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Monday, March 07, 2011

Prats of The Week - Surrey Police

Prats of The WeekTis a bright and cheerful Monday morning here at the seaside.

Therefore what better day to award my prestigious, and internationally renowned, "Prats of The Week" Award?

This week it goes to Surrey police.

For why?

Just ask David Bishop (an electrical engineer, who often tests high voltage products) who recently asked his local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), at a police meeting in Tatsfield Surrey, the best way to protect valuable high voltage electrical equipment that he stores in his shed.

Mr Bishop was given some very "helpful" advice.

Can you guess what that was children?


I thought not.

The PCSO told Mr Bishop to erect (can I say "erect" on a Monday morning?) a fluorescent yellow sign saying:


A graphic of a "lightning bolt" was also recommended to be added, just in case the thief couldn't read.

It seems that the police were more concerned about thieves injuring themselves, rather than protecting Mr Bishop's property. Incidentally, that police had earlier advised him not to protect the shed windows with wire mesh in case the burglars injured themselves on that.

Surrey Police, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. I wonder where the police forces advertise their PCSO vacancies; Thick Git Monthly?

    Just to avoid all risks, perhaps the PCSO could ask the thieves to leave their name with the desk sergant and the PCSO could arrange to have the tools delivered directly to them.

    Surrey Police; well deserving winners.

    Just laugh at Hi-Viz, especially if it is on a Surrey PCSO.

  2. As Richard Littlejohn says - "You couldn't make it up!"

  3. Lord of Atlantis12:01 PM

    If someone breaks into someone elses home/property and in the process cut themselves to shreds, either onthe glass or the wire mesh within the glass, or are electrocuted, or suffer any other injury, so what? It serves them right, and I have absolutely NO sympathy for them whatsoever. The fact is that they were there illegally, with the intent of committing an illegal act, and they have brought any consequences of their actions upon themselves. As far as I am concerned, anyone thus engaged should forfeit all human rights.
    As for the Surrey Constabulary, a well-deserved recipient of this award, Ken, they clearly need reminding that there role is to stand up for and to protect the law abiding citizens of this country, not the criminals!

  4. Speenzman3:18 PM

    M'Lord I'm afraid you have just outlined the 'common sense' position on harm coming to a person while committing a criminal act. Unfortunately certain barmier members of the once respected legal profession, both at national and European levels, have ensured that common sense doctrines have very little sway in a modern court room. Welcome to 21st century Britain!

  5. So I suppose punji stake pits are right out?

    This and the wire mesh story got a lot of time on the blogs in the states.

    The notion that a criminal can sue you for injuries sustained while breaking into your property is something only the nuttiest moonbat could come up with. There should be no civil claims allowed for injuries incurred during the commission of a crime.

  6. Our local police were asked for help by allotment holders whose sheds were being damaged during break-ins. Naturally they suggested leaving the sheds unlocked.

  7. Mjolinir5:45 AM

    This is, of course, the force that spent 120quid last year on tea-and-biscuits - for people visiting a 'dogging' site.

    NOT of course to put a stop to it - but "in order to encourage the homosexual community to report any hate crimes"

    //A Surrey Police spokesman said the force was working in accordance with ACPO guidelines in the way it monitored and dealt with any incidents in the public sex environment.

    He said: “There has been an improvement in relations and officers will continue to carry out further engagement activities in the future.”//

  8. I hasten to assure gentle readers that THIS new 'crime reduction initiative' is NOT one of Surrey Police's bright ideas;

    //Bells on handbags to stop pickpockets were one of the simple but innovative crime-fighting methods on display by police officers this week.

    The Beverley neighbourhood team are handing out the bells from the CI Tower in New Malden to catch out pickpockets.//

  9. Lord of Atlantis3:32 PM

    " Steve said... "The notion that a criminal can sue you for injuries sustained while breaking into your property is something only the nuttiest moonbat could come up with. There should be no civil claims allowed for injuries incurred during the commission of a crime."

    I quite agree! Unfortunately, many of our political masters, both in Westminster and in Europe, as well as many senior officers in the police, and many members of the judiciary, seem to have been recruited solely on the basis that they ARE indeed the nuttiest of moonbats!

  10. Angry Of Nantwich10:19 PM

    So sad that plastic plod is so thick, What next, I have a single phase AC supply in my shed, for heat and light. Does Plastic Plod expect Elf and utter Stupidity notices about this. Does this man have a three phase pylon outside is shed with a set of step down transformers, to power up his test equipment. I think not. Its in store, its not powered up. Its like having a bomb without a detonator.