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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nanny Misunderstands The Word "Legal"

As people "chill out" at Glastonbury and other festivals, I was gemused to read this week that Nanny's new Minister for Crime Prevention, James Brokenshire, has written to festival organisers asking them to warn people at the dangers of "legal highs".

Letters were also sent to councils and police forces in festival areas.

Brokenshire said:

"We are going to change our drug laws so we can respond quickly to emerging substances by introducing a temporary ban while we seek full scientific advice."

Which part of the word "legal" doesn't he get?

Ban something without evidence?

Surely not???

Nanny really hates the idea of people getting stoned, yet she allows/taxes booze and fags (which are also addictive and dangerous if consumed to excess, as is caffeine).

Oh for a less prissy time when Harrods sold (up to around 1908) "Welcome To London" packs, containing syringes and coke.

I'm not a festival person myself, but I wish those who are (eg Rolf Harris and the Prince of Wales) a "chilled out" time.

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  1. Ken,

    Nanny has form for trying to cloud the waters between legal and illegal.....Think of tax avoidance and tax evasian as a prime example.

    Nanny must ask herself why so many of her citizens feel the need to escape from the reality of her utopia.....Nanny is the problem not the cure......If I was a young person I too would want to escape the reality of living here and just how bleak the future really is....I have seen life in the UK described as being on a prison island and like being farmed as cash cows....I suspect these descriptions are not as far away from the truth as many of us would hope they are.

  2. How many legal highs will be sold at Glastonbury this year, I wonder.

    What do you think of the festival this year?

    I’m having a great time

    Are you looking to score? I’ve got uppers, downers, skunk, speed, E’s acid and coke

    Well actually I was looking to buy a legal high, do you have any?


    How out of touch with reality are these people?

  3. microdave11:44 AM

    "Brokenshire" - Is this the new name for the country? It sounds most appropriate...

  4. opsimath1:05 PM

    Got any Cake? Yellow Bentines? Oh how I miss Brass Eye - they would have loved this.

  5. You are only allowed to enjoy yourself if its controlled and monitored fun prescribed by nanny.

  6. Number 67:43 AM

    Enjoyment is only allowed for coke snorting, rent boy shagging MPs and EUSSR scum like Mandelson. The sheeple are to do as they are told and may partake in Big Brother's got talent on ice when they are allowed to.

  7. I thoroughly concur, Tonk. Sadly, I think your description of Nanny's Britain applies more widely. And I am referring to my current place of domicile that WAS founded as a prison island.

    I have been a regular follower of Ken's blog for a number of years and can assure you that the penal colonies in the Antipodes, having briefly flirted with half-freedom for the citizenry around mid last century, have reverted back to the framework of their penal colony past. Australia is equally repressive on the issue of people's drug of choice. I think its a problem across the English speaking world.