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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nanny Ties Herself In Knots

My thanks to Mr Potato Head for sharing this gobbet of Nanny sun risk nonsense with us.

"Just thought whilst I'm here I'd share a little gem from my son's school. The teachers will not apply sun cream to the kids (ages 4-9 in this school) because of fear of being labelled kiddy fiddlers. Nor will they allow the kids to apply it themselves due to elf n'safety risk to little ones eyes.... Parents are not allowed to attend to their little ones during school hours either. Well whatever, I say, some sun is not the end of the world, and will no doubt do their Vitamin D levels some good.

However, the school has put up large (needless to say, patronising) posters advising parents on safety in the sun for kids! It includes the very sage advice that young ones are especially vulnerable whilst out playing at school during lunch times...

Only Nanny could so publicly make a fool of herself in this manner, yet still not realise that she looks so foolish.

Her primary objective here appears to be to ensure that the kids do not venture outside at all during breaktime.

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  1. Thanks Ken. What I find odd about this situation is that the head teacher appears to be a reasonable, well educated women, not some dimwit jobsworth.

    This suggest to me that such awful nonsense comes from above. I seem to remember in the election campaign one of the leader's (Cameron, maybe?) mentioning the dozens of emails heads get each day providing them with "advice" and "suggestions" from the DoE?

    I'm still waiting for the tide to change now the new boys are in town.

  2. Tonk.1:13 PM

    Logical arguments will lead you somewhere whereas, illogical arguments tend to lead you round and round in circles. Hopefully, Nanny will soon dissappear up her own Harris.

    Both schools and industry are swamped with pointless advice via Email and CDROM on a weekly/monthly basis.....If Nanny went onto mastermind, her specialist subject would be "The bleedin' obvious."

  3. But who are the real culprits behind crap such as this?
    I suggest that the compensation seeking public are equally to blame.

    Any teacher that touches a child in any way can, and any school that employs the teacher can expect to be perused for a ‘hand-out’.

    I also guarantee that there are a fair number of parents that would look upon a little sunburn as being grounds to bring a lawsuit against a school for neglect. And if a kid were ever to tell their parents that they got cream in their eyes at school they would be straight off to see a solicitor.

    A school would have to show that the parents were made aware of potential risks in a completely understandable way. Therefore they put up an annoying and patronising poster which annoys the fuck out of intelligent parents such as Mr Potato Head, and frustrates the efforts of the scroungers.

    Yesterday’s blog was good news. At last it has been recognised that the ‘Compensation Culture’ is pulling the UK apart.

  4. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells8:15 PM

    One thing Nanny never admits to is that sunscreens are themselves carcinogenic, and skin cancer rates actually increase with sunscreen usage. The UV absorptive dyes in sunscreens are absorbed into the skin where they trigger the release of dangerous free radicals which cause the DNA damage that can lead to cancer.

    Our bodies make their own sunscreen - it's called melanin and is the brown stuff that makes a suntan. A suntan isn't a sign of skin damage, it's the body's natural response to exposure to UV radiation. SunBURN means skin damage and should be avoided by sensible exposure.

    What Nanny doesn't tell us is that sun-aversion has already seen a return of rickets - a deficiency disease that was almost eradicated when I was born in 1950. The cause? A lack of sunlight in our smoke-polluted cities of the time. The cure: sunlamp treatments in hospital. Rickets is caused by insufficient calcium in the bones and results from a lack of Vitamin D. And how do we get our Vitamin D children? That's right, it's made by the action of UV-B in sunlight on cholesterol under the skin. And for good measure the cholesterol used for Vitamin D synthesis is "bad" cholesterol. Could be why sunbathing has been proved to benefit the heart.

    The campaign to make us slap carcinogenic chemicals all over our skin is driven by an unholy combination of certain of the medical profession out to make a name for themselves, Big Pharma out to make big bucks selling us their cheaply made chemical slop, and the meeja Fear Industry. Of course Nanny laps it all up like a cat with a bowl of cream.

  5. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I can just picture it - the bronzed pommies standing in the blazing English sun,
    All that climate change I guess.

  6. Wild Colonial Boy5:44 AM

    My sentiments exactly Anonymous, how on earth do you get sunburn in England!!

    I have visited the "old country" a number of times, twice during "heatwaves" in the eighties and whilst getting a bit of colour I never came close to sunburn.

  7. Never used sun cream ever. we never had it at school.

  8. Uncle John8:45 AM

    Niqabs for all as compulsory school uniform. No sun exposure + 'diversity compliant' = problem solved.

    BTW - I read that some school has decided to 'ban' girls from wearing skirts - in case they roll up the waist-band and show too much leg. Common practice amongst my wife's friends over 50 years ago

    In THAT case, the school retaliated by insisting on at least4inch below the knee - until maxi skirts became fashionable, were therefore deemed a 'trip hazard' Then the rule went back to above the knee...