped too many people's notice that the World Cup is about to descend upon us.

Many butts will be firmly glued to chairs during the upcoming footy fest, quite how long British butts will be glued rather depends on how long Ingerlund stay in the competition.

Anyhoo, you will doubtless not be surprised to learn that Nanny has a few words to say on the subject. In fact she has set up an entire website dedicated to giving people patronising advice about what to eat, drink and do whilst watching the football.


"Whether you're a dedicated football supporter, or someone who just succumbs to football fever every four years, you're bound to be glued to the TV for at least some of the World Cup.

If you're really keen, you could watch 64 matches in 31 days – that's 96 hours of football, without counting extra time or penalty shoot-outs!

Although it might feel like you're eating and drinking football, you'll need some real food and drink too. So check out our tips on how to make some healthier choices about what you’re going to eat and drink while you’re feasting on the footie.

Nanny even offers advice on what food to order from your local takeaway!

I thought the government was meant to be cutting wasteful, patronising shite like this?

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  1. Lord T10:59 AM

    Lucky that website is there this time. Last time I didn't eat or drink during the whole 10 minutes we were in and it must have cost the NHS £1.8B to bring me back from deaths door.

  2. Is there any area of anything that Nanny does not feel is within her remit.

    Perhaps Nanny could set up a site called www.howtoput onefootinfrontofthe

    I too thought this interference was going to stop under the new "civil partnership" government of Cameron-Blair and Cleggy but it appears I was right when I stated on previous threads that, once Nanny has taken/given herself powers and roles, it is difficult for her to give them up.

    Question for Nanny;
    Is your education/indoctrination system so useless now that you need to give out such patronising information?

  3. "I thought the government was meant to be cutting wasteful, patronising shite like this?"

    Sadly, I suspect it will be some years before the tide will be turned in all various quangos that suck us tax payers dry.

  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    do they do a delivery service?