Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nanny's Middle Eastern Adventure

I hate to throw a damper on Nanny's enthusiasm for regime change in Libya. However, if she succeeds in throwing Gaddafi out, who exactly is lined up to replace him and how long will our troops be expected to be stationed there whilst "democracy" and a political infrastruture is installed?

Has Nanny learned nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan?

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  1. No Ken, it's all part of the "big plan" and oil of course.

    Read this

  2. Tonk.2:51 PM


    I have not found anybody in the general public locally that supports this action.

    I wonder what would happen tomorrow if the MPs voted against this action. I thought we had measures put in place that would stop an egotistical PM from being able to take such decisions.

    Cameron's folly will give us nothing but grief; this will act as the best recruiting SGT radical Islam could ever wish for. The threat of terrorism in our country will rise again and Nanny will put even more restictions on us in the name of security.
    I thought we were broke; Local Nanny is talking about taking away our bus passes because the nation can't afford them but, she can find money to embark on another military folly.
    Mr Hague, who used to be a sensible true Conservative who appears to me to have sold his soul to Cameron for a good job, tried more emotional blackmail today by banging on about how brave our forces are; no one disputes this, we just don't support the politicians that want to waste our young people's lives in the pursuit of oil and political agendas.

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:16 AM

    I have no time for Gaddafi and his thugs, but the question has to be asked as to why he and Saddam Hussain were singled out for regime change, whilst others, such as Mugabe and the military dictatorship in Burma, just as brutal in my opinion, have had little or no action, and few words spoken against them. And the west's main ally, Saudi Arabia, don't usually tollerate dissent either, do they? It seems to me that the real agenda has little to do with democracy, being more to dowith oil.