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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dangers of Pies II - Who Ate All the Pies? I Did!


On Friday I wrote:

".. the financially opaque, yet vociferous, lobby group the Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) has made a study of 526 pie, mash and gravy products.

They conclude that they are too salty!

In order to show my true "respect" for CASH and their opinions I decided to conduct my own study this weekend. I consumed a large number of pork pies, sausages wrapped in bacon and scotch eggs on Saturday; followed by a chicken and bacon slice and scotch eggs for Sunday lunch, rounding off Sunday evening with a minced beef and onion pie with large chips, mushy peas and saveloys.

I was worried about the salt content of Sunday's pies, therefore I added more (freshly ground sea salt of course).

I was also concerned that the salt should be adequately excreted from my body, so therefore on Saturday I washed the pork pies down with copious quantities of Mateus Rose, Bacardi, Red Stripe and Champagne. Sunday's pies were washed down with 3 cans of Red Stripe and 2 pints of Fosters.


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  1. Ken,

    I would have thought you would have been in more danger from the chemicals in the so called "beers" that you consumed to wash it down than the salt content. Still, it seems you have well and truly stuck two fingers up at Nanny; well done!!

    Just laugh at hi-viz.

    btw; My wife and I love to watch country file on the state's broadcaster.....We are running a sweepstake as to which episode will be the first in which they don't metion bloody climate change......It has rolled over so many times that the pot is so huge that I am feeling a bit worried about having such a large amount of cash in my home.

  2. So if your postings become strangely silent we will know them "scientists" wuz right...

  3. Anonymous12:24 AM

    You should be ashamed! - there's not a single mention of Magners cider(over ice) anywhere!

  4. Hippy Dippy4:21 PM

    Climate change made Ken eat all the pies and er like caused the earthquake in Japan and like the er snow last year man. Recycle more or like the whole like world is going to get warmer or colder or ... oh no man my spiff has gone out better light up again with a roll up from my recycled organic freetraded greenpeace newsletter, oh wait the carbon footprint from lighting up fossil fuel matches oh, it ain't easy being green man.