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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ker Farking Ching! - Nanny Resorts To Theft

The PoliceWhat can I say?

The country's financial situation has now become so desperate, that Nanny has resorted to theft and demanding money for the safe return of the stolen merchandise.

Marcus Morris (of Leeds) discovered this to his cost the other day, when he parked his VW Polo near to Leeds city centre as he went for a job interview.

Some 30 minutes later he returned to find that his car had gone.

Guess who took it?

Yes, that's right, the police.

For why?

The police told Mr Morris that he had left a window open and a CD wallet in the back of the car.

Hence, for his own good, the police took the car to a storage facility.

When Mr Morris collected his car the next morning Nanny gave him a bill for £150.

Chief Insp Elizabeth Belton of West Yorkshire police said:

"Officers regularly patrol our communities looking for opportunities to prevent crime, which is exactly what has happened on this occasion.

The vehicle was left insecure with valuables on show in an area with significant levels of car crime and we were unable to locate the owner.

We make absolutely no apology whatsoever for the officer's actions, which have prevented this vehicle becoming a target for thieves. Had a thief got there first it would have been a very different story.

We need people to take responsibility for their own property and take any valuables with them when they park up. We hope Mr Morris's story will serve as a reminder

It's a great wheeze, innocent people are punished and fined.

Far easier than catching criminals.

Ker Farking Ching!

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  1. I think people should take advantage of the opportunity that has been offered to them.

    If you have an old fridge, mattress or washing machine (for instance), simply leave it outside your house and wait for the police to take it away ‘for your own good’.

    Then don’t pay to get it back.

    That’s much cheaper than getting the council to shift it for you.

  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I actually did something similar when I lived in Plymouth. Had an old bicycle I wanted rid of - just parked it outside my front door and it was gone within 15 minutes.

    Hope the wheels fell off while the thief was riding it home ... which was quite likely to happen.

  3. Anonymous1:06 PM

    If I were Mr Morris I would investigate whether Nanny was operating under any law when she helped herself to his vehicle, or whether she was simply making it up as she went along (as I have discovered council drones tend to do ... if you make a point of knowing the law better than they do, which isn't too difficult, it's amazing how they will shut up and back down). If she was acting ultra vires he could bring a charge against her.

  4. Adrian1:33 PM

    It sounds to me like the police are guilty of theft. If the car was legally parked then surely taking it away without the owners permission is theft, no matter what your intentions may be.

    If I were Mr Morris I would be consulting a solicitor with a view to bringing charges against the officers(s) concerned.

    I suppose this sort of thing is a lot easier than harassing photographers, let alone solving real crime.

  5. It seems to me that Mr Morris was unlucky to have has car taken by a bunch of good for nothing, gutter dwelling sneaky bastards, instead of your regular brand of thief.

    Note to thieves in West Yorkshire: you can avoid lots of hassle by simply returning your stolen goods to the original owner for a fee less than the police are charging. The owners will be grateful that you stopped the coppers taking it first *and* it saves you all the grief of selling the booty on to a bloke in the pub...

  6. Lord of Atlantis3:19 PM

    At least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask!

    Chief Inspector Elizabeth Belton: 'We make absolutely no apology whatsoever for the officer's actions, which have prevented this vehicle becoming a target for thieves. Had a thief got there first it would have been a very different story.'

    In my opinion, a thief DID get there first, because I thought "taking and driving away without the owner's consent" was a crime? A pity the police cannot put as much effort into dealing with the high level of crime in that and other areas.

  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    But the main aim of the "police service" (what service?) is to criminalise the law abiding population, much easier than catching your actual criminal. This of course explains why so many villains, if caught, get off so easily, they can then make someone a victim who then becomes a criminal for fighting back.

  8. Tonk.5:45 PM

    With all due respect to the Police woman; its always a bloody woman....If I own something, it is up to me what I do with it....If I want to leave it insecure or on display, that is my choice.....What will Nanny do next?...Shut the playgrounds in case someone falls over...Oh hang on, they've already done that....Just what is this country coming to?...We appear to just bend over for Nanny, when will the British grow some balls again?

  9. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells7:57 PM

    Something similar happened to me. I was riding my motorbike home and felt ill. I pulled over to the kerb and promptly fainted, whereupon a passing ambulance carted me off to A&E.

    The bike wasn't causing any obstruction and anyway there was a small piece of waste land adjacent where it could have been parked until I could have arranged for a friend to collect it after I'd been stabilised. Instead the police ordered a so-called "statutory recovery" and yes, upon discharge from hospital the following day I was incensed to find they'd had my bike impounded by some bunch of robbing shysters and not only did I have to pay £150 "recovery fee" but also £10 per day storage. The total was £170 which represented half of my monthly income - just before Christmas. I had to pay up otherwise the charges would have increased at a daily rate greater than my income and I'd have lost the bike. Unfortunately my insurance didn't cover the cost as it wasn't down to a road accident.

    I made several irate phone calls to the police and needless to say got no satisfaction. One hatchet-faced buzzard (well that's what she sounded like) told me it was "procedure" and that was that.

    I spoke to the help desk of my local radio station and was told that I'd been the victim of a well-oiled scam machine that catches loads. However I also know a guy who works for another police recovery contractor and he informed me that the police collect £65 from each recovery fee and worse still, coppers ordering a recovery get a cash backhander. He also told me that given my particular circumstances a statutory recovery should not have been ordered.

    In another incident involving the same force, a friend's mother broke down about 200 yards from home. She walked home to get tha AA out but in the meantime the police swooped and had her car towed away. The AA turned up to find no car.

    I haven't named the force concerned as I'm considering taking legal action to recover my cash.

  10. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Unbelievable! If that happened to me I would rather a thief had taken it. At least could put a claim in!

  11. Adrian10:57 PM

    I can remember a time when the police served the public, but that now seems to be just history.

    I have said it before and I'll say it again, the police in this country are a law unto themselves and institutionally care nought for the idea of serving the public.

  12. In my opinion, a capable lawyer would find such cases relatively easy to win and should be able to secure the return of any fines imposed.

    The law cannot put victims on trial, and it definitely cannot fine potential victims of crime.

    Should a woman who dresses provocatively be fined because she may encourage a rapist?

    Should a man be fined for wearing his Rolex, or a woman fined for wearing an expensive engagement ring in public? After all, they are just asking to be mugged.

    So it must follow that if an individual is careless or forgetful about their personal possessions that they cannot be fined either. In fact the law, as I understand it, has no provision for allowing such fines to be imposed.

    It appears from the replies to the original post that the police have made a habit of towing away cars (and sometimes motorbikes), but this is only because they have the facilities to do so. They cannot, for instance, lock you out of your home because you neglected to turn on your burglar alarm. They are therefore, targeting and discriminating against motorists, which is illegal in itself.

    One thing in favour for Chief Inspector Elizabeth Belton is……….No matter how arrogant and obnoxious an individual is, and no matter how much they deserve it, the law protects her from getting smacked in her silly face with a cricket bat.

    Which is just as well for her.

  13. yorkshire Ian10:58 AM

    I'd have sent some focking bailiffs round, maybe with a local news crew.

  14. Lord of Atlantis1:24 PM

    Gary said... .'One thing in favour for Chief Inspector Elizabeth Belton is……….No matter how arrogant and obnoxious an individual is, and no matter how much they deserve it, the law protects her from getting smacked in her silly face with a cricket bat....'

    More's the pity!

  15. Number 64:51 PM

    The chap involved should take legal advice, otherwise he is just another sheep taking it up the rear from Nanny's minions.

    If everyone challenged every idiot aspect of the nanny state itwould grind to a halt. Sadly, as we know on this fine site, that all the sheeple do is bleat, piss and moan.